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E procbay overview demo presentation

  1. 1. Manufacturing OperationsAutomation & Management
  2. 2. Non-disclosure obligations and disclaimerThe data, information or material provided herein are confidential and proprietary of Edge Business SolutionsPrivate Limited and shall not be disclosed, duplicated or used in whole or in part for any purpose. The recipientagrees to maintain complete confidentiality of the information, data received and shall take all reasonableprecautions / steps in maintaining confidentiality of the same, however in any event not less than theprecautions / steps taken for its own confidential material. Any statements in this presentation that are nothistorical facts are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties; actual results may differfrom the forward-looking statements. Confidential & Copyright of Edge Business Solutions Private Limited, not to be circulated.
  3. 3. Contents Introducing eProcBay® Online Case Study eProcBay® Online - Transactions WorkflowMIS Reports in eProcBay® Online
  4. 4. ® Introducing eProcBay Online Rapid Operations Automation & Management Service for Indian Manufacturing SME Enhances Operations Efficiency – reduces errors and duplication of work Reduces Operating Cost - reduction in inventory holding & transaction cost Creates Information Bank – captures information of all steps of transactions by default Designed to meet typical work practices of Indian Manufacturing SME Subscription Based Model ensures that our revenues are linked to your satisfaction Zero Cost Variance Commitment ensures fixed expenses - No Hidden Costs
  5. 5. Key Operating Features Easy to use & deployed by existing team  Unlimited user licenses Unlimited user license  Web based access anytime anywhere Menu Driven Operations – practically no data entry needed during transactions  No investment in IT Creates Data Repository - User level audit  New features at no additional cost trail  Ease of integration with existing Training & Hand holding for lifetime of applications contract  Global standard data security Remote Training - faster deployment at lower cost
  6. 6. Case Study Manufacturer of Electric Wires, Cables & Instrumentation Probe Sets
  7. 7. Operational Challenges Customer Order Management Workflow (As Is) Production Stages Tracking Job Work Tracking & Material Consumption/ Reconciliation Minimum Stock Level Alerts Aggregation of multiple Indents & cumulative PO generation. Real time visibility of Stock. Ease of BOM creation. Historical Data of Rates, Discount & Lead Time for Procurement Decision making. Project wise Order to dispatch Tracking Manual Interventions = 22
  8. 8. Management Challenges CEO Intervention MatrixManagement is involved in Day to Day activities.Physical presence is required for approving dependent tasksManagement can’t take off time to focus on the Marketing & expansion Activities Manual Interventions = 21
  9. 9. Solution Implemented Workflow Configured on eProcBay® Online 5 Product lines defined & implemented Three Storage Locations defined – Raw Material, Finished Goods Store & WIP Quality Compliance - procurement of Raw materials & also production of Goods.Manual Interventioninstances reduced by – 22instancesManagement interventionsinstances reduced by - 21
  10. 10. Key Requirements Delivered Production Stage Tracking Job Work Tracking & Material Consumption/ Reconciliation Minimum Stock Level Alerts Aggregation of multiple Indents & cumulative PO generation. Real time visibility of Stock Ease of BOM creation Historical Data of Rates, Discount & Lead Time for Procurement Decision making Project wise Order to dispatch Tracking Masters Transactions Reports
  11. 11. ®Creating Master Data in eProcBay Online Organisation Chart of Authority Commercial Production Organizational Details  Define operational authority  Define operating year.  Material Planning Company & Offices  Assign transactions to be used  Enter commercial details once.  Creation of Bill-of-Material Departments & Users  Total Assignable rights – 500+  Define financial authority.  Multilevel BOM Production Stages  Assigning user level usage rights  Track production stages Storage locations  Track Consumption Party Inventory Party Item Mapping Customer, vendor or both  Defining items, components, consumable, raw material etc  Associating party and item once Party wise commercial details  Entering inventory opening balances & commercial details  Defining part & item wise commercials Party/Item wise commercial terms  Confirming Quality Check requirement item wise  Party specific UOM & conversion factor  Item alias name for confidentiality  Mapping item to production & storage centersClick Hyperlinks For Details Transactions Reports
  12. 12. ®eProcBay Online Transactions Workflow Track Order to dispatch activities Track Order wise production stages Production scheduling & material planning Real time visibility of multi-stage production Vendor performance tracking Track internal & external material movement Real-time MIS reports of all transactions. Quality compliance tracking Job-work management
  13. 13. ® Doing Transactions With eProcBay Online Customer Order Production Inventory  Add customer order  Order based production requirements  Material requisition  Get historical rates automatically  Material requirement planning  Procurement planning & tracking  Check real-time stock availability  Material requirement requisition  Stock ledger & statement  Payable summary at order approval  Tracking material movement  Material receipt tracking  Order production to dispatch tracking  Track multi level Production Stages  Rejection & scrap tracking  Physical stock tacking scheduling Purchase Job Work Accounts  Track material movement for job work  Bill reconciliation Managing procurement requests (indents)  Associate Item Image/ Drawing with the  Invoice creation Request for quotation to vendor comparison Items that are sent out.  Debit/Credit note generation & tracking to finalization.  Real time vendor stock visibility  Payable & receivable tracking Raising & tracking of purchase orders  Item wise & jobber wise processing cost Raising the PO with historical data tracking Define Item wise delivery schedule Plan inventory holding as per min. stock level Click Hyperlinks For Details Masters Reports
  14. 14. Real-time Task Dashboard Masters Transactions Reports
  15. 15. Order to Production & Material Planning Click Below For Demo Multi-level BOM based material requisition Single point data entry from material requisition to Issue to indent to procurement. Real time visibility of available stock Real time production scheduling Material blocking for approved production requisitions Masters Transactions Reports
  16. 16. Dispatch Note & Tax Invoice Click Below For Demo Order wise dispatch note Create & track invoice generated against GPOs & customer orders  Get taxation information at one go – Excise, CST/ VAT.  Get item wise as well as aggregated taxation details. Get receivables projections party & customer order wise Masters Transactions Reports
  17. 17. Error Free Material Indenting & Issue Process Click Below For Demo Reduced procurement error due to linkage of indent & Issue process with production requisition Automatic calculation of quantity for issue or to be indented for purchase Automatic aggregation of common items across multi-level BOM avoiding procurement errors Real time alerts for stock below minimum stock level Masters Transactions Reports
  18. 18. Error Free Purchase Order Creation Click Below For Demo Real-time availability of historical data for informed decision making Purchase history of vendor rate & items being purchased Aggregation of common items while purchasing Masters Transactions Reports
  19. 19. Entire Tracking of Material Receipt Click Below For Demo Error free receipt of material PO based tracking of material receipts Short and rejection tracking Track batch wise Material receipts along with Quality Check details like Certificate Party & No. Receive extra or less quantity from the Vendor Masters Transactions Reports
  20. 20. Multi- level Production Tracking Click Below For Demo Tracking multi level Production Stages Get visibility of the Production Qty, Already Produced Qty and Pending to Produce Qty. Track Batch Wise Production Status Track consumption as per Bill of Material Masters Transactions Reports
  21. 21. Real-time Job-Work Status Tracking Track Job Work Item Status Click Below For Demo Create BOM/ Non BOM Job work as per requirement Real time vendor stock Internal & external material movement tracking Dispatch partially ready material & track item to be sent Track supplementary job work Masters Transactions Reports
  22. 22. Key Reports in eProcBay® - from over 450+ reports Production Procurement Inventory  Indent Status  Rejected Item Status Material Requirement Estimation  Procurement Indent Requisition Status  Stock Ledger Material Requisition Status –Open  Stock Statement  Delivery Status Material Requisition Status - Overall  Cost Center Opening Balance  Item-wise Purchase Receipt Status Production Report – Itemized  Vendor-wise Purchase Receipt Status Production Report – Cumulative Multistage Production Status Commercial Management  Account Payable Ledger  Pending Debit Note Listing Quality Compliance Dashboard  Procurement - (Short & Rejection)  Item Nature Change (INC) Job Work Vendor Management  Job Work Report Click Hyperlinks For Details  Vendor Ledger  Vendor Stock Statement Masters Transactions
  23. 23. Real-time Management Dashboard Masters Transactions Reports
  24. 24. Key Operating Features Easy to use & deploy by existing team  Web/Cloud based delivery 24x7 access globally  Unlimited user licenses Menu Driven Operations – practically no data  No additional investment in IT entry during transactions  Enhancement & new features included Remote Deployment - faster & lower cost in subscription charge  Ease of integration with existing Unlimited user training hours applications like Tally User level audit trail  Global standard data security Hand holding for the lifetime of contract
  25. 25. Assured Enhanced Competitiveness & Profitability For more details please contact Rajiv Gupta Chief Executive Officer rajiv.gupta@eprocbay.in Edge Business Solutions Private Limited.Corporate Office: 2nd Floor | FL-2, Sector 8 Market Complex | Sector – 8 | R.K. Puram | New Delhi | 110022 Western Region: Nakshatra | Serene Meadows Colony | Off. Gangapur Road | Nashik | 422013 Track us on: LinkedIn | facebook | twitter Confidential & Copyright of Edge Business Solutions Private Limited, not to be circulated.