Terrorism A Global Threat


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Terrorism A Global Threat

  2. 2.  Acts that intend to create fear These acts are perpetrated for an ideological goal. These also may include acts of unlawful violence &war
  3. 3.  Civil disorders : a form of collective violence interfering the peace & security and normal functioning of the community. Political terrorism : violent behavior designed primarily to generate fear in the community for political purpose Non- political terrorism : terrorism is not aimed at political purpose but exhibit conscious design to create & maintain high degree of fear.
  4. 4.  Official / State Terrorism : referring to nations whose rule is based upon fear & oppression that reach similar to terrorism . These are terrorist act carried out by government in pursuit of political objectives.
  5. 5.  Srilanka - LTTE (Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam ) Campaign against the Srilankan government since 1970 Headed by Vellupillai Prabhakaran Objective is to create a separate Tamil state Attracts the Tamil youth who are dissatisfied by government’s role towards concerns of the Tamil community China Primarily committed by separatist militants in the Xinjiang, Uyghur & Tibet autonomous regions . Aim is that Uyghur gains independence from China and want to establish a state of East Turkistan
  6. 6.  Pakistan : Results mainly because of its support of terrorist activities in its neighboring countries namely in India & Afghanistan. Terror groups are: Al-Qaeda, Lashkar- e -Omar, Lashkar – e –Toiba, Sipah-e-saba.
  7. 7.  Jammu & Kashmir: JKLF( Jammu & Kashmir liberation front) - split into 2 headed by Amanullah khan & Yasin Malik. Objective was to achieve independence These activists are supported by people expelled from POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) Eg: Hijacking Of Indian Airlines Flight Killing of Indian deputy high commission in Birmingham Operate from London.
  8. 8. Bihar :  Existence of groups like Ranvir Sena, Balbir militias as they frequently attack policemen & politicians.  There are massacres due to caste groups.  This state is also the transit point for fake currency, drug deals from Nepal & Bangladesh.Assam: ( United Liberation Front Of Asom) 2 goals: Independence of Assam & establishment of socialist government ULFA has links with Naxalites. Most of their operations are carried out from Kingdom of Bhutan.Andhra pradesh Naxalites majorly operate in the Telangana district. Their objective is to create equality in society, hence attack the rich & powerful. Eg: attempts of assassination of former AP- CM, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, targets senior officials as well.
  9. 9. The UN has 13 universal conventions against terrorismThe Security Council resolution 1373, the most important which comprises of Prevention and suppression of terrorist financing International cooperation Prevention and criminalization of terrorist acts Establishment of the Counter-Terrorism CommitteeSteps Initiated by the US Government: Designated Terrorists and Their Supporters Freezing of Terrorist Assets Improved Coordination at Home International Cooperation, Outreach and Coordination Improving Domestic Tools to Stop Financing Terrorism
  10. 10.  Cyber-Terrorism Biological warfare Nuclear Threat Corporate Hijackings Cyber-Terrorism: The world is getting flatter, transactions are held in cyberspace, everything is going the electronic way. This new e-era is the next zone for wars and terrorist activities. More and more terrorist are becoming tech savvy and have come to understood the true potential for waging war in cyberspace. Hacking financial institutions, decrypting military networks and gathering sensitive information has become the new theme for terrorists Biological warfare: A terrorist group is likely to conduct an attack using biological weapons by 2020, according to a report released Thursday by a CIA think tank. Acts of bioterrorism would be "particularly suited" to these smaller and better-informed terrorist groups, indeed, the bioterrorists laboratory could well be the size of a household kitchen, and the weapon built there could be smaller than a toaster.
  11. 11. Terrorist use of biological agents is therefore likely, and the range of options willgrow. The report also warns of the development of advanced biological weaponsagents and the possible development of chemical agents intended to circumvent theverification regime of the Chemical Weapons Convention.Nuclear Threat: More and more countries are arming themselves with nuclearweapons and terrorists could obtain a nuclear weapon. They are expected tocontinue to attempt to do so over the next 15 years through theft or purchase,particularly in Russia or Pakistan. The likelihood that a terrorist attack involving anuclear weapon occurs before 2020 cannot be ruled out.Corporate Hijackings: Since the global economy is going the electronic wayanother way for the terrorists to vent out crimes could be kidnapping and hijackingthe big Corporate. A countries economy is generally built on its corporate housesand a hostile takedown of several of the large corporate houses could result in theeconomy tumbling this threat is eminent and very real.
  12. 12. USA : Safest steps taken by the nation generally are very quick & very effective Security checks in the nation will have quadrupled by then borders & airports. People may have to carry baggage which are totally transparent. Vigilant regarding the steps or moves taken by other nations. Aims : Controlling Lebanons & Iranian Hizbullah Promoting success of Iraq & Afghanistan Government Securing oil-fields in Arabian gulf & African region.
  13. 13.  Al-Qaeda : Regional war against America aims at opening a jihadist triangle of terror beginning with Afghanistan, Iran , South Iraq & ending with Southern Turkey will aim at USA not achieving its objectives
  14. 14.  Agro-terrorism : Terrorist groups would attack the poorer so that there will be a huger disparity between the rich & the poor . Done by introducing certain malicious plants & animal pathogens to cause devastating disease in agriculture sector. Increase in bio-terrorism : Release of biological agents ( bacteria, viruses) affecting & killing large number of humans , plants & animals. Anthrax attacks, plague. Environmental terrorism : This would enhance Target would be the natural resources - bombing of the mines, destruction of forests. Terrorism based on religion: it would certainly enhance
  15. 15.  Unity should become our strength If not controlled it may spread like an epidemic.
  16. 16. THANK YOU