valentine's day 2012 gifts for men


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When it comes to buying valentine's day gifts for men, most buyers appears to be having a hard time more than picking one for Christmas.

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valentine's day 2012 gifts for men

  1. 1. Valentines Day 2012 Gifts- Gift Ideas forHim, Her and FriendsNote: This is just a document version of this article. Visit the web version at for a better picture resolution of this page. When it comes to choosing Valentines Day 2012 gifts, a lot of people seem to be having a hard time more than picking one for Christmas. Is it because of the love theme that must be associated with the gift? Or is it because all the money have already been spent during the holidays so your budget is quite limited?Whatever the reason is, I hope this article will help you find what you are looking for. Butbecause "gift ideas" is such a broad topic, I am going to classify gifts according to topfive categories that people are looking for.1. Valentines Day Gifts for HimGift Ideas for your Husband, Boyfriend, Dad or Male FriendsIve been writing about gift ideas before and Inoticed that I seem to be getting more inquiriesfrom women than from men. Maybe women just puta lot more effort in gift giving, or it could be thatguys are just notorious for being hard to buy for.Because of this high "demand" for gift ideas formen, I created an entire separate article about Valentines Day Gifts for Him 2012.Check that out for a detailed selection of gifts to choose from.
  2. 2. 2. Valentines Day Gifts for HerGift Ideas for your Wife, Girlfriend, Mom or Female FriendsWomen, in my opinion, are easier to buy for becausethey are more expressive in what they need, and itseasy to tell what a girl would love to get by simplyobserving what she wears or carry in her purse.The easiest way to get an idea is to think back whatshe had complained in the past or things she oncementioned she wanted to get for herself. Then youcan head over to Amazons Valentine offerspage to get a list of gift items for up to 70% off. Youllfind jewelry, watches, beauty products and a lot more products on sale right now.But if you absolutely have no idea what to buy for her, heres a tip: a lot of women wantsomething frivolous and luxurious, and that they would not buy for themselves. Quite anirony there, really. Think about high end brands for ordinary products like bath oils,soaps, etc. Heres a list of such products I found online:Other Gift Ideas for Her  Ren Gift Set - A very luxurious brand that has won a lot of awards and featured in many magazines. I noticed that these gift sets go out of stock quickly but you can just buy their products individually.  Penhaligons Gift Set - With a very vintage looking package, these stuff look so romantic and reminds me of the olden days. The bottle container looks like something that would be washed upon a shore with a note on it. Thats how romantic it looks like.  Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oil - Body oils that absorb really easily, not greasy and makes the skin totally soft. They are good for preventing stretch marks, and also good for the skin if you have been out in the sun. LOccitane Rose Jardin Délice Eau de Toilette - Makes a really nice Valentines gift with its vintage style glass bottle container. Also great for ladies who want a light rose smell.
  3. 3.  Chanel No 5 Perfume - Also makes a really nice gift for its cute container box and its something that can be kept forever because you get refills for it.  Floris London Eau De Toilette - Did you know that in London, you need an invitation to get a customized perfume made by Floris? Thats how exquisite Floris perfumes are. But they make amazing perfumes anyway so you can just get the one sold here in the US.3. Valentines Day Gifts for KidsValentines is more of an occasion for lovers butapparently, a lot of people do look for gifts for kids.If you are not looking to give a gift to a kid thenfeel free to skip this section. =)Tip: the link to Amazons Valentine offers pageabove also has a lot of gift for kids on sale.  Rainbow Sound Blocks - Kind of like an activity center for children. A box where you can see through to see what is happening to the little balls and beads inside it. Its also about the sounds that the little things inside it make, so its supposed to help develop a childs senses and learn basic skills such as sorting and matching.  Puppet Kits - Aimed at developing kids creativity by letting them create their own puppets.  Lego Toys - Everyone is probably familiar with Legos. A classic gift for kids so you cant go wrong with it.  Rainbow Top - A really cool gift, especially for little boys. Produces a humming sound as the oversized top spins.  Learning through play games - Two of the best ones are Silly Socks and Pesky Pirates. Great for ages 3 to 5.  Hedbanz for Kids - A kit for kids to play a who-am-i game  Chairs Game - A fun game where kids can put one little plastic chair on top of another. The challenge is to keep the formed structure stable so it doesnt fall.
  4. 4.  Strider Balance Bike - The best seller in balance bikes that has been popular recently. It is supposed to help kids learn how to ride a bike through proper balancing.4. Valentines Day Gifts DeliveryFlowers, Chocolates and BasketsAnother cool thing to give this Valentines aregift deliveries you can order online. They arebest for long distance couples but also a greatoption for those who dont want to go throughthe hassles of choosing and wrapping gifts.Some of the best examples are:  Flowers - This is probably the most gifted item for Valentines Day and more popular as gift for women. There are a lot of flower delivery services online with a great selection of love themed flowers. While roses are the most common, you may want to try other types of flowers to avoid cliche, unless your significant other absolutely loves roses. Note: the link above will take you to FTDs Valentine offers page with discounts of up to 25% off. Promo ends on February 13.  Gift Baskets - While these gift baskets are not personally made by you, they are absolutely adorable as they are arranged and wrapped by gift wrapping experts. You can order wine for men or fruits for women. Note: the link above will take you to GiftTrees Valentine offers page with special prices on all kinds of gifts. Promo ends on February 15.  Chocolates - The most popular ones are M&Ms Personalized Chocolates and candies, the majority of which cost only under 50. But these are obviously not a good gift if the receiver is trying to lose weight and shed all the pounds gained during the holidays. =) Note: the link to M&Ms above is updated to bring you to their Valentine offers page where you automatically get 15% off on orders worth $30 and above! Promo ends on February 13.
  5. 5. 5. Cheap Valentines Day GiftsGifts on a BudgetIf you have checked the price of the gifts Ive listed sofar, you can already find really cheap items from there.Some of them are even just under 20 dollars. So Im justgoing to list down below some other affordable gifts thatare great for either a boy or a girl.  Razorpit - Extends the life of disposable razors by reviving dull blades, thus saving you money in the long run.  Archipelago Botanicals Glass Jar Candle - Gives off a romantic, sensual smell that couples will surely like.  Drinkwel Hangover Cure - If your partner loves going out to drink but complains of hangover then this is the perfect gift for him/her. Works very well according to customer reviews.  Bed of Nails Mat - The name suggests like this is going to be really painful. This mat is based on the principle of accupressure so it is said to relieve you from all sorts of modern day ailments such as insomnia, back pain, headache, etc. Dont worry, the nails are made of plastic and not metal. =)Making your Valentines Day 2012 SpecialI hope that at this point, my gift ideas have somehow helpedyou plan your Valentines well. But do remember that giving giftsis just part of it. You can enjoy the rest of the day by eating outor watching events in your city.Have fun looking for<a href="">Valentines Day 2012 gifts</a>!