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Pdhpe rational

  1. 1. PDHPE Rational Teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education throughout a child’s school life provides a broad understanding of health,fitness and physical activity, child protection, nutrition and drug education. Where all aspects of each child’s individual wellbeing is the main focus.
  2. 2. Personal Development Rational Kids become more comfortable and confident in their own “skin”, because they will be provided with the knowledge and understanding of ‘self-confidence’ and ‘self- acceptance’
  3. 3. Health Rational Kids will understand factors which influence personal health choices, such as diet, consequences of drug and alcohol to the human body. Also how to deal with and handle social issues such as bullying or peer- pressure
  4. 4. Physical Education Rational Enhance and continually maintain motor-skills Understanding the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and how to maintain it Kids will gain the ability to work in team, i.e. be a good and supportive team player
  5. 5. Continuos Life skills Kids become informed decision makers about topics of health and physical fitness. Therefore enhancing their choices for the future and influences over peers and others alike.

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