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Change management


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Group presentation for IT Planning & Management course.

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Change management

  1. 1. Change Management in IT Planning and ManagementLecturer’s Name: Dr. Ab Razak Che Hussin Members GroupName Matric No.Esmat Abdulmajid Wahdian MC112147Vahid Mohseni MC112149Suliza Bte Sumari MC112101Jamilah Binti Mahmood MC112105Jessie Nguai Seen Nee MC112143
  2. 2. Definition Change management IT planning and management• How to control, predict and • Process of planning and controlling inspire the behavior of human the IT infrastructure in an to change in order to enhance organization and how the the productivity in organization implementation of IT can help the organization to increase their service to customers. Change Management in IT Planning and Management • A process of human transition from the current behavior to the better future by implementing an IT infrastructure that has been planned for the organization and achieving the desired state
  3. 3. HistoryInitiated in late 80’s and early 90’s but it seems not help to satisfy the top leaderKotter also initiate the study on the technique on how to improve the success rate inchange managementIn 1995 it is a new beginning for the change management approach in industrywhereby John Kotter started to initiate the seminal work in change management areaIn early 90’s since the technology has been introduced to the world, it has affect thenature of change management whereby most of changing process involve theconsideration on using technology as a part of changing process.
  4. 4. HIMSS guidelines for change managementHIMSS: a non-profitable organization exclusively focused on providingglobal leadership for the optimal use of information technology (IT) andmanagement systems for the betterment of healthcare.Vision: Advancing the best use of information and management systemsfor the betterment of health care.Mission: To lead healthcare transformation through the effective use ofhealth information technology.
  5. 5. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PEOPLE SIDE OF AN EMR IMPLEMENTATION People respond to change differentlyDifferent backgrounds, experiences with technologyLevels of resistance, fear, ability to deal withambiguityInefficiencies uncovered because the system createstransparency
  6. 6. SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVEA systems approach is the ability to see the big picture ,addressinterrelationships among the variables & their impact onorganization effectiveness. Organizational Fabric Model
  7. 7. CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT FOR SUCCESS WillingnessLeadership, Communication, AbilityReinforcement, Participation, Organizational History with Training and SupportChange
  8. 8. Memorial Care Group successful implementation• a five-hospital roll-out of an EMR in 2002.• organization continues to move slowly forward with an underutilized set of applications• Reasons :• involvement was low,• business leadership was diffuse• Solution : (Care Planning Executive)• Dedicated person to the project (peer of the CIO) .• help understand the drivers of the new system.• scope out the territory to be covered• gain the commitment of senior leaders.Result: • education, marketing, and training program dedicated to equipping the affected staff with the knowledge and tools, with both (Willingness and Ability), results in successful implementation of EMR
  9. 9. Advantage of Change ManagementUnderstanding the environment • Help organization to understand their current external environment like government, customer and society • Help organization to establish an appropriate relationship with their environment • Can be better prepared to understand whatever is going on in the environment.Develop competitive advantage • Position the organization in a competition landscape that allows the organization earning higher return on investments • Strengthens and positions a business better within the business environment.High performance employees • Enhance employee satisfaction, morale and engagement • Meet performance expectation and contribute to a greater good
  10. 10. Advantage of Change ManagementTechnology integration into organization’s strategy • Integrate new technology into organization’s strategy, structure and process • Helps organization to cope and absorb the impact of changing information and communication technologies which also can influence in production and processImprove service quality • Users will feel values and supported by an organization that makes an investment in them • Positively impacts on how they treat the userCreate higher levels of openness, trust, involvement and teamwork • This will develop an engaged workforce
  11. 11. Limitation in change management #3: ItCreating a takesCompelling both “+” #4: Your Story and “-” to leaders create believe they real already “are energy. the change”. #2: You’re better #5: #1: Whatmotivates you off letting them Influence doesn’t write their own leader motivate story. Role aren’t that(most of) your model influential. employees.
  12. 12. Limitation in change management Reinforcement systems (reinforcing #9: Good mechanisms) intentions aren’t enough. #8: Employees #6: Money is are what the most they think.expensive way to motivate people. #7: A fair process is as The skills important as a fair required outcome. for change (capability building)
  13. 13. Thanks