C. mcm1263 assignment + projects confirmed


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Assignment and project for Dr. Zaidi's class.

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C. mcm1263 assignment + projects confirmed

  1. 1. Individual Assignment 1 (20 Sept 2012)■ Using A3 paper, magazines, or other suitable tools, create ONE Destination Diagram to depict your life – 5 years and 10 years from now■ Name this diagram■ <YOUR NAME> 5 and 10 Years Dream■ The Destination Diagram must consist of Dream Elements.■ Every elements must have its REAL cost, Specification, Location■ State the Vehicle/Mechanism that will be use for achieving your Dream Elements■ Calculate the amount of income you need to achieve your Dream Elements Will I be able to■ Deadline 20 Sept 2012 (4pm) achieve my dream???
  2. 2. Group Project (20 Sept 2012)Your team was recently mandated by MCB1263-Board ofDirectors to generate income through IT project. The projectshould be IT based and may include training, ITproduct/services, etc. The target net profit is RM500 per group.The final Project Closing presentation should be on 20 DEC2012 (Thursday).■Your Task: 1. Create a group and propose a name for your group. 2. Every Member do Their Destination Diagram based on every person’s dream of their project 3. Conduct an activity (brainstorming, brain writing, etc) to select from many Destination Diagrams, ONE IT project to Initiate. The Process and Output of this activity should be reported. 4. Create the Project Charter (Objective and Scope) of this project? 5. What are its Deliverables? 6. Who are the stakeholders for this project? 7. Prepare a check-list for the delivery of this project 8. Prepare a Shared Destination Diagram for this project to show the vision when the project is completed. 9. Based on the Project Destination Diagram, Sketch/Draw a Road Map for the above project taking into account the major possible risks. (27 September 2012)
  3. 3. Group Project (continued)■ Create Organization Chart■ Identify Roles & Responsibilities■ Develop Scope Statement, use template provided!■ Use Mind Map to brainstorm your tasks in order to create WBS. Using your mind map, create a WBS at least until Stage Level 3■ Create WBS Dictionary by using template provided(11 October 2012)
  4. 4. Group Project (continued)■ Practice Task Boarding in order to brainstorm your tasks. Use POST-IT notes and take photos of minimum these three arrangements. 1. Undetermined arrangement 2. Determined arrangement 3. Agreed arrangement with duration■ Draw Network diagram (only activity and duration), Determine Critical Path and create a table of Activities & Immediate Predecessors.■ Draw AON, Determine Earliest Start, Earliest Finish, Latest Start, Latest Finish and create a table of Activity Slack.■ Determine start date of your project.■ Prepare a calendar and make decision on your Normal Working Days. E.g. Monday to Friday only with no public holiday, etc.■ Use MS Project to create Gantt Chart.Analyze your project member:■ Profiles (select and use any tools that are available)■ resource histogramsDeadline 18 Oct
  5. 5. Group Project (continued)■ Prepare presentation for your project closing■ Must include: – All information from the previous sub projects – Definition of your market – Description of your product and services – Marketing and Sales Strategy – Income Statements (weekly) – Cash flow Statement (weekly)■ Deadline 20 December 2012
  6. 6. Compilation of Project Documents(Hardcopy and Softcopy)1. Your compiled project document2. Powerpoint Presentation3. Evidence of 1. Marketing tools (montage, brochures, ads, etc) 2. Correspondence letters (lab booking, service request, thank you, etc)4. Statement of account5. Microsoft Project filesDeadline 20 December 2012