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Dakkin Credentials 2012


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Dakkin Credentials 2012

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Dakkin Credentials 2012

  1. 1. AgencyCredentials 2012communication that speal s volumes
  2. 2. Agency Welcome to Dakkin, where brandsCredentials are born, nurtured, and adapted for success in evolving and new 2012 landscapes. We will engage your audience with exciting ideas that generate real brand performance results.
  3. 3. AgencyCredentials who we are 2012 We are a full service advertising and design consultancy that has been delivering proven results since 1997. We are affiliated with (Advertising & Marketing Consultants) in Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.
  4. 4. Engr. Fadi Doidri International Managing Director & Senior Creative Director“Sound ideas are Creative thinking, Innovative solutions, decisive leadership, as well as team management & building are treasured only just a few of Fadi’s strengths. He has created many of if they resonate Saudi Arabia’s best known corporate identities, and haswith their target a proven track record as an experienced practitioner audience.” in many marketing disciplines beyond branding that include advertising, direct marketing, and sales promotion. Working directly with some of the Kingdom’s top CEO’s and government officials, Fadi has developed an enviable portfolio of public awareness campaigns in a variety of sectors, as well as cross-disciplinary marketing campaigns. Clients frequently honor him for his excellent work on their behalf. Riyadh Office: P.O. Box 325052, Riyadh 11371 | Tel: +966 1 293 9000 | Fax: +966 1 293 1133 | E-mail: USA Office: Dakkin Digital, 135 W. Franklin Street, Suite 1,2,9 Monterey, CA 93940, USA | Tel: +1 831 324 4817 Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  5. 5. David Anderton Creative Director “Man’s mind With an international advertising career spanning more than 30 years, David has gained tremendous experience stretched to a while working on almost every kind of business categorynew idea never there is, and gathered a few awards along the way. goes back to David has worked with global advertising networks its original and international advertising agencies, as well as with dimensions.” national and local companies. David has been living in Saudi Arabia for well over a decade. He has also been a copywriter for more than 20 years. Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  6. 6. Alaa Abdelhalim Group Account Manager / Production Officer“It’s not enough Alaa has gained substantial experience and knowledge of the local business environment and culture, in his role to do our best; as Account Manager, over many years. He also works sometimes we closely with suppliers, such as printing companies, tohave to do what ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met. is required.” Within the agency, he is deeply involved in all details of the work produced for Dakkin clients. Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  7. 7. Nihad Dweidary Senior English & Arabic Copywriter / Associate Creative Director “Look for me in Nihad has lived and worked in the United States for a large part of his life, and is a US citizen. His lifelong flairancient letters, on for languages, and communications in general, makesthe ink of writing him ideally suited to the marketing and advertising feathers.” field. Nihad has spent his years traveling and writingfrom Nihad’s poetry in his extensively, for over twenty years. He holds degrees inbook “Like Once I Dreamt” English Literature and has initiated programs for learning Arabic dialogue, as well as being an Assistant Professor. Nihad’s many achievements include his poetry, published in his own book, his marketing capabilities, as well as his business acumen and experience. In addition to English and Arabic, Nihad is fluent in Spanish and French. Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  8. 8. Bana Nemeh Associate Managing Director / Interior Designer“Use what talents Bana brings her clear passion for design to Dakkin, which she shares in leading her team of ladies within you posses. the agency. As a graduate with an international Interior The woods Design Degree, Bana is ideally suited to adding her would be very valued touch, especially to feminine brands. In her 5 silent if no birds years with Dakkin, Bana has always shown herself to be sang there creative, talented and fast. She has worked on a wide range of accounts, including Al Khaleej, and created except for the some new corporate identities such as La Casa. Bana ones that sang makes full use of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator the best.” in making her ideas come to life. In her past, Bana studied Business Administration, as well as teaching aerobic sport for three years. Her many professional and personal qualities make Bana such a good team member, beyond the fact that she is such a nice person to be around. Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  9. 9. Ronald Aguilar Art Director “Imagination is Ronald has spent close to 20 years developing and more important refining his considerable talents in the fields of graphic design and advertising. He is highly skilled in all of than knowledge. the software used in the industry, and with his strong Knowledge is conceptual skills, as well his keen eye for design,limited. Imagination typography, color and balance, he is a truly vital member encompasses the of the team. world.” Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  10. 10. contents how we work . .............................................................................................. 11 resources & services .................................................................................. 12 brand development mechanism ......................................................... 13 paths to brand recognition..................................................................... 14 our clients: ..................................................................................................... 15 our work: corporate identitiy................................................................................ 17 annual reports........................................................................................ 35 BTL ............................................................................................................. 46 print advertising ................................................................................... 77 documentaries & TV commercials ................................................ 98 PR coverage .........................................................................................100 magazines & newsletters ................................................................105 packaging .............................................................................................110 corporate gifts . ...................................................................................114 recognition .................................................................................................117 our strategic partners: affiliations & alliances ...............................12510 Integrated Communications Solutions  |
  11. 11. how we work communicate research energize address teamwork executionJust as our business is all In addition to our We focus on creating Great creative work Dakkin brings together Since the end result of our about communication collective experience, exciting, engaging work will only get results if it highly-skilled individuals, mutual efforts depends with your audience, we our knowledge of the that will bring energy to addresses your marketing across different disciplines, on production quality, we know that the starting local culture and fields of your brand and generate problems, and we always who understand that keep a close eye on everypoint to achieve the best business, we undertake greater interest and keep this in mind. teamwork generates the step of the process, right end results will always thorough research in awareness from your strongest results. up to final delivery. come from the clearest advance of starting any audience. understanding of your new project. needs and goals. We understand that you need to generate strong returns on your marketing investments, operating efficiently as well as creatively. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 11
  12. 12. resources & services Creative Strategy Media PlanningOur internationally experienced creative Your needs are understood and expressed Dakkin’s media planning and buying ensure thatdepartment translates your strategic needs into strategically at the first stage of each project. you reach your target audience effectively withoriginal creative communication concepts. value for money. Art Print Dakkin Digital provides integrated digital marketing and advertising solutions marked with Events & Exhibitions Production rich content and mastered by the best architects of technology the world has to offer.Our proven track record in the planning and Our team of professionals finalize work to themanagement of exhibitions and road shows, highest standards, while our print productionmakes us the first choice for some of the top staff work hard to ensure that you receive thegovernment institutions and private companies. finest quality for the best value. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 12
  13. 13. brand essence refinement Central Idea, knowledge Unifying Concept, Key Messages, Tone of Voice Differentiation, positioning Value Proposition, Business Category Culture, Vision, Values, Target Audience, Segmentation,Products, Services, SWOT Analysis, Competition, Market Trends, Core Values, BrandMarket Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Research, Distribution, Market Analysis, Attributes, Mission, Competitors’ Advertising brand development Market Economy mechanism Integrated Communications Solutions  | 13
  14. 14. pathsto brandrecognitionYour brand identity is like afingerprint that is completelyunique. It stands for somethingthat differentiates you fromeveryone else. When your brandrecognition has developedto achieve general positivesentiment in the marketplace,it has achieved brand franchisewhich is loyalty towards yourbrand from consumers. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 14
  15. 15. our clients client list Integrated Communications Solutions  | 15
  16. 16. client list§§ Saudi Automotive Services Co. (SASCO) §§ King Abdullah Financial District§§ Saudi Automobile & Touring Association (SATA) §§ General Commission for Tourism & Antiquities§§ Al Rajhi Industrial Group §§ Ministry of Communications and Information Technology§§ Al Salam Aircraft Co. §§ Municipality of Riyadh§§ Muhammad A. Al-Habib Real Estate §§ Municipality of JAZAN§§ Madaen Star Group §§ Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF)§§ Union National Bank §§ Pension Payment Agency§§ Bilda §§ Al-Tashelat§§ MASTA Travel Agency §§ Creative Closets§§ Al-Khaleej Training and Education §§ Closet World§§ FORUS Real-Estate §§ RAWA§§ King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) §§ Mawadco§§ Akwaan Properties §§ DSCA (Down Syndrome Charitable Association)§§ Al Nakheel Tower §§ Prince Salman Center for Disability Research§§ Abdul Mohsin Al Hokair & Sons Groups §§ JAW mall§§ Al Aghar Equestrian Club §§ Al-Bayan Holding Company§§ King Abdul-Aziz & his Companions for Giftedness and §§ Al Zamil Group Creativity (Mawhiba) §§ Makeel§§ Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University §§ TAMIMI for Tents§§ Ministry of Education (MOE) §§ Kimma Cone Biscuit Ice cream§§ Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) §§ Al Jasriah for Trading§§ Communications and Information Technology §§ Kanolli Commission (CITC) §§ Enicas Sound & Vision§§ Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry §§ BANA Home Decor & Gifts§§ Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) Integrated Communications Solutions  | 16
  17. 17. our work corporate identity Integrated Communications Solutions  | 17
  18. 18. corporate identity logosKing Abdullah Initiative for Arabic Content Integrated Communications Solutions  | 18
  19. 19. corporate identity logosCenter of excellence forwireless applications Integrated Communications Solutions  | 19
  20. 20. corporate identity logos Integrated Communications Solutions  | 20
  21. 21. corporate identity logos Integrated Communications Solutions  | 21
  22. 22. corporate identity kacstDakkin designed the triangles emblem for the KingAbdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST )corporate identity based on the “Golden Ratio”. This ratioof 1: 1.618 is frequently found in Nature. Since ancienttimes, architects and artists have proportioned theirworks according to the Golden Ratio for its aestheticallypleasing results, and the ratio is also studied and used inmathematics, physics, and biology.The color palette of Blue and Green suggests technologyand growth. The selected light Blue is the color ofinspiration and sincerity, while the Green is the color ofnature, life, balance and harmony, as well as being thebasic color of the national flag.The typographic treatment utilizes elegant, clean andcontemporary type families that provide a progressiveand consistent quality to the brand. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 22
  23. 23. corporate identity al agharAl Aghar is a large and prestigious Equestrian Clubthat offers a wide range of services and facilities, aswell as an abundance of green open spaces.Dakkin designed this new Al Aghar identity, withits contemporary emblem. The sweeping linessurrounding the modern depiction of an Arab horsecreate a sense of dynamic motion in the naturalenvironment.The color palette of Black and Silver is elegantlysimple, while the typography is classical and verystylish. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 23
  24. 24. corporate identity viviendaAs well as creating this identity, Dakkin provided thename “Vivienda” to reflect its unique and elegantcharacter, as a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel inRiyadh. Dakkin lived with the Vivienda brand from itsbeginnings, and the excavation of the site itself.The letter “V” emblem suggests growth andabundance, and the relative proportioningbetween the emblem and the typeface wascarefully measured to allow both to stand out whilemaintaining the balance of the whole logo. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 24
  25. 25. corporate identity farisThe name for this ER P system portal means ‘knight’in Arabic. The emblem’s modern calligraphyperfectly captures the essence of a powerfulleaping horse, while creating the Arabic name. Thecalligraphy is drawn in sharp and crisp strokes, in45-degree angles, with each stroke drawn in a singlecurve for legibility. The horse’s legs are depicted ingrey with the front leg bent as if jumping over theEnglish typeface, which represents a bar.The hind leg pushes the horse powerfully creatinga strong sense of dynamic upwards movement,reflecting the power of the ER P system itself.The head weight of the horse is balanced by itsextended rear leg. This makes the emblem standout on its invisible axis, which passes through theEnglish letter “R”.The color palette is Blue, denoting stability, and Grey,symbolizing solidity. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 25
  26. 26. corporate identity akwaanAKWAAN , which is Arabic for universes, required anew identity that would reflect the quality of workand high standard of real estate development,which it would be involved in.The Akwaan emblem is designed to form the letter‘Alpha’ as the beginning of the alphabet, as well asresembling an archway that represents architecture,and the Arabic origins of the company. The Arabictypography was specially designed to match thestyling of the emblem.The color palette of dark Blue and Gold reflects thesolidity and high values of the company. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 26
  27. 27. corporate identity ecraThe Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authorityis a Saudi organization, which regulates theelectricity and water desalination industry in theKingdom.Dakkin designed this identity to represent bothelectricity and water. The turquoise shape withinthe emblem is an abstract live electricity symbol.The blue sphere is a droplet of water, with the bluecrescent and turquoise shape also denoting ripplesin water. The fluidity of the classic Arabic calligraphyused, perfectly complements the look and feel ofthe whole design. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 27
  28. 28. corporate identity banaBANA Home Decor & Gifts is a completely new brand,established in California, U.S.A., that specializes inproviding the finest in home furnishings, accessories and‘objets d’art’ from around the world.Dakkin was involved in the creation of this brand fromthe beginning, including its naming. The BANA logoexpresses the elegant, stylish and international natureof the company, with its modern typographic treatmentthat conveys character. The color palette is fresh, simpleand clean, providing a strong yet natural look and feel. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 28
  29. 29. corporate identity forusFORUS is contributing to the development ofthe Saudi real estate market with unique ideas,concepts, and its ambitious vision.Dakkin designed the FORUS identity to reflect thecreative and modern character of the company.With its positive, upward sweeping curves, theemblem connects the elegantly matched Englishand Arabic typography. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 29
  30. 30. corporate identity villaVilla is a new brand in the field of upscale residentialdevelopments, and the company specializes inproviding modern interpretations of the Saudi-stylehome.Dakkin provided the name for the brand, as well asdesigning its corporate identity. The “V” emblemrepresents the first letter of the brand name, aswell as denoting openness and transparency thatare key features of the architectural style seen inVilla developments. These characteristics are notcommonly found in the more traditional Saudihouses. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 30
  31. 31. corporate identity sataSATA , which provides motoring services andorganizes motor sports activities, commissionedDakkin to design their new logo.The “S” emblem is made from two abstract flagshapes that are evocative of SATA sporting events.The color palette includes red, which suggestsenergy and speed, as well as grey, which provides abalancing solidity for the complete identity. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 31
  32. 32. corporate identity mastaMasta is a travel agent that required a corporateidentity, which would stand out amongst its manycompetitors.Dakkin designed this colorful logo with its star-likeemblem made from brush strokes. The strokes appearto move outwards in different directions, from acenter, which represents the idea of traveling todifferent destinations. The emblem can also be seenas a shining sun. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 32
  33. 33. corporate identity makeelMakeel is a discount store with the slogan “StretchYour Riyal”.Dakkin designed this identity to reflect the natureof the client’s business, with the emblem creatingthe English letter “M” formed like a ribbon stretchinginto the distance. At the end of the emblem is alsothe first letter of the Arabic name.The color palette of Blues and Greens is bright andfresh reflecting the character of the brand. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 33
  34. 34. corporate identity creative closetsDakkin designed the Creative Closets corporateidentity with its emblem representing wardrobedoors, as well as symbolizing two letter C’s facingeach other.The color palette of Brown and rich Gold symbolizesthe quality materials used by the company. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 34
  35. 35. our work annual reports Integrated Communications Solutions  | 35
  36. 36. WHEN EVERY F1GURE MATTERS001010011010001010110001011010100 It’s time to report your data, and every figure0010100110100010100110000100100100101011010100101 1011000101101010 matters. The quality of your Annual Report reflects100100101001010011100100100101010 01001100001001001 your institution, and may be your most important marketing and communications tool for the whole year.11010010101001110010101001010010 00101011010100101100101010010101010011011010101011 Since you value your image you need your 1001001010010100010101010000101101110101010100111 Annual Report to be in the right hands because 1110010010010101010101010101011011010010110101001 when figures matter, your agency counts. 0110100101010011001010100110010101010101010101010 1001010100101001101110101010111010110101010101010 001010011010001010110001011 0100101010010101010011010100101001010101011010110 010100100110000100100100101 01001101101010101110101010110010101000010101010101 011010100101100100101001010 10101010100001011011011010111010101010010101010101 011100100100101010110100101 01110101010100111010101010101011001010110110110100 010011100101010010100101001 01010101010101101 Integrated Communications Solutions  | 36
  37. 37. annual reports bahriDakkin designed the Arabic and English versions ofthe 2011 Bahri Annual Report, in accordance withthe company’s new corporate identity. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 37
  38. 38. annual reports ecraThe 2011 Electricity &Cogeneration RegulatoryAuthority (ECRA) AnnualReport, designed by Dakkin. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 38
  39. 39. annual reports ecraThe 2011 ECRA Activitiesand Achievements Reportdesigned by Dakkin. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 39
  40. 40. annual reports kacstKACST Annual Reports 2007, 2008, 2009Dakkin has designed and produced the KACSTAnnual Reports for several years, targeting theGovernment decision makers.These unconventional reports each have conceptualthemes, with consecutive messages clearlycommunicated through the reports’ section dividers.Unique illustrations and visuals were developedto create an artistic look and feel to make theinformation more inviting. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 40
  41. 41. annual reports ibtikarDakkin created the Annual Report for the bi-annualIbtikar exhibition of Mawhiba in 2008, which hasbecome considered as one of the largest and mostimportant exhibitions specialized in inventionand innovation in the Middle East. Due to thetrust gained by the agency, for what was widelyacknowledged as an outstanding job, Dakkin wascommissioned to produce all of the work for the2010 Ibtikar Exhibition.Engr. Fadi Doidri has been honored in letters ofappreciation for the Ibtikar work, which has helpedto strengthen its brand image, and gain widerrecognition for the event.The Ibtikar 2010 Exhibition Brochure The Ibtikar 2010 Exhibition Report created by Dakkin Integrated Communications Solutions  | 41
  42. 42. annual reports mawhibaDakkin was commissioned to produce the KingAbdulaziz & His Companions Foundation forGiftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) Annual Reportsfor four consecutive years, as well as creating andproducing their strategy reports. The agency alsocreated and proposed the tagline “Where youbelong” for Mawhiba. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 42
  43. 43. annual reports mawhibaDakkin designed and produced the MawhibaAnnual Reports for several years running, targetingthe Government decision makers.Mawhiba received a letter of appreciation,mentioning the design, from HRH Prince Sultan BinAbdulaziz in the year 2007.These unusual reports are each built on conceptualideas, with consecutive messages clearlycommunicated across the section dividers withinthe reports. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 43
  44. 44. annual reports citcThe Communications andInformation TechnologyCommission (CITC) askedDakkin to design its 2006Annual Report. Dakkincreated their “DeeperRoots...Harvesting Rewards”concept showing fiber opticroots with a stalk of wheatgrowing from them aboveground. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 44
  45. 45. annual reports sidfThe Saudi IndustrialDevelopment Fund (SIDF)commissioned Dakkinto create this specialAnnual Report in a qualitypresentation wooden box. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 45
  46. 46. our work BTL Integrated Communications Solutions  | 46
  47. 47. WHERE EVERY GRID The Health Industry in 2011Doluptat dis veribust, totassusdam quas Bore secus, ne vendestibus solent. Daectatia que Doluptat dis veribust, totassusdam quas ende evellaende evella conecusdae platquibus eius, que vent fuga. Num quis ipitatiur ressimp oressit inciet conecusdae platquibus eius, que nonsecusamnonsecusam ipsam, cum dunt expersped ex etum mos asped quas millignam, si dolor soluptur aceatis ipsam, cum dunt expersped ex etum ratiusam quam,ratiusam quam, quidem re, archill aboreped res eriberi ut ex evel iurendunt voluptas aut magnis quidem re, archill aboreped molor as molorit porromolor as molorit porro volores equossus re is am exercil illandit et ut eossi omnis et as mo eatur? volores equossus re is am quatemquia volorum quiquatemquia digendis et laudam re nones. sitatius dolorro digendis et laudam re nones. Bus Doluptat dis veribust, totassusdam quas ende evella erfero tempore quate pla doluptatest quae ea paBus erfero tempore quate pla doluptatest quae conecusdae platquibus eius, que nonsecusam volectotatet volestrum, ad ere cus reiurem inusamea pa volectotatet volestrum, ad ere cus reiurem ipsam, cum dunt expersped ex etum ratiusam quam, ullendantem culleni menihit, ilignis evendae sitinusam ullendantem culleni menihit, ilignis quidem re, archill aboreped molor as molorit porro ut excerro dolore vid qui duciminctus abo. Hitisevendae sit ut excerro dolore vid qui duciminctus volores equossus re is am quatemquia volorum qui nonsediciur aut ratiorest laborro occum facestoabo. Hitis nonsediciur aut ratiorest laborro occum sitatius dolorro digendis et laudam re nones. Bus ratiorescia dolest dus re dolorios et a doluptas eationfacesto ratiorescia dolest dus re dolorios et a erfero tempore quate pla doluptatest quae ea pa rem que et eturem cusapid magni dios ape eumquedoluptas eation rem que et eturem cusapid magni volectotatet volestrum, ad ere cus reiurem inusam nistiunt.dios ape eumque nistiunt. ullendantem culleni menihit, ilignis evendae sit Distribution among the operating areas Customers accomodated per area Southern Western 15% 45% Bore secus, ne vendestibus solent. Daectatia que Customers accomodated per area vent fuga. Num quis ipitatiur ressimp oressit inciet Central mos asped quas millignam, si dolor soluptur aceatis 25% Western res eriberi ut ex evel iurendunt voluptas aut magnis Southern exercil illandit et ut eossi omnis et as mo eatur? 15% Southern Doluptat dis veribust, totassusdam quas ende evella conecusdae platquibus eius, que nonsecusam Eastern Central ipsam, cum dunt expersped ex etum ratiusam quam, Western 15% quidem re, archill aboreped molor as molorit porro 45% Eastern volores equossus re is am quatemquia volorum qui Central sitatius dolorro digendis et laudam re nones. Eastern 25% 15% ANNUAL REPORT 2011  |  10 MATTERS Your corporate communication materials will only present you well, and consistently, if they’re based on sound design principals. Using the most appropriate grids, to provide the invisible foundation and structure for your collaterals design, is vital. In the right hands, grids offer great flexibility and will help in making your information easier to absorb. When your professional image matters, your agency counts. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 47
  48. 48. BTL alsalam aircraft company presentation bookThe Alsalam Aircraft Company entrusted Dakkin tocreate a unique handcrafted book, for each of threedifferent Royal aircraft interior completion projects.These books, in their specially made presentationwooden boxes, are for very high level decisionmakers and have to be of the finest quality.The handmade books are leather bound, handstitched, and feature gold foil stamping throughout,a special foldout section printed in four colorprocess, and hand mounted photographic prints ofthe aircraft interior designs on the other pages. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 48
  49. 49. BTL madaen second industrialDakkin designed this boxed kit for the MadaenSecond Industrial land auction in Riyadh. The kitincludes a map and plan view of the land plots forsale, a brochure and a gift.Dakkin also designed the Madaen corporate identity,whch resembles a gear, to be in harmony with thecharacter of the project. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 49
  50. 50. BTL almoroujThis location map, and planof land plots for sale, wascreated by Dakkin for theAl Morouj real estate project. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 50
  51. 51. BTL kacstCreating the tagline “Where knowledge grows”was one of Dakkin’s many initiatives for KACST.This has remained a consistent theme for themever since.Above, the KACST Strategic Technologies ProgramSummariesDakkin was commissioned by KACST to create thisboxed set of 12 reports, each relating to one of theKingdom’s strategic priorities. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 51
  52. 52. BTL kacst“The Story Behind The Numbers” brochure wasconceived, designed, researched and written byDakkin in Arabic and English versions, in associationwith the KACST advertising and media committee.The brochure was subsequently developed into awide variety of applications and creative formats,and the work received recognition on a number ofoccasions. Much of the photography was also takenby the Dakkin team. 100 27 million people 12 saudi satellites 800 thousand thousand times thinner than a human hair cubic meters Nanotechnology Biotechnology Space & Aeronautics Technology Water One nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter – roughly 100,000 Home to a population of almost 27 million people, Saudi Arabia 12 Saudi satellites have been launched to date, from the The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has over 18% of the world’s times thinner than a human Hair. The term “Nanotechnology” has the highest population growth rate in the world at 2.9%. Baikonur site in Kazakhstan, primarily for communications and desalination capacity. Over 2,500 miles of pipes carry 70% of specifically defines the field of science that studies and This rapid growth brings along many challenges. Biotechnology remote sensing purposes. This is only a part of the Kingdom’s our fresh water from the many other large desalination plants manipulates the properties of materials at a scale of less than can assist us in important areas including healthcare through success in the international space & aeronautics sector, which is in Saudi Arabia. Behind these numbers lies the fact that Saudi 100 nanometers. KACST collaborates and forms partnerships medical research, feeding our population through agricultural one of accelerating technological advancement and increasing Arabia has an ever-increasing thirst for fresh water. KACST has with many of the world’s best known names in nanotechnology research, and protecting our environment & ecology through competition. One of our many projects was to design and build achieved many successes in the field of water technology. including IBM Research, Intel and Synopsis Inc. For example, The environmental research. An example of KACST’s involvement a new and flexible system to control the power that operates One example is the special desalination membrane material work of KACST and IBM will concentrate on seeking innovations is the Date Palm Genome Project, carried out in collaboration satellites, including its distribution to their components and developed in collaboration with computer giant IBM, as well as at the molecular scale to resolve crucial energy and sustainability with the Beijing Institute for Genomics (BIG), under the Chinese parts. The electronic chips that are required for this were Tokyo-based Central Glass. issues. Academy of Sciences. This is viewed as a landmark mission developed and tested in experimental operations. between Chinese and Saudi scientists. of rollups from “The Story Behind TheNumbers” Integrated Communications Solutions  | 52
  53. 53. BTL kacstDakkin created the “You” Public AwarenessCampaign, promoting Science and Technology,which was the first of its kind. The Campaigncelebrated the contribution of historic MuslimScientists and Scholars to mankind’s Science andquality of life. This desktop Calendar, and special padof twelve months’ bookmark calendars (Right), areexamples of the many collaterals produced for thecampaign.Examples of rollups from the “You” campaign Integrated Communications Solutions  | 53
  54. 54. BTL king abdullah financial districtThe first corporate brochurefor King Abdullah FinancialDistrict (KAFD) wasdesigned, produced andwritten by Dakkin.Special color and effects aswell as the use of calc, waterbased ink, and duotonecolors gave a uniquelyprestigious look and feel. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 54
  55. 55. BTL bilda mallDakkin has designed andproduced the first Bildacorporate communicationpackage, including itswebsite and corporatebrochure, with an attacheddocumentary film.This unconventionalpackage used a visualcommunication conceptpresenting Bilda messagesin a unique style.The copywriting for thewhole package was writtenby the Dakkin team. Bilda Corporate Brochure Integrated Communications Solutions  | 55
  56. 56. BTL alsalam aircraft co.“Get More”Dakkin designed and produced this conceptualcommunication package for Al Salam AircraftCo, which was first presented in the 2007 DubaiAirshow.The complete, comprehensive suite of materials,which included press ads, brochures, flyers, folders,CD labels & covers, as well as calendars, helpedAlsalam to stand out from competitors at the show.the company’s participation in the airshow provedhighly successful, thanks in part to their professionalmarketing and advertising materials.The Alsalam desktop calendar The ‘Get More’ marketing package Integrated Communications Solutions  | 56
  57. 57. BTL alsalam aircraft co.Dakkin created this latestcorporate brochure forAlsalam, with the theme of“Aligned with Excellence”.Alsalam prides itself on itshigh level of professionalism,care, safety and accuracy,with excellence being at theheart of everything that thecompany does. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 57
  58. 58. BTL alsalam aircraft co.Dakkin created this brochureto highlight the expertiseand capabilities of Alsalamin VIP aircraft interiordesign, refurbishment andcompletions.The different titles, on eachof the pages, are written inthree words that commencewith the letters V, I & P.Examples include: VeryImpressive Planes, ValuedInternational Partners andVital Inspection Process.The brochure was first usedduring the 2011 DubaiAirshow. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 58
  59. 59. BTL riyadh chamber of commerceThe first bilingual corporateprofile for the RiyadhChamber of Commerce wascreated by Dakkin.The outstanding layout withthe unique metallic specialcolor along with the specialgraphical effects gave thisprofile its prestigious look& feel. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 59
  60. 60. BTL center of excellence (coc)Dakkin created thiscorporate brochure forthe Riyadh Chamber ofCommerce “Center ofExcellence”. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 60
  61. 61. BTL al habib projectsThe Al Habib ProjectsMarketing Kit designed byDakkin. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 61
  62. 62. BTL al moosa hospitalThe Al Moosa HospitalBrochure was created byDakkin to highlight thehospital’s different areasof expertise, strengths andfacilities. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 62
  63. 63. BTL al jasriahThis corporate kit forAl Jasriah, including afolder, brochure andrange of insert flyers, wasdesigned by Dakkin withhigh production values toreflect the character of thecompany. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 63
  64. 64. BTL sagiaDakkin designed and produced this speciallypackaged set of 13 Regional economic reportscovering the various regions of the Kingdom.A outstanding thirteen color palette was created,where each region had its own fingerprint color.The whole theme stands out in its consistency anduniqueness.Dakkin created thisprestigious ‘Kingdom ofEnergy’ package for theSAGIA Governor on hisvisit to Darfur.The turnaround timefor delivery was onlyfive days. Dakkin andSAGIA teams workedhard together, andsuccessfully met thedeadline. SAGIA ‘Kingdom of Energy’ SAGIA 2007 Regional Economic Reports Integrated Communications Solutions  | 64
  65. 65. BTL sagiaDakkin designed andproduced this BTLcollaterals package for the“Healthcare InvestmentOpportunities” 2007 DubaiConvention, with the appledesign rippling out fromthe Kingdom. The conceptis based on the well knownsaying that “an apple a daykeeps the doctor away”. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 65
  66. 66. BTL dar al arkan - al qasserAl Qasar is a project of the real estate developer DarAl-Arkan. Dakkin created this Al Qasar brochure, aswell as the Al Qasar identity, which was designed toreflect the style of the development. The column-like visual within the logo emblem is inspired bysome of the project’s architecture. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 66
  67. 67. BTL al tamimiThis corporate brochurewas designed by Dakkin forTamimi Tents. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 67
  68. 68. BTL naseejThe state-of-the-art designalong with the specialteaser revealer productionlent a dynamic, excitinglook and feel for thiscorporate brochure. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 68
  69. 69. BTL al mashtal cityThe Al Mashtal City realestate project corporatebrochure created by Dakkin. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 69
  70. 70. BTL sataDakkin created a wide range of BTL collaterals forthe Saudi Automobile & Touring Association (SATA)including brochures, newsletters, calendars andmuch more. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 70
  71. 71. BTL sata rallyThe SATA Rally brochure, and all of the other RallyBTL materials were created by Dakkin.Above, the SATA Rallypromotional flyer. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 71
  72. 72. ‫‪BTL‬‬ ‫‪sata rally‬‬ ‫ت�أجري‬ ‫‪saTa Rally FoR aUToMoBIlEs aND MoToRBIKEs‬‬ ‫تباع التذاكر هنا‬ ‫‪TICKETs avaIlaBlE HERE‬‬ ‫دراج�ت ن�رية‬ ‫‪The Challenge‬‬ ‫‪is Coming‬‬ ‫.‪They can run but they can’t hide‬‬ ‫‪MOTOR SHOW‬‬ ‫الراعي الرئيسي‬ ‫‪ATV‬‬‫الفرق المتعاونة‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي البالتيني‬ ‫الشريك اإلعالمي‬ ‫الراعي الذهبي‬ ‫الراعي البالتيني‬ ‫تحت إشراف:‬ ‫تنظيم:‬ ‫بالتعاون مع‬ ‫‪DesigneD by‬‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي‬ ‫‪Rally CRoss‬‬ ‫‪Rally Cross - sand Drag - Motor show‬‬ ‫‪6th & 7th January‬‬ ‫�ضارك يف احلدث الأول من نوعه مبنطقة الريا�ض (حمافظة �ضرما - منتجع‬ ‫�ضفاري)، وا�ضتمتع باأجمل الفعاليات الريا�ضية والجتماعية والرتفيهية‬ ‫املتنوعة يف ج ٍّو من املناف�ضة والتحدي والـمرح .. يوم اخلميـ�ض خم�ض�ض‬ ‫لالأفراد، واجلمعة للعائالت.‬ ‫‪Participate in the first event of its kind in Riyadh. Enjoy the most exciting‬‬ ‫‪sport and social activities in an atmosphere of competition, challenge and‬‬ ‫.‪fun. Thursday is for individuals and Friday is reserved for families‬‬ ‫‪saudi automobile & Touring association‬‬ ‫‪Tel: 01 - 4763131 ext. 8112 | Fax: 01 - 4762424 | Toll Free: 800 124 1002 |‬‬ ‫الشريك اإلعالمي‬ ‫الراعي البالتيني‬ ‫الراعي الرئيسي‬ ‫تحت إشراف:‬ ‫تنـظـيـــم:‬ ‫اأحد فروع‬ ‫ع�ضو الحتاد الدويل لل�ضيارات منذ عام 2891م‬ ‫الشريك اإلعالمي‬ ‫الراعي البالتيني‬ ‫الراعي الرئيسي‬ ‫تحت إشراف:‬ ‫تنظيم:‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي البالتيني‬ ‫الراعي الذهبي‬ ‫بالتعاون مع‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي‬ ‫الراعي اإلعالمي البالتيني‬ ‫الراعي الذهبي‬ ‫بالتعاون مع‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫‪Integrated Communications Solutions  |‬‬ ‫27‬
  73. 73. BTL vivienda hotelThe Vivienda Hotel Villascorporate identity wasdesigned by Dakkin toreflect the unique andelegant character ofVivienda, as a one-of-a-kindboutique hotel in Riyadh.Dakkin Designed all ofthe collaterals for thehotel, as well as their pressadvertising. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 73
  74. 74. BTL kimma coneDakkin designed thiscolorful corporate brochurefor Kimma Cone, a leadinglocal manufacturer of icecream cones. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 74
  75. 75. BTL al aghar equestrian clubDakkin designed this Al Aghar Equestrian Clubbrochure after creating their new corporate identity. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 75
  76. 76. BTL subwayThis banner advertising andpromotion poster, createdfor subway, used tasteappeal and value for moneyto capture the attention ofthe public. Banners Promotional poster Integrated Communications Solutions  | 76
  77. 77. our work print advertising Integrated Communications Solutions  | 77
  78. 78. Be Confident WHERE EVERY ALSALAM AIRCRAFT COMPANY State-of-the-art facilities and a highly qualified and CONCEPT MATTERS skilled workforce make Alsalam a leading provider of civil and military aircraft maintenance services that include: Maintenance, repair, overhaul and modifications; Avionics and communication system upgrades; VIP interior design, refurbishment and completions; Technical support services Imagine the value of launching the most creative concept that captures the eyes, and holds the attention of your audience. To cut through the media ‘clutter’ you need to communicate your message instantly and clearly. The most effective way is through strong and relevant creative ideas that evoke people’s emotions. King Khaled International Airport, Industrial Park P.O. Box 8012, Riyadh 11482 Tel.: +966 1 2203966 Fax: +966 1 2203973 For more information contact or visit our website at When maximizing the value of your media matters, your agency counts. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 78
  79. 79. print advertising sasco“Experience, Strength,Leadership”.This nationwide Teaser& Revealer Campaignlaunched a new standardof gas station services inthe Kingdom. SASCO’simage was completelychanged, and their offeringwas entirely upgraded.The original date palmtree logo was transformedto become a palm leaf inabstract. The leaf was thenused in representing Paragliders, forming the shapeof a complete palm tree,descending from above todecorate and beautify ourland. Integrated Communications Solutions  | 79