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Newspaper rhino


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Newspaper rhino

  1. 1. 29 August 2012 ISSUES NO 100. SU MA T RA N RHIN O SUMATRAN RHINO’S HABITAT Background Info Malaysia’s forest are home to different Do you ever wonder why rhinos are Some organization such as AZA kinds of flora and fauna. But that’s becoming less and why it decreases (American Zoo and Aquarium nothing compared to an exotic grey everyday? Well one of the main reason Association) provides research promote leathered animal, The Sumatran Rhino. for it to happen is because of us. How? wildlife education and habitat The sumatran rhino is a small hairy Well look at the amount of trees are conservation in the species native animal of which is becoming more being cut down. When forests are being countries. These types of organization extinct. In this article we will guide you deforest, the plants and animals that live conserve forests and help to prevent through this magnificent animal has inside it will be destroyed, and some humans from cutting the trees down. being driven to extinction. species are being at risk of being made extinct. SON AND MOTHER RHINO LOOKING FOR SHELTER
  2. 2. All to know about Sumatran Rhino: Sumatran Rhino is well We should take actionsknown in South East Asia. Its habitat towards this animals because I TS HAB I TATis dense mountain forest of Rhino’s had lived with us for moreMalaysia. Sumatran Rhino usually live than million years! Stealing itsin the Peninsular Malaysia. Sumatran natural habitat can be disastrousRhino’s live in isolated areas around since it can give a big impact on thethe the dense of mountain forests animals everyday life.of Malaysia, Indonesia, and also HOW ARE THEYMyanmar, but its mostly around ENDANGERED?South East Asia. Its really hard to survive in DENSE JUNGL E Sumatran Rhino’s feeds on the wild jungle full of other animals.twigs, leaves, fruits etc with an Its not their fault they areaverage consumption up to 50 kg a endangered but its our fault insteadday! The Sumatran Rhino eats because we are the one who alwaysbefore dawn and after dusk and it take their shelter away due to rapidmoves during night time. However increasing population. Humanit relaxes in mud wallows and nowadays cut around 3- 6 billionponds. These muds usually is trees each year (2005). The maincreated by other animals with problem in the world right now issurrounding of 10- 35 meters. The deforestation. This problem has RHINO WITH MUDSumatran Rhino’s consider a lot of always led to another biggerspace 13-14 animals per square problem. Without the trees thekilometers. While home ranges of Rhinos won’t have shelter andan adult males average is around 30 without shelter they can’t survive insquare kilometers. Female have a open space. They need treesslightly smaller ranges, with an because they eat them due to theiraverage size is 10- 15 square main diets. Some Rhinos are kept inkilometers. the zoos, they rarely breed. In 2001, The Sumatran Rhino needs a calf born was recorded to be the RHINOS WAL LOWfood, big space, and also jungle first Sumatran Rhino born in thebecause they always wonder around United States and the first in overto find food, shelters etc. Some 100 years!organization are working on 5 yearsproject by protecting the rhino’snatural habitat.FACTS: ONLY FEWER THAN400 SUMATRAN RHINOS S IZE LIFEARE THOUGHT TO EXIST.
  3. 3. Viewpoints?National Perspective: - Global Perspective: The Future- How does this affect -How does it affect the - What might happen inMalaysia? world? the Future? - Offering possibilities Losing Sumatran Rhinos are known mostly for the Future.Rhino’s is also like losing e ve r y w h e re a ro u n d t h etourist attraction (money). Its w o r l d . I t o n c e r o a m e d            The American Zoolike a choice for the Europe, Asia, and Africa and and Aquarium Associationgovernment for them either w e r e k n o w n b y e a r l y (AZA) administers theto loose Rhino or gain more Europeans who depicted them program. Individuals frompalm oil. This change can in cave paintings.In the olden captive populations can bechange other countries days,   rhinos were distributed reintroduced to the wild inopinion towards Malaysia such in African Savannas and the appreciate Malaysia is a bad country tropical forests of Asia. Zoos and aquariums alsofor not saving the Rhinos provide research and promotepopulation. This can tweak a Today, very few rhinos can be wildlife education and habitatcountry’s opinion towards found outside national parks conservation in the speciesMalaysia and other countries and reserves. Rhinos has been native countries. How can wemight also stop trading with threatened due to their solve these problems? WithMalaysia because of only one horns, habitat loss, and human more money, and not only safeproblem. That one problem population. As the human or protect the Rhino butcan lead to  a bigger problem population increases, the more produce more Rhino.which is DEFORESTATION. forests has been cleared andDeforestation is the main this result in deforestation. Everything is actually inproblem in nowadays world so W W F i s w o r k i n g t o our own hands, we need toits kind of hard to save the strengthen place in African and take our act and do actionsRhino’s life since the demand Asia. One of the only ways to before its too late. We doof lands is increasing due to prevent rhino from extinction anything such as protest, stoprapid increasing human is to stop illegal trade of rhino the palm oil plantation andpopulation. horns. more. We have to do this otherwise no one else will Personal Perspective take the action towards the Rhino’s. We can make zoo and -What do i think reproduce them or take care My opinion is, we should stop of them. We can preserve a killing black rhino because the forest at least 100 hectars for animal is going to extinct. the the Rhino’s to move around body parts are useful, but we freely and reproduce. can still get it when their population has reach the not danger path.
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