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Rules and regulation


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Rules and regulation

  1. 1. RULES AND REGULATIONS OF PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS OF SPORTS GALA 2012 All computation shall be conduct under the H.E.C/National Rules and Regulations further regulations decided by the technical committee of Sports Gala 2012 is as followed.1. Following events are included for men and women. 100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 4x100 Relay, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw2. 1500 Meter is only for men.3. An athlete can only take part in 2 track events and 1 field event or two fields and one track event. 4x100 meter relay is exceptional.4. Scoring system for best athletic is as follow: Position Points 1st 5 2nd 3 3rd 1 In case of tie at 1st position would be solved as per rule. Tie at another position would be shared and next position would be omitted pointes of both positions equally divided in tie position.5. Points for relay position are double but not calculated for best athlete.6. Scoring for over all ranking same as best athlete but points of 4x100 meter relay race are included.7. Description of any other rule and situation would be made by technical committee of Sports Gala.8. Protest can be registered within 40mintes after the compilation time of event.9. The decision of jury of appeal will be final in case of protest.