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Future of medical and biomedical field


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A pathway of a medical student

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Future of medical and biomedical field

  1. 1. Future of Medical and Biomedical Field Garishah, FM A guide for you who are interested in both…Picture belongs to Bio-medical
  2. 2. Definition of Biomedical• Strictly speaking, biomedical science is the application of biology-based science to medical use, be it research, health monitoring or treatment
  3. 3. Biomedical Science Branches…
  4. 4. Future of a medical student…Or can be BOTH options…
  5. 5. Scientist Pathway
  6. 6. Clinical Pathway• Primary Care Medical Doctor (MD/dr.) or Family Medicine Practitioner or General Practitioner (GP)• Clinical Specialists• Clinical Subspecialists
  7. 7. Clinical Specialists through residency
  8. 8. Subspecialists through fellowship• Internal Medicine – Allergology Immunology – Gastroenterohepatology – Rheumatology – Oncology Hematology – Endocrinology – Infectious Diseases• Obstetrics Gynecology – Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology – Oncologic Gynecology
  9. 9. And now…• Choose your destiny, make priority, and let’s life takes you there…