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Netvibes crib sheet

  1. 1. Netvibes Crib Sheet<br />Netvibes is one of several web dashboards/landing pages that can be used amongst other things to simplify use of RSS for end users. They therefore provide a route for a library services to exploit RSS effectively.<br />Netvibes offers public and private startpages, today the focus is public pages.<br />Sign In<br />Sign in to the Netvibes account detailed on the card on your table.<br />Creating a Public Page<br />As a result of time pressures for this conference we’ve already set up public pages for the accounts set up for this workshop. However this part of the crib sheet will explain what we’ve done so you can recreate it should you want to.<br /><ul><li>Activate Public Page</li></ul>Click on Dashboard<br />This will allow you to click on the Activate my public page option.<br /><ul><li>Determine Page Status</li></ul>This sets up the page, we’ve chosen to set the profile to Pro (the corporate option). <br />We’ve left the address as the username for your table but you can change the name of your public page to whatever suits you.<br />We’ve also chosen not to upload our public picture because we don’t plan on displaying it!<br />In terms of title and tags we’ve kept it simple and not added a description.<br /><ul><li>The Look of the Page</li></ul>This then allows us to view and adapt our public page by selecting it from Dashboard.<br />The native public page is Olive Drab in colour and details the personal details about our account we’ve chosen to delete this widget.<br />Using the Settings Menu we’ve replaced the theme by searching for NHS Blue 2, a much prettier option!<br />Adding Content<br />Now to add some content! Content is added either as a Widget or alternatively as RSS feeds.<br /><ul><li>Widgets</li></ul>To add content simply click on the Add Content tab.<br />This then displays our options.<br />We can browse widgets or choose from Essential widgets<br />As a demonstration of widgets we’ve already used the Twitter widget with the Fade Library Twitter Account once we’ve clicked add it is placed on the page where we can drag it to the location of our choice.<br />We now just need to configure it by clicking on edit and adding account details.<br />Once we’ve done this the Twitter Feed is added to the page add we’ve got some content!Have a play and see what you can add! <br /><ul><li>Adding RSS Feeds</li></ul>Adding a feed is simple just click on Add a Feed, add in the feed details and then add the feed to your page, dragging it to the location you want it to display.<br /><ul><li>Changing Layout</li></ul>You can change the layout of a tab by clicking on edit and selecting the layout that suits you.<br />To add new tabs just click on the New Tab option<br />