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Diigo cribsheet


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Diigo cribsheet

  1. 1. Diigo Cribsheet<br />Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to tag webpages, news stories, utilising your own controlled vocabulary. Each tag generates it’s own RSS feed meaning that this form of social bookmarking allows you to create highly targeted pieces of current awareness with multiple entry points for a variety of audiences.<br />Diigo works most effectively when it’s toolbar is installed on your browser but will operate simply with a bookmarklet too.<br /><ul><li>Creating the Description</li></ul>Descriptions are simply created by selecting the bit of text you want from a site or web page and clicking on either the Bookmark button in the Diigo toolbar or Diigolet bookmarklet in your favourites toolbar. <br /> Diigo Toolbar Bookmark Button Diigolet favourite in browser toolbarYou can amend the description, changing wording etc. As required.<br /><ul><li>Tagging</li></ul>A brief form will be displayed in which you can apply tags, once you start generating tags, tags previously used will be displayed as you type the first few letters ensuring your tags remain consistent. Tags are space separated but speech marks enable multiple term tags.<br /><ul><li>Additional Features</li></ul>Private – you can keep a bookmark private by selecting this option<br />Unread – items can be marked as unread <br />Snapshot – archives a copy of the page as you saw it.<br />Twitter – this allows you to add a bookmark to your Twitter account.<br /><ul><li>Diigo and RSS</li></ul>Each tag generates it’s own RSS feed below we can see the list of tags generated after two BBC Health News stories have been recorded and already we can see 11 RSS feeds generating narrow band precise RSS.<br />These can be fed as current awareness in a variety of means direct to users.<br />