Bidding And Buying On EBay: Bonus Or Bogus?


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Bidding And Buying On EBay: Bonus Or Bogus?

  1. 1. Bidding And Buying On EBay: Bonus Or Bogus?
  2. 2. Youre undoubtedly heard about people getting great deals on items they bought through eBay. If youre a bitenvious and ready to try your hand, heres your chance to learn more.
  3. 3. Exactly What Is An eBay?
  4. 4. Its an online auction website, in fact the biggest one in the world. You know how an auction works -- someoneputs up something they want to sell and then buyers come along and place bids on it. The highest bid wins the item.
  5. 5. Being an online auction makes eBay a bit different, though. eBay accepts almost any item, nomatter how small, and will then advertise it on their sites all over the world.
  6. 6. How Does Bidding On eBay Work?
  7. 7. Bidding on eBay is a little more complex than a normalauction. On eBay, you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item, and then eBay places the bidson your behalf. You could enter a maximum bid of $100 for something, and end up paying only $25, if that was sufficient to win.
  8. 8. The best introduction to eBay is to dive in and give it a try.First, you need to go to the eBay website for your country. If you dont know the address, just go to www.ebay.comand you will find it. Once you have the front page of your countrys website, you should see a big box marked "esearch." Just type into the box anything that youd like to buy.
  9. 9. When you enter an item, say an opal ring, the websitegives you a list of opal rings for sale, along with how muchpeople are currently bidding for them, and the time when bidding ends for that item. Click on each of the listed items, and you can read the description. If you find an item you want, and are willing to pay more than the current highest bidder, then its time to enter the fray.
  10. 10. How Can I Buy What I Want?
  11. 11. On the items description page, scroll down to the bottomand type the maximum you are willing to pay into the box. Then click the "eplace bid" button. At this point you will need to sign in, or go through a quick registration process if you are new.
  12. 12. eBay will let you know if someone elses maximum bid on that item is higher than yours, and youll have an opportunity to change your bid. Otherwise, youre nowthe new highest bidder! You can sit back and wait until the end of the auction. Meanwhile, if someone else outbidsyou, eBay will notify you by email, and you can revise your bid.
  13. 13. Sounds like a fun shopping experience, doesnt it? Well, if youre ready, its time to jump into the eBay.
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