The Pricing for Standard Calculators      The invention of the calculator changed the life of the people in the second hal...
projects, which are still usable in today.    Actually many modern calculators aredescended from the early programmable ca...
Most of the websites are not charging anything for their use. Another benefit is thatthey are interactive with one’s compu...
The variety of products that are available in the internet has led others to look for aquick guide on how to use the onlin...
Standard Calculators                          used        in      MeasurementTechnology Methods      Standard calculators ...
instrumentation, imaging techniques, nuclear instrumentation and many other measurablesystems in chemistry, physics, biolo...
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Standard calculator


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Hi, my name is Ben Ten living in North America. I am a student of Bachelors Part – II. I interested in Technology and I prefer to search for information about calculator. I want to have some necessary knowledge about calculator. I especially draw my attention in Standard calculator. I introduce my website, which contain the useful information about Standard calculator and some another Calculators. There are also some pictures of calculator. I hope that, they will provide to you useful knowledge about Technology in general and Standard calculator in particular.

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Standard calculator

  1. 1. The Pricing for Standard Calculators The invention of the calculator changed the life of the people in the second half ofthe twentieth century. Invented in the 1960’s, it has been improved its usability and massproduced in the 1970’s at expensive process until it became an ordinary gadget in the80’s, costing only a few dollars per unit. Today, the regular calculator is more common asa gift item especially the thin card type used by salesmen or business executives. Thepricing of standard calculators is rather difficult to peg since the definition of a standardcalculator will vary according to many perspectives. The main classification of thestandard calculators will be the function for which they are intended. In the beginning of the history of calculators, there were only two classifications,the regular calculator, capable of computing simple arithmetic calculations and thescientific which can compute logarithms, sine, cosine and other algebraic functions.Scientific calculators were a big help to students, especially the engineering students. Theprices of calculators have gone down because there so many companies capable of massproducing them and the over supply has led to the drastic reduction of prices. Because ofthis, many companies closed shop as the production of hand held calculators was nolonger a profitable business enterprise. Of the original types of calculators, only the small desktop calculators continue tobe produced today. For the other handheld calculators, only the cheaper affordable onesare in production and the high quality hand held calculators with established brandsremain in the market. The ordinary small desktop calculators remain because these arequite usable in all offices and at home. Most offices still uses desktop calculators forconvenience and easy access for quick computation jobs. The pricing of standard calculators can be determined according to their function.The standard hand held, and the desktop are the regular ones and can range at very lowprices of less than $20. The scientific calculators are of course a little more expensive.The prices of calculators continue to be affected because most desktop and laptopcomputers already have built-in calculator programs in their systems. There are alsoonline calculators in many websites in the internet. Therefore, the calculators cannotcommand good prices unless they are built for some specific and specialized function. Nowadays, there are business calculators that compute money and bond valuation,cash flow analysis, time-value of money calculations, amortizations, calculated monthlyinstallments and many other functions used in business. Some are new models of theolder generation calculators like those ones used for construction and engineering
  2. 2. projects, which are still usable in today. Actually many modern calculators aredescended from the early programmable calculators that evolved into specialized units. As they are programmable, they can be applied to almost any where there is needfor calculations. They are used in schools as students’ learning tools in calculus, math andstatistics. In scientific studies, they are used in analyzing data from PH gauges, electronicthermometers, weather instruments accelerometers, sound and light meters and may otherscientific gadgets where they can be attached as data logger. Some are used like PersonalData Assistants since they can store, calculate and analyze business data. These moderncalculators are normally priced within the range of $100 – $200 while others with lesserfunctional capacities follow the pricing of standard computers ranging fro $5 to $90depending upon the brand and their usage. The Benefits of Online Standard Calculators The prices of calculators at present range from $5 – $90 depending on their brandand their functionality. These can be confirmed in the internet by taking a quick look atthe prices of the new calculators sold in the market. It can be noticed that some arepriced at $100 up to $200. These are the ones produced by known manufacturers and areprogrammable and can be made to calculate specialized mathematical formulas forvarious applications. The various kinds of calculators for sale in the today’s market is not at all surprisingsince there are many people who require that handheld calculators be conveniently withineasy reach wherever they go. For a businessman, the calculator is a very handy toolwhile on the road or traveling away from his base of operations. Many prefer to bringalong a laptop computer while out of their residences. This is true to students, salesman,executives and others with similar preferences. Most use the internet where the benefitsof online standard calculators are being offered for their use. There are many websites that offer the use of calculators which can be downloadedand the program used interactively with the computer keyboard. Some can even be usedwhile actively online without downloading the software program of the computer. Manyare using these computers for various reasons. The benefits of online standard calculatorsare varied and may be availed of by those interested to use them. The main benefit is thatthey are free.
  3. 3. Most of the websites are not charging anything for their use. Another benefit is thatthey are interactive with one’s computer and therefore can be used anywhere there arecomputers in use. Those in the habit of bringing along their laptop computers do not haveto bring along a calculator since the online calculator can be used anytime through thelaptop. The online calculator is interactive with the computer and can be easily operatedthrough the computer keyboard. The online calculators that can be used are varied and websites offer for free manykinds that can be used in different applications. There is a free calculator that can replacethe standard windows calculator with printer options and with some function that cancompute loan interests and loan maturity calculations. For those who have some visualdifficulties, there is a calculator that cam display on the computer exceptionally largedisplay numbers and large keypads for ease in using the calculator. The online calculator that has many conversion functions is a good one and shouldbe downloaded for possible continuous use in the future. It has conversion rates forcurrencies, measurement conversions, time zone conversions, and in 50 other categoriesthat make it ideal for students and businessmen. There are those that can performmultiple tasks that can be placed on open windows on the computer monitor where basicnumerical calculations and tax computations may be simultaneously done. If one has a Smartphone, he can download a program similar to Windows Mobile5.0 and use it on the Smartphone. In the other online calculators, there is a function forcomputing interest and future money values which may be a convenience for accountantsand bookkeepers. These are some of the benefits of online standard calculators that areavailable in the internet if one can find the time to search for them. A Quick Guide on How to Use Online StandardCalculators Effectively Standard calculators are offered free in the internet for everybody and can beaccesses or downloaded at anytime. Those who have need for calculators should takeadvantage of this privilege given by many websites in the internet. Why they are offeredfor free is not really a puzzle, the websites are actually giving service to the online usersand at the same time assessing what other services they may be able to offer to them. Thisfree service is the best way to access the requirements of the clients and should theopportunity presents itself, be able to offer products to the clients at a profit in the future.
  4. 4. The variety of products that are available in the internet has led others to look for aquick guide on how to use the online standard calculators effectively. Some tips shouldbe of some help when assessing or contemplating the use of these products. Some ofonline calculators may have new features included in their program. It is best to study orat least go through the user’s guide that usually comes with a new program. Most ofthese online calculators can replace the default or on-board calculator in a computersystem. In other words, once the online computer is downloaded for use, it is very likelythat the old calculator program in the computer is no longer needed. Use the onlinecomputer often or at all the times when a calculator is needed. This is to familiarizeoneself with the operations of the new online calculator especially if it has new additionalfeatures in them. Some online calculators have printing options where the calculations or their resultsmay be printed. Knowing the printing process is advantageous and trial printing shouldbe done to find out the extent of the new features being provided. This is true not only onprinting features but also to other features that are offered by the online calculators in theinternet. All the features that are supposed to be included in the software package of anew calculator should be tried to make sure they are not just tales but real programs thatcan be tried and tested. This is another tip for a quick guide on how to use onlinestandard calculators effectively. Depending on one’s requirement, the online calculator may a regular or scientificcalculator. If one is an engineer, an engineering student, a construction contractor or onewho has constant need for complex computations, he must choose a scientific calculatorfrom any of the online scientific calculators offered in the internet. Salesmen,housewives, non-engineering students who only require simple arithmetical computationcan use the standard non-scientific calculator. This will lessen the possibility of makingerrors in using a scientific calculator which might have a different mode of operations. A quick guide on how to use online calculators effectively would recommend thatone should look for the type of additional features that one need when using an onlinecalculator. If one is who constantly on a diet watch and conscious of maintaining one’sideal weight, he might download the calculator with Body Mass Index (BMI) feature thatcan calculates the health condition one’s body in terms of fat and muscle content. Thereare many other features in the internet offered together with the online calculator.
  5. 5. Standard Calculators used in MeasurementTechnology Methods Standard calculators used in measurement technology methods are not standard inthe sense that they are ordinary like the regular or scientific calculator. They are standardin the sense that they are programmable and can be used to compute any calculations thatare required by modern measurement technology. The standard calculators referred tomaybe graphic calculators that can calculate any numerical computation whenprogrammed to compute such calculations. These calculators can plot graphs,simultaneously solve numerical equations, and help create programs for scientific andengineering applications. The recent ones are capable of color output, animation, and interactive graphicrepresentations in 2D or 3D format. These calculators are now the standard calculatorsused in universities, companies, private and government agencies, where programmingare being done by students, professors, scientists, business analysts, statisticians, andscientists in various fields of study. The various manufacturers of these calculators keepin touch with these applied and pure research organizations to find out how they can be ofbetter service to these institutions. With regards to measurement technology methods, most are already establishedprocesses developed by scientists and accessible through the use of modern graphiccalculators. As a matter of fact, graphic calculators are crucial to measurementtechnology development. Most researchers and scientists rely on these calculators forquick verification of their theories and confirmation of computations made by outsidecollaborating agencies. For better efficiency, these calculators are often connected to computers through acable or IrDA transceiver for inter-exchange data and programs. Some graphic calculatorshave capacities to compile spreadsheets that integrate with computer programs likeMicrosoft Excel and other computer programs. The technology employed in the latestcalculators released in the market is quite advanced and many have been anticipatingmore models to be released in the market, so they can be used for research work. Many Measurement systems are undergoing improvement or being lined up for newmeasuring methods. Many systems like time measurement methods are almost perfectlyestablished and they are not expected to change soon. The more urgent measurementtechnologies being focused on are sensors and sensor applications, systems for biologicaland chemical measurements, signal processing techniques, spectroscopy, biomedical
  6. 6. instrumentation, imaging techniques, nuclear instrumentation and many other measurablesystems in chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and environmental life processes. The standard calculators used in measurement technology methods are the topcalculators being sold and used in the market today. Every announcement of a newcalculator released in the market is closely monitored by many people involved in thediscovery of new measurement devices or the improvement of already existing ones.They know and appreciate the value of these calculators that are the very tools used intheir profession. The question always asked is to which of the standard calculators used inmeasurement technology are the best in the field today. The question may be difficult toanswer immediately from the commercial point of view. It may be approached by justdeclaring what the market or the users expect from the graphic calculators currently inuse. The student users look for durability and ease of use. Scientists and researchers aremore technically oriented and look for higher ROM and RAM memory capacities, thescreen resolution and input methods used. The more prudent users always look at thereliability of the company and the warranties that they offer.