Math calculator advantages and disadvantages


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Hi, my name is Ben Ten living in North America. I am a student of Bachelors Part – II. I interested in Technology and I prefer to search for information about calculator. I want to have some necessary knowledge about calculator. I especially draw my attention in Math calculator. I introduce my website, which contain the useful information about Math calculator and some another Calculators. There are also some pictures of calculator. I hope that, they will provide to you useful knowledge about Technology in general and Math calculator in particular.

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Math calculator advantages and disadvantages

  1. 1. Everyday Life with Math Calculators Everyday life with math calculators promises an accurate counting, measuring,calculating and defining life. The knowledge of using math and applying it in calculatorsis rewarding. Everyday life requires describing a position, size, level and amount. If a persondoes not know how to count, how would that person describe an amount, level, size orposition? People need to have knowledge in counting in order for them to define things inlife. Math is used in defining an amount of a pharmaceutical drug. The correct amount ofthe pharmaceutical drug delivers the right concoction for recovering health. Inaccurateamount can sometimes be fatal. Shopping for clothes needs accurate measurement ofclothing size. Correct clothing size makes it easier for the shoppers to choose what theylike to wear. Human height and human weight are also defined by correct measurement. Precisemeasure of human weight can be used to diagnose health problems. Building housesneeds knowledge on length, height, area, diameter, perimeter, width and volume. If thebuilders do not know how to measure for dimensions, the result can be catastrophic. Thehouse or building would collapse. Measuring time is important in everyday life. Theknowledge of keeping and reading time improves productivity. One calendar year rangesfrom 365 to 366 days. The knowledge of measuring an ordinary calendar year provides365 days while the knowledge of measuring a leap calendar year provides 366 days.Without the knowledge for measuring and counting, civilization will be lost. Everyday life with math calculators make it possible to measure, count and definelife in an easier and accurate manner. A student can better understand the principles ofmathematics by using a calculator. After solving for the unknown by using the longhandmethod, the student can confirm if the answer is correct by using a calculator. In thisprocess, the student learns the beauty of mathematics as well as the practicality of thecalculator. Cash registers also employ the use of calculators. Without cash registers, itwould be impossible to buy things without wasting a vast amount of time spent onwaiting in line. It is also convenient for a wise shopper to use a calculator during tight budget. Acalculator is also helpful in managing the balance of a financial plan. It would be easy tocalculate the cash spent against the remaining money. Calculators are also valuable inconverting unit of cooking measurements. A person can describe the exact amount of afood ingredient. It is the responsible of the exact amount of the food ingredient to obtaina delicious meal. Calculators are also used for acquiring the precise amount of thetemperature of the oven and the required total time. They are used for converting Fahrenheit into Celsius or Celsius into Fahrenheit. Theknowledge of time conversion is also important. Calculators can also foretell the result of
  2. 2. an interest rate and a savings account. With all the given information about thetransaction, the result can be easily calculated by using the calculator. Each day expresses a new beginning in defining life. Without proper way ofdescribing each beginning, it will be hard to measure where to start. Calculation isimportant in planning the directions of everyday life. Calculators offer the possibility ofdefining, preparing and measuring life on a daily basis accurately. Free Online Math Calculators The World Wide Web offers a huge amount of free online math calculators. Thesefree online math calculators provide calculations for determining basic math problems,solid mensuration, advanced engineering mathematics, analytic geometry points, analyticgeometry sections, analytic geometry midpoints, algebraic quartic equation, algebraicquadratic equation, algebraic cubic equation, binary number conversion, hexadecimalconversion, decimal conversion and conversion of unit of measurement. Basic math problems use the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction,multiplication and division of the free online calculators. These operations are basicallyconstructed in any free basic online calculators. The square root function is also availablein these free online calculators. Solid mensuration is the branch of math responsible for determining areas andperimeters of rhombus, square, rectangle and triangle. Free online calculators provide theanswer for areas and perimeters after inputting the given base, height, length, width orbreadth and the lengths of the diagonals. Some free online calculators show the user howthe areas and perimeters are solved by providing their formula. Free online calculators provide the addition, subtraction and multiplication ofmatrices in advanced engineering math. The numbers within the matrix are called anarray. These numbers can be readily inputted on the free online calculators when solvingfor the addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices. Free online calculators do notonly calculate the resulting matrix but these calculators also show how the matricesshould be solved. Analytic geometry points, sections and midpoints are determined by supplying thegiven coordinates of two points in a plane, sections and midpoints. These coordinates arex-coordinate and y-coordinate. Free online calculators offer to solve the roots of algebraic quartic, cubic andquadratic equations by accepting the variable of the equations. Variables are basicallynumbers. Quartic equation is an equation in which the highest power of the unknownquantity is 4. A cubic equation is one in which the highest power of the unknown quantityis 3. Quadratic equation has the value of 2 for its highest power. Conversion of binary, hexadecimal and decimal number systems is also possiblewith free online calculators. Just input the values of decimal, hexadecimal and binary
  3. 3. number systems to obtain the answer. The table for conversion codes is also available onthe free online calculators. The binary number system has only two digits, 0 and 1. It hasa base of 2. The decimal number system having a base of 10 has ten digits. The ten digitsare 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The hexadecimal has a base of 16. The 16 digits are 0, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E and F. The letters A through F are used to signify thenumbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 respectively. Free online calculators provide the conversion of unit of length and weight. TheEnglish and British system of length measurement, Nautical linear measure, Metricweight measure, Avoirdupois mass measure and Troy weight measure are all included. Free online calculators are definitely helpful in learning mathematics. They offer awide range of different calculators suitable for solving any branch of mathematics. Theformulas and tables are also included making any branch of math easier to understand.The free online calculators also provided an explanation about the branch ofmathematics. Math Calculator – Advantages and Disadvantages Math is the art of calculating, computing or counting. People in the early days canpractice the art of counting with the help of an abacus. Abacus is known to be the firstcalculator. The invention of calculators is the result of the technological advancement ofelectronic devices. Calculators originated from the principle of abacus. Using thetechnology of math calculators has its advantages and disadvantages. Calculators are common tools these days. There are handheld and onlinecalculators. Handheld and online calculators can provide calculations for basicmathematical operations, scientific calculations and conversion of one unit ofmeasurement into another unit of measurement. Some of them also provide plotting anequation into a graphical form. Basic mathematical operations involve multiplication,division, addition and subtraction. Other operations include computation for the squareroot of a number and percentage. Scientific calculations are computed with the readily available trigonometricfunctions involving sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant and cotangent. Other scientificcalculations include solving for natural logarithm, common logarithm, the constant pi andthe value of a number raised to a particular power. Conversion of unit of measurementfrom one form to another involves length and weight. Some of the calculators have thecapability of plotting an equation into a digital x and y axes. The equation can be plottedin a sinusoidal or a straight line form. The advantages of math calculators are useful to students, engineers, techniciansand experts. Calculators equip the students with a better understanding on how to solvebasic math operations, algebra, trigonometry and geometry. Calculators help them verifyif they are using the right theory and formula. These tools assist them in visualizing a
  4. 4. probable value of an unknown answer. Engineers and technicians can solve an equationeasily with readily available trigonometric functions on scientific calculators. Some of these calculators also have an included mathematical constants andconversion of unit of measurement enabling them to solve a mathematical problemeffectively and accurately. Some calculators enable experts to quickly plot a graphicalrepresentation of an equation. The plotted equation can also be zoomed in magnifyingevery points on the x and y axes. The plotted sinusoidal or straight line form of theequation can be seen separately. Although calculators tend to simplify ways of computing, they have disadvantages.The simplification of computing using calculators often neglects the knowledge on howto add, subtract, multiply and divide. People sometimes forget how to use basicmathematical operations effectively, making their calculations inaccurate. They do notknow how to extract a particular percentage of any given number. Even thoughcalculators simplify counting and computing things for them, their knowledge about mathis deteriorating. They depend too much on these devices. Calculators can provide advantages and disadvantages which is dependent on howthe people will use these tools. A disadvantage can occur if the knowledge on themathematical theories will be compromised because of too much reliance on using thesedevices. An advantage can be achieved by using the technology of the calculator bysolving problems with math constants combined with theories. Some people dislike mathbecause they find it difficult to understand. Math is a misunderstood art. If people wouldjust try to understand math, they will discover that it is not difficult to comprehend.Magnify the beauty of mathematics by using calculators. Tips on How to Use Math Calculators Effectively How to use math calculators effectively depends on the user’s knowledge about thenumbers, mathematical operations and mathematical constants printed on the calculators’buttons. The user also has to feel comfortable using the calculator. Mathematical theories are easier to understand if tackled with a pen and paper. Theformulas and theories can be easily written and organized. On the other hand, using mathcalculators is more effective in solving for an unknown quantity. Calculators shorten thedelay time in finding the solution. An understanding about the printed numbers, mathoperations and math constants on the calculator’s buttons is also crucial in using thetechnology effectively. A failure in understanding how the math operation works greatlyaffects the result of the solution. In mathematical operations, parentheses are tackledfirstly. Inside these parentheses, work on the order of priority by carrying outmultiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Whether a calculator is used or not, ifthe user fails to comply with the order of priority, the answer will always be incorrect.
  5. 5. The knowledge about the significant figures is also important because it defines thequantity of the place of accuracy. The user has to know how to configure the calculatorfor significant figures. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of negativenumbers are tricky. The user will need to know how to enter into the calculator thenegative sign correctly, or else the answer will be incorrect. A positive number multipliedby a negative number is always equal to a negative number. A negative numbermultiplied by another negative number is always equal to a positive number. A positivenumber divided by a negative number, and vice versa is always equal to a negativenumber. The addition of any large positive number with a smaller negative number isalways equal to a positive number. These theories can be verified using the calculator.Extra caution is also recommended when solving for trigonometric functions, inversetrigonometric functions and trigonometric identities. The user needs to be familiar withtheir corresponding symbols printed on the calculator’s buttons and how to use them. Mathematical constants in a calculator can be very helpful if the user can properlyrecognize them. Some of these math constants are in the form of a symbol derived fromthe Greek alphabet. The Greek letters used are in the form of small and capital letters. Itwill be easy to keep them in mind as long as the user is regularly using them in a solution.Unit of temperature conversion is also easy as long as the user knows the principle ofderiving the formula from one unit to another. Some calculators have different system ofhow to enter a number or a constant. Make sure that the variables and constants arecorrectly typed in. All calculators display a math error message or syntax error message.Math error message implies that it is impossible to calculate for the answer or that there isno available answer. Syntax error message simply means that the calculator cannotprocess the solution because it cannot read the equation. Being comfortable using the calculator is also significant on the process of using iteffectively. It promotes motivation in learning mathematics. The user can read and usethe calculator effortlessly. This improves the comprehension of math. Using the calculators effectively requires familiarity, experience andcomprehension. Familiarity with the math operations, math constants and numbers isbeneficial. The experience in using the calculators provides comprehension about themathematical theories.