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Activity Streams

  1. Activity Streams Chris Messina Learning about the Open Stack for the Social Web December 19, 2008 ☃ Digg, 135 Mississippi St, San Francisco, CA
  2. “Lifestreaming”
  3. Today • • Jaiku • Facebook newsfeed • FriendFeed • etc.
  4. The challenge • Develop a format for expressing activities • Compelling experiences from activity feeds • The zero-knowledge test • etc.
  5. FriendFeed Services
  6. The Benefits • Staying in touch across the web • An open, emergent ecosystem • Filtering, search, automation & stats • Optimal, compelling experiences with activities • Coalescing, merging, de-duping • etc.
  7. Examples
  9. sweetcron(
  10. Facebook
  11. FriendFeed
  13. Movable Type Motion
  14. Eventbox
  15. Anatomy of an activity
  16. Actor verb object [context]
  17. factoryjoe tweeted Niches Bitches! [via SMS]
  18. Actor verb object {indirect object} [context]
  19. Chris bought Planet Earth {for Brynn} [at]
  20. Activities on the Open Web
  21. I visit
  22. I decide I want to follow his activities Sign in to follow Dave!
  23. I sign in with my OpenID
  24. At my hub, I’m asked whether I want to follow Dave
  25. I say yes, and am asked which activity types I’m interested in...
  26. Dave Recordon Worst username evar. San Francisco, CA Contact details Status updates Photos Bookmarks Blogs daveman692 Six Apart Location Music Movies Slide presentations Events Travel Local reviews Books Add subscriptions Your message (optional) Hi there! We met that conference last week. I’ve subscribed to your updates on my site. -Chris Access requires permission from Dave Add contact Inspired by Jyri Engeström
  27. Should any of the selected types be protected, I will be asked whether I want to request access
  28. If yes, an OAuth request will be sent which Dave will later be able to approve, deny or ignore
  29. ...And Dave’s public activities will show up in my activities dashboard
  30. ...And if Dave approves my request, his protected activities will show up later
  31. More soon at
  32. Fin. me -›