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  1. 1. Sistema de Opinión Interactivo Interactive Opinion System
  2. 2. The 1ST Social TV Network en Español!
  3. 3. SOI TV WILL ATTRACT QUALITY SUBSCRIBERS They are the first to admit it. As the leading minority voice in the US, Latinos are opinionated. Latinos love to share their thoughts & sentiments on news, lifestyles,O PITAINMENT ® sports, and general entertainment. Opitainment® engages this desire to connectA NEW AND EMERGING GENRE. and participate with the On-Air entertainment. SOi TV captures that multi-platform audience. OF TOTAL US The Digital Age makes it more fun to watch Social TV over 89 % HISPANICS ARE CONNECTED. Traditional TV. Social Media interactivity is a reality for general markets, untapped and emerging fast among Hispanics. UP AND Well-funded Corporate support; built & run by Seasoned TV Veterans; G ROWING ! Available in 15 leading Hispanic TV markets in the USA. Our connected Hispanics are the early adapters. D IGITAL – S AVVY Remote control, Service Upgrade, Easy-Pay Billing. Consumers MULTICULTURAL HHS who understand and act on the marketing and value of your growing digital service offers.
  5. 5. And they have Opinions about everything…
  6. 6. Opitainment:Opinion + EntertainmentSOi TV is pioneering Opitainment, a newconcept of converting the Opinion of thelatino audience into entertainment, 7 daysa week.SOi TV monitors the entire process of thePublic Opinion experience from A to Z.Checks & balances are in placethroughout the process; management offeedback from the audience:
  7. 7. Opitainment works! Yes NoEngages TV Viewers. MaybeEngaged viewers Neutralare more loyal!It shows Hispanic Public Opinionon screen on real Time, 24 hours a day
  8. 8. SOi TV integrates Cross-Platform Hispanic Audiences TV Connected Digital Audience Hispanic Audience89% OFUS HISPANICS ARE CONNECTED Our target is 89% of Total Hispanics
  9. 9. Latinos are CONNECTED!
  10. 10. The Connected Hispanic
  11. 11. The Connected Hispanic
  12. 12. The Connected Hispanic
  13. 13. The Connected Hispanic
  14. 14. Multiple Interactivity levels 2nd ScreenPhase 4 Applications Screen Interactivity LayerPhase 3 TV Program InteractivityPhase 2 (Original Production) Live Opitainment SegmentsPhase 1 (National and Local) We include all connected Latinos
  15. 15. Hispanics also want to connect with TV…and now they have SOi TV!
  16. 16. Consumer Generated ContentTraditional TV Content
  17. 17. Our highly-engagedaudience creates its owncontent… which engagesthem even more.
  18. 18. More fun to watch in Soi TVTraditional TV
  19. 19. More fun to watch in Soi TVTraditional TV Traditional TV
  20. 20. Integrated TV Screen Mobile TwitterSOITV Carriers@SOITV Apple Facebook AndroidYOSOITV RIMSOITV Social YouTube Digital MarketingSOITV Google PollDaddy Web
  21. 21. Followers in 4 months (10% of Univision)
  22. 22. Unique Visitors Daily in 4 months
  23. 23. Almost likes in 4 months
  24. 24. SOI TV per inquiry & Direct Response Sales MatrixTV advertisers are already seeing the results!
  25. 25. The 1ST Social TV Network en Español!
  26. 26. And Social TV is already successfulin the US General Market!
  27. 27. Social TVBest Practices
  28. 28. Hispanics will gofrom must see TV to… must join TV!
  29. 29. 3 Million plus Hispanic HH & growing….Broadcast TV Digital Signal .3 signal, just above Telemundo 15 Top Hispanic DMA’s SOI TV IS UP & GROWING!
  30. 30. • HD & SD Option,• INTEL SAT 805
  31. 31. 24 hour programming, Premieres 12 hours daily
  32. 32. The Team cWE ARE SEASONED TV ENTERTAINMENT VETERANS25+ Years 15 - 20 Years Network Administration  Network Launch & Distribution Strategic Planning  Socio-Economic Marketing Original Productions  Multi-national Content Syndication Consumer Brand Development  Award winning journalism New Business Development
  33. 33. We are experiencedTV Content producers(5 hours of original programming daily)
  34. 34. There are enough newscasts. SOi TV brings youan OPINIONCAST (“EL OPINARIO”). In realtime, we showcase what the multiculturalspectrum of latinos are thinking, feeling on thefacts, news and trending topics.“El Opiniario” unveils the true, unscriptedsentiment of the Latino Community, in a non-intrusive, appealing interface of statistics,contrast, and graphics.
  35. 35. Opitainment SegmentsDuring commercial breaks, 3X perhour, 24X7, SOi TV airs Opitainment ®Shorts. Our anchors ask questions,promote contests, solicit the opinionof the audience and share the results.These micro-programs are at the pulseof our interactive programming;inquiries about our programs,reactions to news, issues, trendingtopics and more.
  36. 36. Guarever Tudei presents a space where experts of ANYsubject, from models and chefs,to accountants and lawyers, can share their knowledge and experiences with the audience. Every night, Whatever Tonight will surprise you with a great new guest.Guarever Tudei
  37. 37. Great PortfolioOf Acquisitions
  38. 38. Novela Juanita Román is a street singer who has the good or bad luck of meeting Alejandro Castillo. The handsome guy wants to make her a star. He bets a huge amount of money with his best friend over Juanita’s success. Alejandro takes the singer into her house, where she studies music, glamour, and everything else that will assure her success. Alejandro and Juanita fall in love.
  39. 39. The English Teacher is the story of an executive from a humble background, who thanks to his work and tenacity becomes a high ranking executive, but since he doesn t speak English, must hire a teacher, and a love story flourishes.NOVELA
  40. 40. 5 Taxi drivers make a living fighting traffic, arguing with passengers and always alert of any danger awaiting. Each taxi service is an adventureNOVELA
  41. 41. More fun to watch in Variety Talk Shows Multinational Top COMING SOON! Reality Rated Series & Specials
  42. 42. DIGITAL-SAVVY MULTICULTURAL HHSConverting the connected Hispanics that are already following SOI TV.ON-air, ONline, ON social media, ON the Go!We can compliment & promote:• SOi TV viewers can watch in HD quality through your service offer.• Drive your On Demand, Internet, value offer.• Durable marketing support to convert @SOiTV twitter followers, SoiTV fans and registered users to valued subscribers. – Exclusive electronic coupon for attractive discounts.
  43. 43. SOI TV is a great addition to your Line up UP AND GROWING Well Funded; In 15 top US Hispanic markets; Bringing Pay TV National Hispanic strategy QUALITY HISPANIC HHSC ONNECTED │M ULTICULTURAL │E NGAGED SEASONED JUDGMENT O PITAINMENT ® Run to Grow by Most exciting genre to TV & New Media Industry Experts hit the Hispanic audience. Harness the power of Social TV!
  44. 44. Sistema de Opinión Interactivo Interactive Opinion System The first Social TV Network en Espanol Progressive entertainment for the connected Latino.For more information, please contact: Camilo Bernal │ SVP Global Distribution│ t 786.497.4290 x423 │ m 786.346.4800 │