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EB5 GREEN CARD CAPITAL - EB-5 Experts - Brief


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EB5 GREEN CARD CAPITAL - EB-5 Experts - Brief

  1. 1. EB-5 Experts
  2. 2. • Division of the InterManagement Group focused in the rendering of EB-5 Services for individual investors/immigrants and project owners/developers (US-based or foreign) • Specialized in the research, analysis, selection, development and administration of EB-5 Projects, as well as the management of EB-5 Investment Funds • OperaEng through Regional Centers covering all of the United States • Independent consuting with the mission of enabling: v  Personal and Professional Life Projects, of individuals and families willing to establish permanent residency in the United States, for study, work, reErement or any other purposes v  Business Projects, in a broad range of industries and sectors, strategically financed by the EB-5 capital for the funding of new enterprises and generaEon of new US jobs
  3. 3. •  10 years of experience in Business Development and Management in Brazil, the US and Europe •  Seasoned team with dozens of associated execuEves and senior managers, with long experience ahead of businesses and organizaEons of all sizes •  ExperEse in several industries like: Retail, DistribuEon, Services, Manufacturing, Finance, Technology, Telecom, Energy, EducaEon, Security, ConstrucEon, etc. •  Proven competencies and best pracEces in all management areas, from planning to implementaEon •  Full mulE-cultural capabiliEes in internaEonal business and management InterManagement Group Business Development & Interim Management
  4. 4. Services Immigrant Investors Project Developers / Owners Consul>ng •  ClarificaEon on the EB-5 Program and its possibiliEes •  DefiniEon of prioriEes and investment strategy •  Search and analysis of investment alternaEves •  Referral and coordinaEon of specialized lawyers •  Support in evidencing the lawful source of funds •  OrganizaEon of all necessary documentaEon •  Support in the preparaEon and review of peEEon •  Follow-up through approval •  ConcepEon and structuring of EB-5 Projects •  Development of Direct EB-5 Projects •  Development of Indirect EB-5 Projects (via Regional Center) •  Development of new Regional Centers •  Investment Fund structuring Regional Center •  Investment Management (through Investment Fund) •  Interface with USCIS (ImmigraEon Service) •  Investment Fund Management •  Interface with USCIS (ImmigraEon Service) •  HosEng and sponsoring of projects •  MarkeEng / PromoEon of projects
  5. 5. One of the most flexible and convenient ways to move to the US, obtain the Green Card and eventually the ciEzenship EB-5
  6. 6. Why EB-5, par>cularly passive/indirect? •  It is an immigraEon visa, for permanent residency (Green Card) •  No need for sponsor (employer, school, ciEzen, etc) •  No need for fluency in English •  No minimum educaEon level •  No direct management responsibility •  Freedom to live anywhere in the US •  No acEvity restricEon: work, study, reErement, etc •  Up to 2 years to establish residency (own or rented home) aYer approval, which takes some months. Therefore, Eme to plan calmly
  7. 7. Why EB5 GREEN CARD CAPITAL ? •  SpecializaEon, know-how and long experience in EB-5 •  Associates and partners among the top US experts •  A complete services por[olio both for investors/immigrants and project owners/ developers •  Offices in the US (Fort Lauderdale) and Brazil (São Paulo) •  End-to-end services. Support through all steps of the processes •  DiferenEated projects, with be_er condiEons: •  For investors: less risk, shorter terms, higher returns, more simplicity and tranquility •  For project owners/developers: lower costs, faster speeds, more experEse, be_er support, less complexity
  8. 8. EB5 GREEN CARD CAPITAL counts with the most competent associates and partners, with more than 20 years of experience and parEcipaEon in almost 25% of all EB-5 projects approved in the US over 10 years.
  9. 9. EB5 GREEN CARD CAPITAL USA: +1 (954) 713-0302 500 E Broward Blvd # 1710 Fort Lauderdale FL 33394 BRAZIL: +55 11 3384-4783/4 R. Jandiatuba 630 sl. 611 São Paulo SP 05716-150