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Faces of Content Beacon Marketing Seminar: RiskMatrix


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Beacon Marketing Seminar: RiskMatrix

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Faces of Content Beacon Marketing Seminar: RiskMatrix

  1. 1. A beacon for safety & security Improved facility management Operational Solutions & Smart Technology 1 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix Frederik Winters
  2. 2. Who is RiskMatrix ? The RiskMatrix Resultants Group •is a consultancy and technology provider •has developed end-to-end operational solutions and smart technology to support service business organization in managing their operations •has experience in introducing project-based improvement into organizations through a blend of software, technology, training, consultancy and coaching 2 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  3. 3. Our value proposition: the I-BOSS platform I-BOSS = Integrated Business Organization Software Solution •is an end-to-end software platform that can support any service business organization in managing its operations •is a proven concept for process-oriented companies whose business is built around ‘People, Organizations and Locations’ •is built on a SAAS architecture •high security •high availability: 7 / 24 •mobile & web browser access 3 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  4. 4. I-BOSS Business Accelerators E-Learning • Create courses • Student registration • Student monitoring • Student scorecards Salesforce Automation • Manage Customer data • Manage Sales funnel & forecast • Manage & log activities System Linking • Link invoices to Accounting system • Link salary calculations to Payroll system/partner I-BOSS Foundation Data Model Management •Create users and organizations •Connect users to organizations •Link users to locations in organizations User & Activity Management •Create and manage users •Define access rights and roles •Secure data and access related to users, locations, tasks Data Integration Option •Data import/export •Connect to other back-end environments I-BOSS Process Manager Workflow Management •Create workflows •Manage workflows •Advanced workflows Reporting •Create operational reports •Create management reports based on KPIs •Generate statistics & visualize I-BOSS Back-office Operator Contract Management •Manage client agreements •Manage the income •Define operational tasks Human Resource Management •People contract / Career flow •Personal Development •Payroll Management Facility resource & Safety management •Audit locations /Quickscans •Facility resource management •Follow-up and improvement I-BOSS Field Operator Response Operations •Incoming request operations •Follow-up operation execution •Reporting Execution on-site •Follow-up planned operation •Live reporting on activities •Communication from operations to client Dynamic Planning •Execution contract obligations •Automatic payroll and invoice trigger •Follow-up resource performances I-BOSS Modular Architecture 4 SMART Technology / E-CLOUD Add-on Solutions E-CLOUD ACCESS E-CLOUD TRACK E-CLOUD VISITOR E-CLOUD BADGE E-CLOUD Configurator E-CLOUD SURVEY E-CLOUD PLAN
  5. 5. RiskMatrix primary target: Safety & Security Strategic Partners BeNeLux Other 5 Security guards patrol & check Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  6. 6. Patrol & control - today 6 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  7. 7. First improvement Off line tagging of checkpoints  online & live reporting 7 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  8. 8. Disadvantages Focus without context due to limited range Maintenance & damage due to reachability 8 Need for a second improvement Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  9. 9. Second improvement 9 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  10. 10. Context-aware reporting Multi-purpose beacons – instruction based Guarding - Check lists on Closure of windows Lights Measurement Inspections – Controls Validity of items Questionnaires Measurement Incident reporting Localization 10 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  11. 11. Beacons are great for localization! 11 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  12. 12. Issue: Focus loss A beacon is “location-aware” but focus is lost Sometimes needed for item inspection Solution: hierarchic setup where needed 12 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix Area Area
  13. 13. 13 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  14. 14. An open backbone Clients currently integrated consume the beacons E.g. in retail (large security accounts) Inspection of refrigerators by subcontractors Cleaning companies report using these beacons … COMMERCIAL REUSE – 1 BEACON FOR ALL 14 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  15. 15. Facilitating crowd analysis (with time-lapse) 15 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  16. 16. Facilitating crowd analysis (with time-lapse) 16 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  17. 17. Facilitating crowd analysis (with time-lapse) 17 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  18. 18. Facilitating the customer’s experience Analysis on crowd Heat maps Hot spots Duration of stay Throughput Statistics in time Reporting to client provided by RiskMatrix Link this to the store inventory management Sales related to hot spots And facility management Incident & evacuation management 18 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix
  19. 19. Q & A Frederik Winters +32 498 97 33 43 19 Copyright © 2014 RiskMatrix