Selecting a-plastic-surgeon-for-rhinoplasty


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Selecting a-plastic-surgeon-for-rhinoplasty

  1. 1. 1-302-656-0214 Selecting a Plastic Surgeon for Rhinoplasty  The   right   surgeon   for   rhinoplasty  can   make   the  difference   in   terms   of   results   and   overall   patient  satisfaction. The experienced and well­qualified surgeon  can make rhinoplasty even more pleasant. The   surgeon’s   skill   can  make all the difference in a  rhinoplasty   procedure  which   is   why   selecting   a  plastic   surgeon   for  rhinoplasty   is   quite   an  important   part   of   the procedure. Asking Colleagues and Informed SourcesAn important aspect of selecting the plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty is asking around. Your GP should have an informed opinion about the right  rhinoplasty surgeon. You may also have friends or colleagues who may know people who have benefited from rhinoplasty surgery or other   plastic   surgery   procedures.   You   could   also   do some searching on the Internet, but any information you 1-302-656-0214
  2. 2. 1-302-656-0214get must be double checked. Here are some things to look out for.   Why   Selecting   a   Rhinoplasty   Surgeon   Is ImportantThere   are  many   experienced   and   probably   efficient rhinoplasty surgeons  out there, but you also need to  ensure the surgeon is  a reliable one and one  who   can   understand  your   unique  requirements   and  facial   structure   –   one  who   you   are  comfortable   with.   It   is  important to enlist the  services of a surgeon  who   has   certification  from   the   American  Board   of   Plastic  Surgery. It will be useful to go through his/her website and check out the training and education they’ve received including their certification and medical license. You also need to 1-302-656-0214
  3. 3. 1-302-656-0214verify   the   assistance   they’ll   provide   in   securing insurance   coverage.   To   know   this   you   may   have   to schedule an initial consultation if the information is not available in the website.AAAASF   Accreditation   of   the   Cosmetic   Surgery FacilityAnother aspect that needs to be verified, and on which depends   the   safety   of   your   procedure   is   whether   the rhinoplasty   surgeon  runs   a   technologically   advanced plastic surgery center that is preferably accredited by the AAAASF (American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory   Surgical   Facilities).   This   is   America’s premier   governing   body   for   surgical   facilities.   This accreditation   ensures   high   standards   of   efficiency, safety and privacy for any cosmetic surgery procedure.Check the before/after Rhinoplasty Pictures Before   going   ahead  with the  cosmetic nose  surgery,   you   must  check   the   before/after  pictures provided in the  website. This gives you  an   idea   about   the  possibilities   of   the particular   cosmetic   nose   surgery   (though   the   results 1-302-656-0214
  4. 4. 1-302-656-0214vary based on the facial and nasal structure of patients) as well as the competency of the plastic surgeon.Realistic   Approach   of   the   Right   Surgeon   during Initial ConsultationOften the process of selecting the right plastic surgeon culminates with the initial consultation with the surgeon. The consultation is the time when you get to know many things about the  rhinoplasty surgery  and even about the capabilities of the surgeon. If any surgeon promises radical changes in appearance, you’ve got to stay clear. Efficient   surgeons   will   always   encourage   patients   to have   realistic   expectations.   The   right  rhinoplasty procedure  will   bring   about   a   more   aesthetically appealing but natural looking nose that blends with the other features of your face. But expectations of radical changes in appearances must be kept in check.    These   are   some   of   the   ways   of  selecting   a  plastic   surgeon   for  rhinoplasty.   The   right   rhinoplasty  surgeon will give you results you’ll be  truly satisfied with. 1-302-656-0214