Masculine Men's Anti-Aging Face Care: We’re Talking Bill Gates, Not Justin Bieber By Face Lube Candace Chen


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Masculine Mens Face and Skin Care Products: We’re Talking Bill Gates, Not Justin Bieber By Face Lube Candace Chen is part of masculine anti-aging face and skin care articles to raise awareness of the special phase - masculine face care, instead of the common beauty terms - men's skin care. Mens face skin care, face skin care mens, face skin care for men, men’s anti-aging skin care products,
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Masculine Men's Anti-Aging Face Care: We’re Talking Bill Gates, Not Justin Bieber By Face Lube Candace Chen

  1. 1. Masculine Men’s Face Care: We’re Talking Bill Gates, not Justin BieberGuys who think Masculine Face Care™ is about making women swoon aremissing the point. Looking good is about getting ahead of the competition. It’sabout being primed and ready to take advantage of every opportunity life has tooffer.Guys, I don’t blame you for thinking that men’s skincare and anti-aging is aboutgetting the girl. In fact, it’s to be expected. When it comes to masculine face care,a multi-billion-dollar industry is pushing the idea that great skin is a playboy’ssecret weapon. They know that sex sells, which is why the product shelves arefull of overpowering aftershaves with alluring and exotic names - and why the adsare full of chiseled hunks with a pair of eye candy on each arm.As a reasonably foxy lady myself, you can take it from me: great skin is a definiteplus, but it sure doesn’t clinch the deal. And if you see masculine face care as away to make yourself irresistible to women, you’re just not seeing the realpotential in having a proper masculine face care routine—or in yourself.The Gates - Bieber Smack-DownAnswer me honestly. Would you rather model your ambitions on Justin Bieber, orBill Gates? In other words, do you want to be known for your dazzling goodlooks, or admired for your substance? The Beauty Industry might be surprised toknow that most masculine men, although they’re tempted by the prospect ofobsessive female fans stalking them at every turn, are more interested inprojecting a powerful image that commands respect and gives them thatinvaluable edge in an ultra competitive world.Now, Bill Gates may not be the ideal poster boy for Masculine Face Care™, buthe does epitomize the competitive spirit that seizes every opportunity to createsuccess - that’s success with a capital ―S,‖ the kind that goes beyond clubbingwomen into submission with an exotic scent, and sets you up for real and lastingachievement.That desire to grasp success with both hands and by any means necessary—and not the desire to win fleeting admiration from the opposite sex—is the trueessence of proper masculine face care.What does well-tended skin have to do with success? Read on.Why “skin-deep” is deeper than you think―Skin deep‖ may have come to mean ―superficial‖ and ―unimportant‖, but thoseskin-deep first impressions have profound implications for your life’s trajectory. Arecent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed that looks
  2. 2. play a role in determining business success and earning power. Essentially, goodgrooming and attention to appearances can pay off big-time. They lead to biggerresponsibilities, faster promotions and bigger paychecks. Maybe it’s not fair that―the skin you’re in‖ can affect the course of your destiny, but it’s a fact that’sbeyond your control. What you choose to do with this information, on the otherhand, is very much in your control. You can dig your heels in and keep doingwhat you’re doing, or you can game the system by doing everything in yourpower to gain a competitive advantage. Ask yourself: if there is something youcan do that will definitely and without question enhance your chances of success– in work and love, why the heck wouldn’t you do it?Confidence now comes in a bottle – Masculine Face Care™No, I’m not talking about ―liquid courage‖ here, guys. But confidence actually cancome out of a bottle. The fact is, using the right masculine face care products tolook good actually effects a change in your outlook and attitude. Studies showthat there is a direct correlation between how you look and the confidence youproject. And confidence, like good looks, exerts an elusive but undeniableinfluence on the people around you. People like your boss, potential employers,investors and colleagues. And yes, people like… well, women. A man whoexudes confidence is very, very sexy… Confidence simply opens moreopportunities to you - professionally and socially.This kind of Masculine Face Care routine doesn’t have to take up much time orclutter your bathroom cabinet with umpteen lotions and potions, tubes and jars.We’re talking cleaning, lubricating and protecting. Three simple steps. No fuss.No muss. And no overpowering, three-alarm musky perfumes. Just a simpleroutine and healthier, better-looking skin.Of course, it’s ultimately up to you. You can follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates, aman who seized every opportunity and became one of the wealthiest and mostpowerful philanthropists in the world…Or you can emulate the pop sensation whose quotable quotes run to stuff likethis: ―I like girls chasing me, so it’s good. I’m kind of like The Beatles running, andthere’s girls chasing after me.‖Masculine men play to win – model yourself after Bill Gates.