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  1. 1. Ventures Angel
  2. 2. How To Be A Ventures Angel Purchase Price: Every 100,000 Angel Dollars for 1 unit Phase 1 For 1,000 quota only After the transaction, you will be invited to sign an agreement at a law firm in Hong Kong in 2 months’ time and given the share certificate on the spot Get 100,000 US listed OTCBB shares given by Off-Share Greaton Tech Limited
  3. 3. Red Hot Promotion ! You can open a subsidiary account for the U shares and sell them when they appreciate! Venture Angel Programme Super gift in phase 2 USD 0.50 share promotion! Open a Venture Angel account with 100,000 Angel Dollars and get 200,000 U shares from SharesMarket, a stock Exchange for non-public listed shares (Lock-in period until December 31st 2013)
  4. 4. Special Treat for Ventures Angels <ul><li>All Venture Angel will be invited to attend the ‘International Financial Management Seminar’ At CdA headquarter in Hong Kong. Get exclusive tips from world-renowned financial consultants! </li></ul><ul><li>Besides this special treat, Venture Angel with 500,000 Angel Dollars will also be invited to join a Delegation to tour CNL’s Venture Group headquarter in Houston, America and see NYSE in action! (Observe ‘live’ movements of listing there) </li></ul>
  5. 5. For the First Batch of Venture Angel Only First batch of successful Venture Angel will be given a limited special CdA edition of Rolex watches (Worth HKD200,000) from CdA headquarter in Hong Kong! (While stock lasts)
  6. 6. Privileges of a Venture Angel After the Maximum AMF Per day of 7,000 When the lucky draw number is The same as the last digit on your new bill If you didn’t win anything Non-bonus generating Sales volume will be Carried forward for lucky Draw on every Sunday You will get 50% reward For the corresponding Sales volume! Don’t despair, you will still be given 5% extra reward!
  7. 7. Industrial Investment Financial Investment Securities Investment Entrepreneur Capitalist Speculator Buying and Selling Stock Market Capital Game Buy chickens then sell eggs Buy eggs then sell chickens Buy chickens and sell chickens
  8. 8. How could an unknown high-tech enterprises becomes a renowned listed company in just 3 steps A. Technology Entrepreneurship Stocks B. Risk Capital Stocks C. Foster Capital Stock D. Growth Stock E. Public Fund Stock The Angle’s Three Steps To Turn Chicken into Phoenix Capital Stock: 1600Shares + 500Shares Stock Price: 100,000Dollars Financing: 50Million Dollars Paid-up: 210 Million Dollars Growth Stage Capital Stock: 1000Shares + 600Shares Stock Price: 10,000 Dollars Financing: 6Million Dollars Paid-up: 16Million Dollars Cultivating Stage Capital Stock: 1,000 Shares Stock Price: 2,500Dollars Financing: 2 Million Dollars Paid-up: 2.5Milion Dollars Start-Up Stage Capital Stock: 21Million Shares + 9 Million Shares Stock Price: 10Dollars 50Dollars Financing: 450Million Dollars Paid-up: 1.5 Billion Dollars Harvesting Stage
  9. 9. The Routine of Angel’s Capital Best Plan: Listed And Cash Out Second Plan: Premium Transfer Third Plan: Fixed Price Repurchase Capitalize Other Investors Stock Market Founding Shareholders/Management Level Investor Project Company
  10. 10. Greaton Tech Limited (Unwall) The Flow Chart of Legal Right Offering by APO in US CNL Ventures Group US Greaton Tech Offshore Company Existing Listed Public Shell Company Venture Angel of Club de Angel Wholly-owned Subsidiary Company of Hong Kong - Greaton Tech Ltd. (Hong Kong)(The owner of Unwall) Onto the NASDAQ Board in 2013 Set up Offshore Investment Company Buy a Public Shell Private Investment of Public Equity (PIPE) Right Offering 100% Owned Become A Legal Stock-holder Of Public Shell Company An alternative public offering (APO) is the combination of a  reverse merger  with a simultaneous  private investment of public equity  (PIPE). It allows companies an alternative to an  initial public offering  (IPO) as a means of going public while raising capital.
  11. 11. Greaton Tech Schedule of Promoting Strategy to Purchase Listed Shell OTCBB US
  12. 12. Greaton Tech Schedule of Promoting Strategy to Purchase Listed Shell OTCBB US Time Project Duration (Day) 1 st Week Sign on Letter of Intent of purchasing Listed Shell OTCBB <ul><li>Greaton Tech Ltd. is interviewed by Shenzhen Jing Bao ² (Mainly to introduce the company and the purchasing plan of Listed Shell OTCBB </li></ul>1 2 nd Week <ul><li>Financial & Lifestyle Channel of Shenzhen Satellite TV is filming the company¹ (Mainly to report the purchasing plan of Listed Shell OTCBB) </li></ul>1 3 rd Week Official sign on documents to purchase Listed Shell OTCBB <ul><li>The interview is broadcasted on Enterprise Profiles, Financial & Lifestyle Channel of Shenzhen Satellite TV </li></ul>1 <ul><li>The interview is published on Shenzhen Jing Bao – Financial Edition </li></ul>1 <ul><li>The interview filmed by Shenzhen Satellite TV is broadcasted on Shenzhen Mobile TV (on subway and public bus)³ </li></ul>2
  13. 13. Greaton Tech Schedule of Promoting Strategy to Purchase Listed Shell OTCBB US Time Project Duration (Day) 4 th Week <ul><li>Greaton Tech Ltd. and “Listed company” are interviewed by China Business regarding future plan 4 (such as merges and purchases Unwall) </li></ul>1 <ul><li>Greaton Tech Ltd. and “Listed company” are interviewed by CCTV-2 regarding future plan as well as introduction of Unwall⁵ </li></ul>1 5 th Week Formal announcement from U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that “Listed Company” is owned by Greaton Tech Ltd. <ul><li>The interview is broadcasted on Half Hour Economic on Finance Channel, CCTV-2 </li></ul>1 <ul><li>The interview is published on China Business </li></ul>1
  14. 14. Greaton Tech Schedule of Promoting Strategy to Purchase Listed Shell OTCBB US Time Project Duration (Day) 8 th Week <ul><li>Signing ceremony of merging “Unwall” by “Listed company” at Great Hall Of People or Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing and announcement of listing onto NASDAQ US in 2013 ⁶ </li></ul>1 <ul><li>“ Listed company” is interviewed by Harvard Business Review-Chinese Version ⁷ </li></ul>1 <ul><li>“ Listed company” is interviewed by “Aviation Magazine”⁸ </li></ul>1 10 th Week <ul><li>The interview is published on Harvard Business Review-Chinese Version </li></ul>60 <ul><li>The interview is published on major “Aviation Magazine” </li></ul>30
  15. 15. America’s Largest Non-Listed Stock Exchange
  16. 16. ClubdeAngel’s Office in Hong Kong 21/F., The Toy House, 100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
  17. 17. ClubdeAngel’s Office in Hong Kong
  18. 18. Advices from CdA The Pioneer of Asia Stock Market Investor Tony Measor Sell the shares prematurely because of greed. 1 ) Buy Apple shares at USD$ 10, sold at USD$15 , it is worth USD$4 00 now. 2 ) Buy Starbuck at USD$ 3, sold at USD$9, it is worth USD$40 now. “ I could already be a billionaire by now if I hadn’t sold those shares! ” He advised that, individual shareholder should royal to the analysis and should not be disturbed by external interference in order to overcome greed. “ The main three enemies in investment are fear, greed and envy ”
  19. 19. ~ Thank You ~