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Insulated Steel Hard Sides for Fabric Structures


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There are a variety of methods used to insulate a Mahaffey fabric structure. For most applications, including temporary warehouses and environmental enclosures, Guardian Steel Walls™ are the optimal solution.

This proprietary system has 1-3/8” insulation to keep structures warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With an R-value of 13.45, these walls give outstanding energy performance.

Interior and exterior surfaces are painted steel that enclose CFC-free (environmentally friendly) polystyrene insulation. An additional benefit is that the solid barrier of steel provides security 24/7.

Semi-permanent installations in extreme environments benefit from Mahaffey's AIR™ (Air-Insulated Roof) System option.

The AIR™ System is composed of two fabric layers that are sealed and filled with low pressure air. The trapped air provides a layer of insulation from temperature fluctuations.

The AIR™ System also prevents condensation from forming, as it does in some environments.

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