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LPI Points on Facts and Focus


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In this presentation the role of Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and its different certification levels will be explained. Also some achievements and focus-points will be detailed. The presentation ends with a discussion on possible ideas and approaches for LPI in Belgium (and The Netherlands).

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LPI Points on Facts and Focus

  1. 1. LPI ... Points on Facts and FocusLinux Open Administration Days Fabrice Mous Antwerp, 16 April 2011 +31 648585162
  2. 2. 36 yrs IT Consultant(open source/standards) chairman LPI NL
  3. 3. TopicsBackground HistoryOrganisational StructureCertification ProgrammeNew DevelopmentsHelping OutQuestions and Discussion
  4. 4. Background History
  5. 5. its all about attribution!
  6. 6. … and timing!
  7. 7. Dan York Linux Gazette October 1998article about Linux certification
  8. 8. Certification …
  9. 9. The very word spawns Usenetflame wars and conjures upimages of inexperiencednovices with a piece ofpaper winning employmentover more experiencedcandidates who lack theappropriate acronyms
  10. 10. It reeks of centralized controland of forcing people to takeexams to demonstrate theirknowledge
  11. 11. Yet if Linux is to be widelyaccepted into the computingmainstream, I believe acertification program isessential
  12. 12. Evan LeibovitchCanadian Linux Users Exchange(CLUE))
  13. 13. April 1998Launch mailinglist focusedLinux certificationMany participants worldwideDistros joined:Caldera Debian and SuSE
  14. 14. John “Maddog” HallLinux International
  15. 15. November 1998Introduction Dan ↔ EvanTwo groups uniteNew organizational structureStart program development
  16. 16. Accelerate corporate adoption of LinuxCreate industry recognitionCounter the "no-support" argumentProvide organizational path for studentsProvide organizational mechanism for training centersReasons
  17. 17. Enhance marketingTurn students into advocatesProvide means of employment for Linux skilled peopleAssist in the hiring processRecruit new Linux usersReasons
  18. 18. low cost exam deliveryconsensus global certification delivery distribution-neutral vendor-neutral
  19. 19. October 25 1999
  20. 20. Organisational Structure
  21. 21. LPI IncOctober 25, 1999Non-profit organizationNew Brunswick, CanadaBoard of Directors + Advisory CouncilFunded via sponsors, partner programs and exam fees
  22. 22. MissionTo provide a global framework, industry leadershipand services to enhance, develop and further lifelongprofessional careers in Linux and Open Sourcetechnologies.
  23. 23. VisionTo become recognized as the #1 organization thatprovides global leadership, direction and skillstandards for those who pursue a career in Linux andOpen Source technology.
  24. 24. Area OperationsAsia Pacific | Europe | Middle East & Africa | Japan | Latin America
  25. 25. Affiliate GroupsLPI-Central Europe (Master Affiliate) LPI Nederland (Sub Affiliate)
  26. 26. Non-profit organization Foundation (Stichting LPI Nederland) Vaals, Nederland Started November, 2009 Four board membersMixed representation of stakeholders LPI NL
  27. 27. Exam distribution and organisation Partner programs Public relations Event participation Activities
  28. 28. Area Operations
  29. 29. Certification Programme
  30. 30. 3 certification levels LPIC-1 Junior Level Linux Professional LPIC-2Advanced Level Linux Professional LPIC-3 Senior Level Linux Professional
  31. 31. LPIC-1✔ No pre-requisites✔ Exams 101 + 102✔ Linux command line✔ Easy maintenance tasks✔ Help out users, add users to a larger system, backup & restore, shutdown & reboot
  32. 32. LPIC-2✔ Pre-Requisite LPIC-1✔ Exams 201 + 202✔ Administer a medium-sized site✔ Managing a small mixed network✔ Supervising assistants✔ Advising automation/purchases
  33. 33. LPIC-3 Core✔ Pre-Requisite LPIC-1 + LPIC-2✔ Exam 301✔ Experience → enterprise, scripting, integration✔ Advanced Linux administration✔ Capacity planning + resource problems troubleshooting✔ Plan, design, build and implement + capacity planning and security of services
  34. 34. LPIC-3 Speciality ✔ Specialty certification+ ✔ Pre-Requisite LPIC-1 + LPIC-2 + LPIC-3 Core ✔ LPI 302 - 306 exams ✔ on top of LPIC-3 Core → Mixed Environment → Security → High Availability → Virtualization → Web and Intranet → Mail and Messaging
  35. 35. Recertification exams + certifications have a 5 year active statusrecertification recommended after 2 years recertification required after 5 yearsonly exams for highest earned certification
  36. 36. Recertification succesful recertification active status for five yearsdate applicable of the higher level certification applicable for lower level certifications no (succesful) recertification required to earn current and all lower level certifications
  37. 37. Comparison completely vendor independent distribution independentan independent, non-profit corporation
  38. 38. Linux Professional Institute Novell Suse RedHatJunior LPI 101 LPI 101 RHCSA RHCVA CompTIA Novell CLA RHCSA RHCVA RedHat RedHat LPIC-1 LPIC-1 Linux + LPI Certified Linux Administrator RedHat Certified RedHat Certified Certified System Certified Virtualisation LPI 102 LPI 102 System Administrator Administrator Virtualisation Administrator Administrator Univention Univention Novell CLP Novell CLP Zarafa Zarafa UniVention Certified Prof Certified Linux Professional Certified Zarafa Engineer UniVention Certified Prof Certified Linux Professional Certified Zarafa Engineer RHCE RHCE Redhat Certified Engineer Redhat Certified Engineer LPI 201 LPI 201 LPIC-2 LPIC-2 LPI 202 LPI 202 RHCSS RHCDS RHCSS RHCDS RedHat RedHat RedHat Certified RedHat Certified Certified Security Certified Datacenter Security Datacenter LPIC-3 LPIC-3 LPI 301 Novell CLE Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist CORE LPI 301 Novell CLE Certified Linux Engineer CORE Certified Linux Engineer RHCA RHCA LPI LPI LPI LPI LPI LPI LPI RedHat Certified Architect RedHat Certified Architect LPIC-3 LPI LPI LPI 304 305 306 LPIC-3 302 302 303 304 305 306Expert Speciality Speciality Mixed Mixed 303 Security High Availability High Availability & Mail &Mail Web Web & environment Security & & & environment Virtualisation Messaging Intranet Virtualisation Messaging Intranet
  39. 39. New Developments
  40. 40. 2 LPI Linux Essentials Linux Virtualization and Clusternew exams Technician (LPI VCT)
  41. 41. LPI Linux Essentialsperceived difficulty for people new to FOSSoutside the certification stacklower pricedGrowth open source technologiesLower the entrance barrierCreate intrest in LPI certifications
  42. 42. LPI VCT“Linux Virtualization and Cluster Technician”trends and demand in the industryto be taken with LPIC-1expansion of the LPI certificationroadmaplower level specialization examsspurs intrest in LPI brandand certification
  43. 43. Helping Out
  44. 44. Participate in exam developmentxVolunteer at boothsxWrite, speak or otherwisehelp in publicityxJoin and participate mailing listsxPerform organizational groundwork
  45. 45. Questions and Discussion
  46. 46. Questions?
  47. 47. Discussion
  48. 48. Are you missing some certification levels for certain skills?
  49. 49. Should LPI NL offer exams in Dutch language?
  50. 50. How can we expand LPI NL activities in Belgium?
  51. 51. What about "Friends of LPI" a friendship programme at low-cost or no-cost?
  52. 52. Any ideas for more recognition of the LPI programme and its certification?
  53. 53. Nederland @ LinkedIn
  54. 54. Fabrice.Mous@lpi-nederland.nl
  55. 55. LPI ... Points on Facts and FocusLinux Open Administration Days Fabrice Mous Antwerp, 16 April 2011 +31 648585162