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Fabrice Grinda at LeWeb 2013: The Case for Optimism


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Slides of my keynote on the next 10 years: the case for optimism at LeWeb 2013 in Paris

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Fabrice Grinda at LeWeb 2013: The Case for Optimism

  1. The Case for Optimism
  2. We are bombarded with depressing news Fabrice Grinda 2
  3. It feels like we are headed for a dire future Fabrice Grinda 3
  4. Dictatorships are on the wane Fabrice Grinda 4
  5. 82% decrease in global poverty in only 40 years Fabrice Grinda 5
  6. 650M people came out of poverty in China in 30 years Fabrice Grinda 6
  7. Shenzen in the 1980’s and 2013 1980’s 2013 Fabrice Grinda 7
  8. Increasing oil reserves despite record consumption Fabrice Grinda 8
  9. Fundamental changes in our way of life Office work in the 1970’s… Fabrice Grinda and in 2013 9
  10. Over the long run recessions barely register Oil Shocks The Great Depression Fabrice Grinda 10
  11. Our lives have been transformed for the better Life expectancy 2X Fabrice Grinda Per capita income 3X 11 Childhood mortality /10
  12. We have redefined “poverty” Americans in poverty have: • 99% have electricity, water, toilet & refrigerator • 95% have a television • 88% have a mobile phone • 70% have a car and air conditioning Fabrice Grinda 12
  13. The world is more peaceful than ever before Fabrice Grinda
  14. Africa is rising Source:: GSMA AFRICA MOBILE OBSERVATORY 2011 Fabrice Grinda 14
  15. Estonia is setting an example for other countries to follow • 24% of people voted online in 2011 • 93% fill personal tax returns online • Companies can be setup online • Online school reports including homework, grades, etc. • Online medical records Fabrice Grinda 15
  16. 3D Printing is revolutionizing manufacturing 3D Printing has already revolutionized prototyping… Fabrice Grinda is being increasingly used to make final parts… 16 and may revolutionize medicine with the printing of organs
  17. Healthcare is finally becoming computerized Watson is better at diagnosing certain cancers than traditional doctors Fabrice Grinda Star Trek-like medical tricorders should enter the market within 5 years 17
  18. Robots are invading factories and our lives Atlas Robot is designed to save lives in disaster zones Fabrice Grinda The Da Vinci Robot is more precise than the best surgeon for non-invasive surgeries. 18 Drones will reduce by over 90% the average shipping time we experience today
  19. The Internet of Things will improve our daily lives Egg-minder tells us when eggs are going bad Fabrice Grinda Nest learns our habits and adjusts our home’s temperature accordingly and gets smarter every time we use it 19
  20. Education is also finally entering the technology age From traditional classrooms… Fabrice Grinda to computerized classrooms… 20 and “global” classrooms
  21. Transportation will be significantly improved Average Driver: 1.8 accidents every 300,000 miles Fabrice Grinda Self driving car: 0 accidents every 300,000 miles 21
  22. Communications are headed for a revolution Movie reconstruction from brain activity Fabrice Grinda First example of human brain-to-brain communication 22
  23. Energy is abundant, the issue is accessibility Fabrice Grinda 23
  24. Aluminum was more expensive than gold in the 1800’s Fabrice Grinda 24
  25. Solar energy is increasingly becoming cost competitive Fabrice Grinda 25
  26. Innovations are happening in water purification… Fabrice Grinda 26
  27. … and farming Fabrice Grinda 27
  28. Fabrice Grinda @fabricegrinda