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Performance evaluation examples comments


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Performance evaluation examples comments

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Performance evaluation examples comments

  1. 1. Performance evaluation examples commentsA performance appraisal carried out for professional and administrative personnel and aconfidential employee performance appraisal contains the names and job titles ofemployees and the department for which they work. It also states the names of theappraisers and their job titles. Performance appraisal sheets are normally divided intothree main topics that are, evaluation or job performance area, ratings, and comments.The evaluation area comprises of various factors. These factors include job knowledge,professional competence, and managerial ability. Apart from these, productivity, qualityof work, problem solving ability, communication, and initiative are also areas that needevaluation. Factors such as attitude and cooperation, personal leadership, adaptability,and self-improvement also cannot be ignored while evaluation.Based on the appraisals, professional and administrative personnel can be rated asoutstanding, excellent, acceptable, marginal, or deficient. The comments section containsimprovements, suggestions, goals to be achieved, potential of employees, etc.Performance appraisals show the overall effectiveness of employees in their jobperformance, that is, it is a summary of all comments. Plans for professional growth is asection that supervisors and employees should develop cooperatively. This sectionincludes additional responsibilities, management opportunities, special courses,committee assignments, etc. While evaluation, it is advisable to give examples ofstrengths and weaknesses of the employees as and when possible.Confidential employee performance appraisals also contain other job requirements suchas focusing on specific needs of business or needs for individual improvement, publiccontact, ability to stay within cost guidelines, etc. They also give a performancesummary, which shows the employees outstanding and strongest points, employeesshortcomings and weaknesses, and specific accomplishments and changes since lastperformance review. They also help in deciding goals for improvement, that is how theemployee can be more effective and what additional training can be helpful.Performance appraisals also have an employee feedback section. This section containsthe employees most important accomplishments on the job, weakest job performanceareas, areas in need of improvement, and other work concerns they would like to discuss.It also provides the date scheduled for the next review and the areas targeted forimprovement. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.