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Hi there! My name's Monty Wesley, and I'm an Ottawa Portrait Photographer.

I've been an avid photographer since the early 90's, and since then have worked on tons of assignments. Over the years, I've really come to have a special love for Portrait Photography.

I am an professional photographer based in Ottawa (actually, Manotick), but think of photography more as art rather than a technical science. I'm a really easy going guy, and more than anything (aside from my daughter) I love to be with and photograph people.

I hope you enjoy my little slideshow. I thought this might be a great place to start showing some of my work.

Thanks so much for viewing!

Monty :)

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Ottawa Portrait Photographer

  1. 1. So, Come Over Here! Lets Sit in Front of my Backdrop ... Back Straight! Shoulders Back! Oh, Just Sit like You Wouldnt Normally ... Please Make No Effort to be Yourself! Well, I Can Do That If You want ... BUT! Not Before We Hang Out First ... Not Before I Get To Know You A Little! By Then, Though, Your Shoot With Me Will Be Done!Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  2. 2. Ottawa Portrait PhotographerOttawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley. My Favourite Portraits Look Just LikeYou They Look Like Your Captivating Presence. LOL! Thats Just What I Always Aim To Photograph!
  3. 3. Ottawa Portrait PhotographerLets Meet! Beautiful Beautiful Things Can Happen!
  4. 4.  Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley, is available for Model Portfolio Photography in  Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley, Ottawa, TV Radio Personality Photography. is available across the Ottawa area. Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  5. 5. Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Ottawa Portrait Photographer “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” – Alfred Eisenstaed
  6. 6. • Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley, • Photograph of Kenny B by Ottawa Portrait can be contacted via Photographer, Monty Wesley, or by phone, 613-614-6367. Email:• Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  7. 7. Ottawa Portrait Photographer Ottawa Photographer, Monty Wesley,• specializes in Portrait Photography, Model Portfolios, and Family Portrait Photography in Ottawa.
  8. 8. Monty Wesley is an up-and-coming Portrait, Family Portrait, and Model Photographer in Ottawa. Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  9. 9. Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley, is available for commissions within the Ottawa region. This Ottawa Portrait Photographer is also available for commissions throughout Ottawa Portrait Photographer the provice, and internationally.
  10. 10. Ottawa PortraitPhotographerOne of the most comfortable Ottawa photographers to work with is Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley. (Same Girl and Shoot as previous Slide)
  11. 11. I know what Imlooking for in yourphotographs, and Illtake your pictureswhen I see them.Ill give you directionwhen I see itsneeded... often usingprofane language andobscene gestures.But really, thats allpart of the process forme; moreover,everybody swearsanyway.Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  12. 12. Nobody ever really knows what to do in front of the camera, and thats actually the last thing I care about.Interestingly, I find the initial awkwardness actually makes for a much stronger array of images. Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  13. 13. Starting with someone camera-shy andModel Portfolios by Ottawa Portrait shooting with them as Photographer, Monty Wesley they turn into a confdent model is a very gratifying experience for both me and my client. Ottawa Portrait Photographer
  14. 14. • Ottawa Portrait Photographer, Monty Wesley, also specializes in male boudoir photography. Ottawa Portrait Photographer