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Moulds and casting


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Moulds and casting

  1. 1. Moulds & casting
  2. 2. Introduction • Traditionally in Industrial Design and Sculpture students and professional artists still use clay for modeling and plaster for moulds. This method requires some skilled knowledge in handicrafts. • In some cases (according to mould design) the moulds are reusable and many casts would be made.
  3. 3. Blueprint of a concept car
  4. 4. Clay modeling and final resin cast for prototypes
  5. 5. Even today, also the interior is made this way
  6. 6. Sculpture modeling in clay • It requires a whole understanding of the form to be represented. Several previous studies are drawn or photographed. • This material is so sensitive that allows many modifications. • Most schools of art and design includes core courses with this procedure.
  7. 7. Human figure in clay
  8. 8. Plaster Moulds
  9. 9. Simplified process • The traditional method allows us making large works in sections (see PDF doc in Spanish). • For a faster and accurate registration urethane, silicone or liquid latex are used. • With these materials we can obtain more copies than with plaster moulds
  10. 10. Flexible Moulds I
  11. 11. Flexible moulds II
  12. 12. Flexible Moulds III
  13. 13. Sculpture casts in resin and plaster from a waste mould
  14. 14. Industrial process for spare parts
  15. 15. Mould for metal foundry
  16. 16. Cold mould with bronze cast
  17. 17. 3D Mould designed using CAE
  18. 18. 3D Spare Part designed with CAE
  19. 19. Is a CAM software application that accepts IGES, DXF* and STL files exported from most popular industrial 3D CAD software programs. It is used to generate proportional 3D scaling, identify milling direction and to automatically generate and display the tool path. MODELA Player 4 supports tool changing when used with the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and automatic side cutting when used with the Rotary Axis Unit. It can also be used for 3D engraving. Modela Player 4
  20. 20. Rhino 3d modeling - Mouse Example
  21. 21. Actually, replication is possible in a short term using a 3D scanner and a 3D printer even in different scales
  22. 22. Digital Sculpture using ZBRUSH
  23. 23. Digital Prototype
  24. 24. 3D Printing (cast)
  25. 25. CAD for 3D moulds
  26. 26. Art A set of attached parts is used, hollow inside but with the details and impressions in negative for the future solid Rigid and flexible molds, molds depend on the shape of the part to duplicate, determined by the degree of complexity of the details and the its symmetry.
  27. 27. Industry Injection Molding Semi-continuous process which involves injecting a molten state polymer or ceramic in a closed mold through a small hole Injection molding is a very popular technique an example of this is the interlocking pieces of lego. The popularity of this method is explained with the versatility of parts that can be obtained, the scalable design from rapid prototyping processes, high levels of production at low costs
  28. 28. Medicine Reconstruction of the Pinna Microtia Selecction of Cartilage Silicon made mold Operation and post operative results Congenital malformation of variable severity that affects the outer ear. Usually affects the proper hearing
  29. 29. Medicine The use of a mold as a support for the framework of autologous cartilage in auricular reconstruction for microtia can achieve an adequate definition of the details and build one ear similar to the oppossite one, with better cosmetic results.