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MozCon - E-Commerce SEO - Tips and Tricks


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US consumers will spend $327 billion online in 2016, and the competition's getting really serious. To succeed, sites need to improve their advanced strategies because everyone's doing a good job on the basic key SEO factors. This presentation covers tips and tricks such as link building strategies, scalable content creation, and measurement and reports with Google Analytics, developed for one of Brazil's biggest online retailers.

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MozCon - E-Commerce SEO - Tips and Tricks

  1. E-Commerce SEO – Tips & Tricks Fábio Ricotta Co-Founder MestreSEO @fabioricotta
  2. A little about me Fábio Ricotta Co-Founder at MestreSEO 7+ years doing SEOTrained over 1,200 professionals
  3. Today I want to sharesomething I have worked on with my company for the past year
  4. Content
  6. I can imagine Matt saying:I have a Panda for you!
  7. We decided toinvest in product descriptions
  8. How do you createunique product descriptions for 2,000 products?
  9. I had a great idea…Let’s hire some freelancers!
  10. Here in the US you can useoutsourcing sites like
  11. But in BrazilI had to improvise
  12. Combining Facebook and Twitter, I reached: 6,000+ Subscribers 11,000+ Followers
  13. We selected more than300 freelancers!
  14. All we needed to do was toorganize these freelancers
  15. So we prioritized ourcontent creation
  16. We usedGoogle Analytics
  17. Insert the “Product SKU”as Secondary dimension
  18. Before you exportscroll down and change…
  19. Show rows to 500
  20. In your browser URL bar look forthe number “500”
  22. Change it to “50000”
  24. Now you haveall your products listed
  25. … and thenyou can export it…
  26. Combine this data withall the products’ rankings
  28. The product name
  29. My ranking for the keyword “Notebook Acer AS5350-2828 com Intel Dual Core”
  31. Answer this questionWhat do you think is the best way?
  32. Work on keywords thatrank in the TOP 5
  33. OR
  34. Work on keywords thatrank between the 10th and 15 th positions?
  36. Go for keywordsbetween the 10 th and 15th positions
  37. The product name
  38. Filtered by keywords withranking between 10 and 15
  39. Create unique productdescriptions for those products
  40. Internal Linking
  41. Seems to be a 101 concept butI consider internal linking a crucial technique!
  42. Considera website architecture
  43. If I create a link from my home page
  44. To a product page
  45. This link will boost myproduct page authority
  46. And I will be ableto rank better, because I have more authority.
  47. Usually we havehome pages like this…
  48. Usually random products
  49. My tip here is tochoose the products that you want to appear on your home page!
  50. HOW TO DO IT?
  51. Rememberthe content creation PRO TIP we spoke about?
  53. Select the productsthat need a “push”…
  54. …and place them on your home page.
  55. You canuse the same idea in category pages…
  56. and alsoin buying guides…
  59. Remember to make money,you need control!
  60. Link Building
  61. Our main strategy isInfographics!
  65. We usedHolidays
  68. And exploredNew Ideas
  70. We added aXBox special offer!
  72. We added related products! (Coffee Makers)
  73. We received a total of346 new links from102 root domains.
  74. Competitive Analysis
  75. It’s always good topay attention to your competitors
  76. There are somepaid tools to estimate how much traffic a website is receiving
  77. I like to monitor mycompetitors’ search engine rankings
  78. Remember our productspreadsheet?
  79. Use it to add yourcompetitors’ rankings to a new column
  80. For examplewe ran this analysis when the new iPad came to the Brazilian Market
  81. Here are the iPad models’specifications
  83. This resulted in48 combinations
  84. We used an internal toolto check the keywords’ rankings
  85. My rankings
  86. My competitors’ rankings
  87. Based on these websites’ rankings,we created a dashboard like this…
  88. Then youadd a bar graph
  89. This bar graph shows ushow we are ranking compared to our competitors.
  90. Final Thoughts
  91. A specialthanks to Elias,who believed in me from the beginning!
  92. These guyssupportedme across the years!
  93. “You can always achieve your dreams with hard work” - My mom
  94. Thank you!
  95. Fábio Ricotta Co-Founder MestreSEO @fabioricotta