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  1. 1. http://candipop12group26.blogspot.co.uk/ 2012/10/planning-animatic.html
  2. 2. ‘The City’ by Ed SheeranWe’ve chosen this song because it does not consist of a music videoyet, therefore we can innovate and bemore creative. Also, we think that it hasa quite unique and catchy beat as well.
  3. 3. RAY JONES Our artist belongs to the indie pop genre. His style will be casual but very personal, to show that he is a true character and that enables the audience to know him as a person rather than just an artist.As he is casual the young audience can Other artists that could be similar to Ray Jones are Ollyrelate to him and his music is Murs, Vampire Weekend.appealing. An older audience might notappreciate his music but they wouldrespect his image because he is tryingto sell his music rather than impresswith his style. A very similar artist toRay Jones would be The Script’.
  4. 4. The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved This music video is our main inspiration. The singer walking down the We want our artist street. We want our singer to be to be sitting on a walking through the city as street pavement according to the lyrics he is new singing as a base in London. track. We want a base track of the artist singing in the street. This music video uses fast Night shots of the city. We motion images of traffic and want to show the land people walking. We would like marks at night such as to include the same kind of London Eye and Big Ben shots with the same kind of editing in our music video.
  5. 5. Ed Sheeran – The A Team This is a music video from the original artist of our song and it is also mostly shot in the street and has a touching mood. We want to include shots of many people to create the busy atmosphere of the city and we might consider use some of them in black & white to create dullness.We also would like to use differentshots showing our artist walkingaround the city to create someaction apart from the singing.We might want touse the techniqueof starting a shot This music video also uses fast motion inout of focus and traffic. This shot in particular is very niceslowly make it in because she is standing and we can seefocus to create a only the blurred lights of the cars in fasttouching motion which creates a dramatic effectatmosphere. we might want to replicate.
  6. 6. The Script – Together We CryAnother music video that has a dramatic tone and is filmed in the city streets.What we like about this music video is that it shows the main artist walking around the city andit also includes shots of the city around him (e.g. people, buildings) We were also thinking about some shots inside a studio, but we are not so sure because we don’t know how to make it fit the rest of the video scenario (which is in city streets)
  7. 7. Our core target audience is white/British girls agedbetween 14-17 who live in urban areas and with aworking class background. They are students and mainstreamers who like to socialise, watch TV, engage in social network websites and they have gadgets such as iPhone/Blackberry. They like pop music and other artists such as Olly Murs, Bruno Mars, The Script. They watch TV shows like The Inbetweeners. Favourite brands include topshop, H&M and Primark. Shops at Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s.
  8. 8. Our wider target audience is consisted of youngpeople aged between 14-25, mostly students fromworking/middle class background, different ethnicgroups, both genders, they live in urban areas andare mainstreamers who enjoy socialising.
  9. 9. Andrew GoodwinAccording to Andrew Goodwin’s theory wedecided to make a music video that isclassified as ‘amplification’. The lyrics ‘TheCity’ portray a guy who moved to Londonand is feeling like a stranger. The song has a sad tone and it gives a sense of loneliness. In our music video we will have our artist singing alone throughout the city, which will create the same feeling that the lyrics portray. Our singer will act both performer and character It will appeal to the audience because the lyrics are appealing and the music video will be more simplistic but it will add meaning to the lyrics. It will also make our artist more relatable to the audience.
  10. 10. • Our artist will be signed by Fiction Records -owned by Universal Music. • Knowing that our artist is new and do not have any support, it would be• This record company is based in London and ideal to go for an independentsigns people from the U.K. They specialise in pop company. However, fiction is aand indie-rock genres. viable option because even though its owned by a major company they focus on new artists and in the same•In their ranks are well known people like the genre as our artist.band “Snow Patrol” that plays indie-rock andalternative, but also new promises such as “AliceGold” and “Last Dinosaurs”.
  11. 11. • Fiction is the best for the start of our artist, they know the genre and they know howto promote it and also have the backup of Universal Music.• The distribution of the music and the promotion of the artist would depend on Fiction.• They create an official page for the artist in the company website, adding a bio whichtalks about his/her career they musical influences and experiences during their path inmusic. Also they add a video this allows the audience to get to know the artist’sperformance.
  12. 12. The upcoming gigs and latest news keep the audience in touch withthe artist, and for last they have the store for the music. The distribution of the music starts online but it has a cost, after the artist builds a strong fan base the music would be taken out at stores.
  13. 13. Central London
  14. 14. We are filming in central London toestablish the location of London that ismentioned in the lyrics. Because the lyricsis about the city, we thought it would beappropriate to film in these locations tomake reference to the song.
  15. 15. • Tuesday 23rd October – Afternoon & Night Actor: Nimar. Costumes & Props: his clothing. Equipment: camera, tripod, steadicam, toplight/spotlight.• Friday 26th October – Afternoon & Night Actor: Nimar. Costumes & Props: his clothing. Equipment: camera, tripod, steadicam, toplight/spotlight.
  16. 16. • As we are filming in a busy location a possible danger would be other people hit the equipment. To minimise this we will place the equipment in appropriate places that do not obstruct passages.• In case of wet weather we will protect the equipment with umbrellas to avoid it getting wet.• We will be careful when using the equipment and hand the camera safely to avoid any accidents (e.g. dropping the camera)