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F.miccone pres sshare

  2. 2. INSIGHT
  3. 3. MY LIFE FROM 2008 TO 2013 Art Creativity Transgression Dynamism Cultures Friends People Music Fun Freedom Commitment Ambitions Insight
  4. 4. In 2008 I went to London to start my degree, BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. I graduated in 2011 with a first class honors degree. During and immediately after my degree I did several internships in the creative industry because my aim was to find a job in a reputable advertising agency. Insight
  5. 5. Since advertising agencies' prerequisites were beyond my previous experience, I found it difficult to enter into the workforce upon graduation. I graduated at 21 years of age and unfortunately I did not have a strong network in advertising. Moreover, the economy itself was in a difficult situation. Thus I realized that I needed a different approach to make a change in my life and to impress advertising agencies. Insight
  8. 8. The strategy I adopted was to gain experience autonomously. Since getting into advertising and gaining experience also in small ad agencies was becoming harder and harder, I decided to start up a small ad agency with a friend of mine to promote emerging artists and emerging brands namely: Strategy
  9. 9. Strategy
  10. 10. My final objective was to find a job in a prestigious ad agency. To achieve it, it was necessary to have clients in order to show to recruiters a portfolio with real case studies. Since we were at the beginning, we decided to focus on emerging artists and emerging brands. Strategy
  11. 11. RESULTS
  12. 12. SUPERLOOP STUDIO HAD 3 CLIENTS Music Artists Oli Wennink Hardy Indiigo Brand Glassing Results
  13. 13. GLASSING What is Glassing Glassing is an Italian glasses and sun glasses fashion brand. What we did Social Media strategies, editorial plans and managed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Challenge We have been asked to create more engagement and interaction with Glassing’s fans on Twitter and Facebook and to increase Twitter followers and Facebook fan base. Results
  14. 14. GLASSING Solution •  We started monitoring Facebook and Twitter pages. •  We started “The World Through Glassing” project. We were taking pictures of cool places in London and other European cities seen through a pair of Glassing. After posting them on Facebook and Twitter we asked Glassing’s followers to do the same and in 2 weeks time, we started receiving images of places seen through Glassing. Thus interaction, engagement and fan base dramatically increased. •  We also created an account on Instagram to post “The World Through Glassing” images. Results
  15. 15. Execution
  16. 16. OLI WENNINK Who is Oli Wennink Oli Wellink is an indie pop – rock emerging artist based in London. What we did Social Media strategies, editorial plans, managed Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages and looked after his image and identity. Challenge We have been asked to increase his fan base and create engagement on Twitter and Facebook and to better position him in the music industry, since he was only perceived as an emerging good looking artist.     Results  
  17. 17. OLI WENNINK Solution •  We re – created his image. Thanks to the different post proposals on social networks, different fashion style and the marketing materials we developed, we have been able to position him as a talented and eclectic music artist. •  In order to further engage his fans online and to let them really believe what they were reading on social media, we also started posting real time pictures and videos during his gigs on social networks.   Results
  18. 18. OLI WENNINK Flyers Results
  19. 19. HARDY INDIIGO Who is Hardy Indiigo French DJ and music producer based in the US. He produced the song “Super Star” by Madonna from MDNA album. What we did Social – Branding, social media and design of some marketing materials. Challenge To increase his fan base in Europe and to be involved in fashion. Results
  20. 20. HARDY INDIIGO Solution •  Co – branding and Social Branding with Glassing: Glassing and Hardy Indiigo have partnered to launch a sun glasses limited edition called “The Indiigo Collection”. •  Social co – branding: We started posting images and articles talking about “The Indiigo Collection” and Hardy Indiigo on both, Glassing and Hardy Indiigo’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, tagging their names, in order to drive Glassing fans to Hardy Indiigo’s pages and vice-versa.   Results
  23. 23. I finally received many requests from advertising agencies and I successfully obtained the job in a recognized ad agency network: BBDO. I worked at DLV BBDO as a junior account manager for Compass, Pfizer Inc’s Multicentrum brand and the global client Wall Street English. This role has given me the opportunity to follow and manage online and offline projects from the first brief to the final campaign delivery. Additionally I  work alongside the planning and social media departments and when needed I also conducted research and wrote creative briefs. Achievement
  24. 24. NEXT STEPS
  25. 25. NEW EXPERIENCES Next Steps
  26. 26. TO START A NEW EXCITING Superloop Studio EXPERIENCE My own experience Next steps Account at DLV BBDO -  -  Management and co – ordination of Global integrated campaigns Planning - research, writing creative briefs and communication strategy. Next Steps
  27. 27. THANKS!