The new flow of information


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The new flow of information

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction 1Methodology 2OPEN DATA FOR PRIVATE USAGE 3Access to data through open machine-readable formats 5Raw data being provided with the tools to understand them 6Anyone contributes to a database 7Personal financial data open to public 8Online market for data 9Providers of federal statistics 10INSTANT DATA MADE SIMPLE 11Interactive map allows personal search 13Real-time feed locates peoples tweets 14Showing data in relation 15Data turns into a game through an interactive map 16Enables you to see patterns in your personal browsing history 17GENERATING DATA FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT 18Using data collected on your mobile device to plan better routes for transportation 20Efficitent grid models to track and control energy consumption 21Coordinated emergency systems from different enteties 22Accumulating active and passive data to keep water flowing 23New media platforms are developed for informaion 24Sensors provide drivers with the information they need to find a parking space 25About author 26
  3. 3. THE NEW FLOW OF INFORMATION: ORGANIZED DATA CHANGES CITIESAs more sources of data are available to us through new technology, we see an increased complexity in howto handle this information. Cities are especially effected by this complexity, due to rapid growth anddynamic infrastructure, which is why urban environments are a focus in this report.THE NEW FLOW OF INFORMATION IS DEFINED BY A SHIFT IN HOW DATA IS COLLECTED, DISTRIBUTED, PROCESSED ANDGENERATED FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNITY.WHY THIS IS RELEVANT:New data is becoming valuable to map out socioeconomic situations. Society is now integrated in manyways, and it is important for us to see the whole picture, in order to identify problems, discover white spaceand harness innovation. “I want you to put your data on the web, because it turns out there is still huge unlocket potential. We haven’t got data on the web as data. Documents you read - and you follow liks from them, data you can do all different kinds of stuff with”. - Tim-Berners Lee, engineer and computer scientist 1
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY:Information has been gathered on from the month of September to Decem-ber, 2010. With sources mainly from innovative trend blogs such as, but also from many personal blogs and experts in the area, like Tim-Berners Lee, David Mc-Candless and Hans Rosling, patterns have been identified and turned into micro trends. With hundreds ofexamples, the aim is to present these objectively in order to help businesses develop a more relevantapproach to their product. The result is four marco trends, with six manifestations to exemplify the move-ment in the field.Each marco trend has an introduction page explaining the core idea and some key outcomes, followed bythe manifestations. At the bottom of the document you will find chapter headings.Methodology 2
  5. 5. OPEN DATA FOR PRIVATE USAGEThe rapid increase of open data on the web and open sociopolitical policies enable private use of raw data.Software is becoming open source, and people require certain data to be freely available to everyone, with-out restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. ACCESS TO DATA THROUGH OPEN PERSONAL FINANCIAL DATA MACHINE-READABLE FORMATS. OPEN TO PUBLIC Federal data opens up for public Financial private data is now available use in SF. as statistics. DATA SF MINT DATA RAW DATA BEING PROVIDED WITH THE ONLINE MARKET FOR DATA TOOLS TO UNDERSTAND THEM. Data is being sold and bought Makes organizations data accessible in by the public. one place for use. INFOCHIMPS GOOGLE PUBLIC DATA EXPLORER ANYONE CONTRIBUTES TO PROVIDERS OF FEDERAL STATISTICS A DATABASE Statistics open for interaction and easy Open source map, that people can edit understanding. and contribute to. NCOMVA OPEN STREET MAP Data for Private Usage 3
  6. 6. KEY INSIGHTS:- RAW DATA IS BEING USED IN A NEW PRODUCTIVE MANNER, AS THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS PROVIDED THETOOLS TO MANIPULATE IT.- GOVERNMENT IS OPENING UP, BEING A PLATFORM FOR INNOVATION RATHER THAN A PROVIDER.- OPEN ACCESS TO DATA IS MORE FREQUENTLY BECOMING A STANDARD IN SOCIETY, AS OPPOSITION ISSEEN AGAINST COPYRIGHT AND PATENT LAWS.- PERSONAL DATA IS NOW MORE COMMONLY SHARED ONLINE THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKS. “A "free software cloud" may seem to be an oxymoron, like "non-combat troops." But I believe that free software and remote computing were made for each other; their future lies together and the sooner they converge, the faster they will evolve and gain adoption. In fact, I believe a free software cloud - much more than the "open cloud" that many organizations are working on - lies in our future.” - Andy Oram, technology information provider and publisher Data for Private Usage 4
  7. 7. ACCESS TO DATA THROUGH OPEN MACHINE-READABLE FORMATSDataSF is a central clearinghouse for datasets published by the City & County of San Francisco. The data is avail-able through intuitive searches such as keywords, categories and rating. The site encourages other governmen-tal organizations to create similar sites, through underlying open source technologies, policies and procedures,all open to the public.RESULT:- INCREASED NUMBER AND QUALITY OF DATASETS, INCREASING AMOUNT OF APPS BUILT FOR THEPUBLIC TO UNDERSTAND THEM.Open Data for Private Usage 5
  8. 8. RAW DATA BEING PROVIDED WITH THE TOOLS TO UNDERSTAND THEMGoogle public data explorer takes data one step further and lets users explore it through interactive data visual-izations. Journalists, students and policy makers can embed the visualizations to their websites and have thedata being updated automatically.RESULT:- INCREASED UNDERSTANDING OF PATTERNS AND THEORIES FOR THE PUBLIC.Open Data for Private Usage 6
  9. 9. ANYONE CONTRIBUTES TO A DATABASEOpen Street Map is a map of the world that anyone can contribute to and edit. It creates a community for peopleto share their paths and their history of editing. Furthermore, the map is available for any software engineer touse.RESULT:- SOFTWARE ENGENEERING AT BASIC LEVELS BECOME COMMON KNOWLEDGE.Open Data for Private Usage 7
  10. 10. PERONAL FINANCIAL DATA OPEN TO PUBLICMint, the financial software company now reveals it’s access to thousands of user’s data, and turns it into beauti-ful graphs for us to use. Search for any city and category, and lists and tables are available for you to see restau-rants popularity and to compare your spending with a similar demographic.RESULT:- Financial data which was before seen as a private matter, is now seen as something you can shareand learn from in society.Open Data for Private Usage 8
  11. 11. ONLINE MARKET FOR DATAInfochips is user submitted data, some for sale and some free. Find some by tag, or browse the most popularones. Access data via API, and cleaned up excel sheets. The site encourages you to share your own data forothers to see.RESULT:- AN EXCESSABLE MARKET FOR DATA THAT CAN BE READ BY BOTH YOU AND MACHINES.Open Data for Private Usage 9
  12. 12. PROVIDERS OF FEDERAL STATISTICSNComVA is a spin-off comapny from the Norrkoping Visualization center at Linkoping Univerisy - one of theleading reaserch laboratories in the area of visulaization. They provide you with the tools to access the federaldata bank by identifying what you want to know, the software to visualize and understand it, and the tools toshare by creating an online presentaion.RESULT:- COMPLEX FEDERAL STATISTICS ARE OPEN FOR INTERPRETAION AND LEARNINGOpen Data for Private Usage 10
  13. 13. INSTANT DATA MADE SIMPLETo understand the vast complexity of data recently opened up for private usage, we are creating new sys-tems for information. Data is being visualized, creating a new, instant language for understanding. INTERACTIVE MAP ALLOWS SHOWING DATA IN RELATION PERSONAL SEARCH Data can be compared visually to form Find crime in your area. new meaning. STAMEN CRIMESPOTTING THE BILLION DOLLAR-O-GRAM ations/the-billion-dollar-o-gram-2009/ REAL-TIME FEED LOCATES DATA TURNS INTO A GAME THROUGH PEOPLES TWEETS AN INTERACTIVE MAP A heat map locating online activity. Learn about Americas health in A WORLD OF TWEETS a fun way. SALUBRIOUS NATION CHANGING VISUAL TO UNDERSTAND ENABLES YOU TO SEE PATTERNS IN DYNAMIC OF TIME AND DATA YOUR PERSONAL BROWSING HISTORY Map changes according to tweets at a Software created to store your browsing particular time. data and make it visual. PULSE OF THE NATION ROOT MARKETS kgInstant Data made Simple 11
  14. 14. KEY INSIGHTS:- ART AND PATTERN RECOGNITION COME TOGETHER AS TOOLS TO UNDERSTAND COMPLEX DATA.- ART BECOMES MORE THAN A MEDIUM, IT BECOMES A NEW LANGUAGE AND SYSTEM OF UNDER-STANDING.- VISUALIZATIONS BECOME THE WAY TO PORTRAY DATA INSTANTLY.- BOTH ACTIVE AND PASSIVE DATA COME TOGETHER FOR A GREATER UNDERSTANDING. “Data is the new soil. The eye is extremely sensitive towards patterns. It loves them, and calles them beautiful. It’s the language of the eye, and if you combine the lan- guage of the eye with the language of the mind, which is about words and numbers, you start speaking two languages simultaneously, each enhancing the other”. - David McCandless, writer, designer and author Data Made Simple 12
  15. 15. INTERACTIVE MAP ALLOWS PERSONAL SEARCHSTAMEN provides an interactive map of San Francisco and Oakland, for you to understand crime in your area.With the belief that public information should be public, crimes can be viewed by type, time and location. Under-stand what is going on in your neighborhood, according to your specific concerns, or your potential next home.RESULT:- COMMUNITY CONTROL AND EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF PERSONAL ANDLOCAL CONCERNSInstant Data Made Simple 13
  16. 16. REAL-TIME FEED LOCATES PEOPLES TWEETSA World of Tweets is an attempt by Frog Design to make the Twitter API data more meaningful. With the helpof the Yahoo! Placemaker, tweets are localized in real time.RESULT:- LOCAL AND GLOBAL EVENTS THAT ARE HOT TOPICS ON TWITTER ARE EASILY IDENTIFIED THROUGHACTIVITY.Instant Data Made Simple 14
  17. 17. SHOWING DATA IN RELATIONDavid McCandless is an agent for spreading information that is beautiful. Through creative visualizations, hehelps people understand problems that for long needed clarity.RESULT:- INFORMATION BECOMES BEAUTIFUL AND PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED BY GEOMETRY.Instant Data Made Simple 15
  18. 18. COORDINATED EMERGENCY SYSTEMS FROM DIFFERENT ENTITIESCISEM, Madrids new coordinated emergency system, allows the fire department, traffic, hospital and policedepartment to correspond simulataneously. Emergency calls can be coordinated to provide assistance from alldepartments to each location, instantly. User friendly interfaces and secure access to data together with the net-work of information is enabled through IBM technology.RESULT:- OPTIMIZED PUBLIC SAFETY THROUGH COORDINATED DATA.Generating Data for Urban Development 22
  19. 19. ENABLES YOU TO SEE PATTERNS IN YOUR PERSONAL BROWSING HISTORYAnother project by STAMEN and Root Market. Root Market creates software for you to track and store your per-sonal browsing history. STAMEN provides the visualization, that makes you have increased insight into howmuch time you spend on play vs. work, how much money advertisers are making off your attention, and muchmore.RESULT:- DATA EMERGES THAT CAN HELP INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY, MAP OUT ATTENTION ON THE WEB, AND LO-CALIZE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.Instant Data Made Simple 17
  20. 20. GENERATING DATA FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENTInformation is translated into a better understanding of how to organize structure in society. This is seen intransportation systems and technical devices, and makes us efficient in cities. USING DATA COLLECTED ON YOUR ACCUMULATING ACTIVE AND PASSIVE MOBILE DEVICE TO PLAN BETTER DATA TO KEEP WATER FLOWING. ROUTES FOR TRANSPORTATION An app that allows you to engage in Sensors for topography and activity. comunity services. THE COPENHAGEN WHEEL FLOW EFFICIENT GRID MODELS TO TRACK NEW MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE DEVEL- AND CONTROL ENERGY CONSUPTION OPED FOR INFORMATION Consumers learn how they spend. Exploring domestic devices capabilities IBM SMARTER PLANET to display information. DENTSU LONDON k#p/c/2/lQ0RupXt_8U COORDINATED EMERGENCY SYSTEMS SENSORS PROVIDE DRIVERS WITH THE FROM DIFFERENT ENTITIES INFORMATION THEY NEED TO FIND Data comes together. A PARKING SPACE MADRID EMERGENCY An app that shows you available park- RESPONSE SYSTEM ing and lets you avoid congestion. SF PARK 285EF2BC/7/8EtH25GA_F4 Data for Urban Development 18
  21. 21. KEY INSIGHTS:- RESOURCES ARE BEING MANAGED THROUGH SMART SYSTEMS.- TRANSPORTATION ROUTES ARE BEING OPTIMIZED THROUGH THE TRACKING OF DATA.- INFORMATION IS BEING INCORPORATED INTO EVERY ASPECT OF OUR DAILY LIVES THROUGH CON-VENTIONAL DOMESTIC DEVICES. With greater analysis of existing information, they could better serve their citizens or patients, or. gain competitive advantage and sell more products and services. This is propelling businesses around the world to not just continue to invest in analytic-based solutions but to increase their investment. - Paul Glader, The Wall Street Journal Data for Urban Development 19
  22. 22. USING DATA COLLECTED ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE TO PLAN BETTER ROUTESFOR TRANSPORTATIONThe Copenhaugen Wheel is a sensor that can easily be mountesd on your bike to provide you with the data youwant to know as a cyclist. Not only is it your personal trainer, but get real time updates on upcoming traffic con-gestion, weather conditions and pollution levels, all through your smart phone.RESULT:- CYCLISTS GET REAL TIME INFORMATION TO BETTER PLAN THEIR ROUTES, URBAN PLANNERS GET THETOOLS TO IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE.Generating Data for Urban Development 20
  23. 23. EFFICIENT GRID MODELS TO TRACK AND CONTROL ENERGY CONSUMPTIONIBM is working on many projects, collecting data to make infrastructure, energy consumption, public safetyamongst other things more productive. Smarter Power for Smarter Cities is a project developed by technitiansat IBM, developing the tools to create optimized energy grids.RESULT:- BETTER INFRASTRUCTURE IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS.Generating Data for Urban Development 21
  24. 24. COORDINATED EMERGENCY SYSTEMS FROM DIFFERENT ENTITIESCISEM, Madrids new coordinated emergency system, allows the fire department, traffic, hospital and policedepartment to correspond simulataneously. Emergency calls can be coordinated to provide assistance from alldepartments to each location, instantly. User friendly interfaces and secure access to data together with the net-work of information is enabled through IBM technology.RESULT:- OPTIMIZED PUBLIC SAFETY THROUGH COORDINATED DATA.Generating Data for Urban Development 22
  25. 25. ACCUMULATING ACTIVE AND PASSIVE DATA TO KEEP WATER FLOWINGFLOW (field level operations watch) is an open source smart phone app, that allows field workers to documenthow well water flows at different pumps and sanitation points in developing countries. This data together withthe data from sensors, gets transmitted to create an online map of targeted areas.RESULT:- FASTER IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEMS THROUGH REAL TIME TAGGING.Generating Data for Urban Development 23
  26. 26. NEW MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE DEVELOPED FOR INFORMATIONDentsu London explores what it would mean for the public if conventional domestic devices carried the informa-tion your smart phone would. Updates on your alarm clock, your receipt from a restaurant, your TV on stand-bymode could all be optimized to provide you with information.RESULT:- INFORMATION BECOMES VISIBLE IN NEW PLACES, NOT ONLY DIGITAL - ALSO ANALOG.Generating Data for Urban Development 24
  27. 27. SENSORS PROVIDE DRIVERS WITH THE INFORMATION THEY NEED TO FIND APARKING SPACESensors located by parking spaces signal when it is available, so that drivers know through their smart phonesor online where the nearest parking space is. Parking will also be distributed more evenly through the system,with the goal of having one space available every block.RESULT:- LESS CONGESTION AND POLLUTION IN TRAFFIC, STEADIER FLOW OF CUSTOMERS FOR BUSINESSOWNERS.Generating Data for Urban Development 25
  28. 28. ABOUT AUTHOR:Half Swedish, half Swiss, I grew up in different parts of Europe and provide a unique perspective on trendsin the US. As a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, major in advertising, I have astrong curiosity for business, art and communication. My expertise in brands, strategy, urban planning,design, research and account planning has lead me to the development of this trend report.CONTACT:fabiola.einhorn@gmail.comTHE NEW FLOW OF INFORMATIONGenerating Data for Urban Development 26