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  1. 1. Media Education in Slovakia Education Education Education Education Media Education Slovakia Education Media Slovakia Education Slovakia Slovakia Media Media Slovakia Media Media Media Media Media Media Media
  2. 2. What does it mean...?„It is a life-long, systematic and goalseeking process of obtaining media competences and raising the level of media literacy whose main goal is to support responsible usage of media and develop critical attitudes towards the media contents with the stress on moral principles and humanism.“
  3. 3. Goals of Media Education to obtain skills, competences and abilities to analyse evaluate and create to increase the level of media literacy in connection with the media and IT progress and development to protect certain population groups (the youth and elderly) to decrease generation gap to limit risks of social exclusion of certain population groups
  4. 4. Target GroupsProcess-oriented education affecting 3 levels of personality development:1. cognitive2. psychomotor3. affective=>no limits regarding the target group, all the age groups
  5. 5. Formal Education Experimental phase (2005 - 2007) lead to adding media education in the list of non- compulsory and optional subjects for kindergartens, elementary and high schools (grammar schools) in 2009 now - compulsory theme in a curriculum taught as a part of other subjects or as separate optional course
  6. 6. Formal Education Hot topics in elementary schools Hot topics in high schools
  7. 7. Who provides it? As a part of other subjects – all the educational institutions As separate courses/subjects – selected kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, universities Public art schools – creation of audiovisual materials Specialised educational centres (mainly at universities) to qualify teachers
  8. 8. Non-formal Education eSlovensko NGO for informatisation
  9. 9. eSlovensko Projects Webportal + hotline to raise awareness among young Internet and mobile phones users, their parents, caretakers and teachers etc. target issues: pedophilia, pornography, addictions, discrimination, violence, meeting unknown people, provision of personal data, Internet frauds
  10. 10. eSlovensko Projects - an interactive portal with youtube videos, games to raise awareness about responsible Internet usage
  11. 11. Future? IMEC – International Media Education Centre in February 2012 Coordination of all the activities related to media education (research projects, mediating cooperation between the authorities
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  13. 13. Resources,