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TCI´s presentation blog

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  6. 6. • TCI is a company that offers solutions on business process outsourcing (BPO) in order to innovate, mold, operate and manage our clients business process, increasing the performance . • Since 1999, TCI accumulates a succeful historical of inteligent cases and integrated reengineeringe, managing and data storage, data, documents, medicaments and supplies the entire chain of processes of their clients; • Nowadays, the company have one of the best framework to manage the process and counts with a staff of more than 2.300 professionals distributed nacionally. The adiditon of all this makes a safe and great performance.
  7. 7. Brazilian market Offshoring plataform • The largest economy in Latin America (GDP of > $ 800 bn) • Mature service market; • High-quality customer care services; Key attributes of Brazil • Time zone proximity: 1 hour ahead of U.S. (EST); • Becoming a world player in the BPO/ITO arena; • Strong Infrastructure and relatively low costs; • Hosts some of the world's most competitive; • Established economy.
  8. 8. Mercado BPO - Brasil 2005 – US$ 1,30 billion 2006 – US$ 1,99 billions Back Office: .Human Resources .Taxes .Eletronic Fiscal Invoice .Document Management .Full Front Office: .Call Center .Sales .Collecting .Supply Chain .Logistics 2007 – US$ 2,75 billions 2008 – US$ 4,03 billions Verticals: .Banks Self Services .Public Sector .Healthcare .Retail .Utilities .Clearing House .Electronic Payments Fonte: Anuário Outsourcing 2009
  9. 9. Capabilities – since 1999 – 30+ sites over Brazil – 2,800+ employees – 1,200,000,000+ of physical documents managed – 50 terabytes+ of images stored – Average of 1,500,000 data and document capture per day processed – 30,000m³+stored items – 130+ IT professionals supporting the outsourcing chain – 35+ tons per day of hospital textile IT sites management and hygienization Outsourcing sites – 250+ customers over all the country
  10. 10. Our Position Anuário Outsourcing 2009
  11. 11. The largest BPO companies in the world IAOP 2009
  12. 12. Services and products Business Financial Heatlhcare Government Corporate verticals Vertical products BPO product team BPM / Implementation Shared Contact Center services Data and Document Management center IT Services / Integration Infra-structure Facilities – Textile Management and Hygienization Supply Chain
  13. 13. Goverment Industry Finance Telecom Services Saúde Some clients
  14. 14. Case studies Finance • Complete and integrated document management and informational; • Scan, Transport and Storage documentary safely and monitored; • Availability of digital information for the users involved, so online, through the deployment of a safe and managed in Content Management (Content ICC); • Cost reduction, from poor management of information; • Credit BPO service to process 700,000 documents per month reducing the analisys time in 50%, • Provisioning and technology to process the documents of the internal areas of the Bank; • Bureau Scanning TCI putted inside the customer premises; • Management System of the physical documents SISDOCWEB; • Guard Logic scanned data and Physical Custody of documents processed;
  15. 15. Case studies Health § Organization and storage of about 76,000 medical; § Availability of documents via the web to the file system; § Agility in the location of records and release of physical space; § Packaging and Storage in the appropriate place; § Agility and quality of care. • Garantee integrity and confidentiality of information; • Safety, packaging and storage of the documentation; • Improved patient care and greater efficiency in search of medical records; • Packaging and Storage of nearly 1,000,000 records; • Cost reduction, from poor management of information; • Addressing the problems of physical space for storing documents. § Project management of supplies and medicines at the Health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro: § Reduction of capital asset / inventory, increase inventory turns and maximizing purchases; § Management and transport of approximately 5,000 cubic meters of materials and products of the Secretariat of Health; § Stocks around R$180 millions; § Estimated reduction around R$ 5 millions per month
  16. 16. Case studies • Full ECM solution, end-to-end, from the physical to digital using PKI for more than 10,000,000 documents. And more than 25 bn of words in a full- text search solution. • Full ECM solution and backoffice, end-to-end, from the physical to digital for more than 200,000,000 civil and criminal documents. • Accenture Knowledge Services area key provider, • Customized BPO solution for contracts, HR and financial documents, • Over 1,000,000 documents already processed, • PKI technologies reducing costs and transforming the processes.
  17. 17. Case studies • BPO solution for 1,500 - 2,500 new sales forms per day (5,000 - 10,000 documents), • Initial reduction of 60% in FTE’s using document imaging solutions, • Integrated OCR/ICR plataform reaching 85% of accuracy. • World-class Sodexho Pass case, • Contract process outsourcing, • Compliance focus, • Auditing Sodexho Pass contracts crossing physical documents x digital informations, • Contratcs outsourcing reaching the backlog and new processes (about 400,000 contracts until now), • BPO solution for transportation documents and processes covering all the country with a 350,000+ images per month, • Improvement the customer time to receive the receipt in 24 hours, • Integrity and control empowerment in the process, • Mainframe integration,
  18. 18. Products by segment Financial • Custody of documents • Scanning of legacy bank • Process of opening accounts • Registration for New Customers • Consigned Credit • Formalization and file of account documents • Expedition and Correspondence management • Formalization of contracts • Recovery Management • Scanning of autograph cards (signatures) • Scanning of checks • Home Loans
  19. 19. Products by segment Healthcare • Approval process with digital certification to validate requirements • Scanning of records and electronic information management • Modeling, analysis and redesign of hospital processes (BPM) • Supply Chain Management (drugs and hospital supplies) • Assembly and Packaging of Drugs and Hospital Supplies KIT’S • Organization, storage and management electronic of documents • Processing of medicals accounts • Call center
  20. 20. Products by segment Education • Storage, organization and scanning of students documents • Supply Chain Management (teaching material and furniture) • Teaching Material Logistic (Receipt and Distribution) • Assembly and Packaging of School KIT (books, teaching materials and school uniform)
  21. 21. Products by segment Public Security • Storage, organization of documents • Scanning of legacy civil and criminal documents • Automation of new civil and criminal documents with decentralized capture • AFIS for automatic recognition of biometrics civil and criminal
  22. 22. Products by segment Legal • Scanning of minutes and sentences • Electronic process (scanning and electronic documents) and digital certification • Storage and organization of documents
  23. 23. Products by segment Official Press • Scanning of daily official • Publication system of official daily with digital certification • Portal of knowledge and search of daily official • Storage and organization of documents
  24. 24. Gross Revenue Evolution Gross Revenue Evolution – R$thousand EBITDA R$58.404 38% EBITDA historical average: 37% * 2009 não auditado; 2010 projetado sem M&A.
  25. 25. Evolution of TCI BPO employees
  26. 26. Infrastructure
  27. 27. Thank You Fábio Fischer de Aguiar Tel. +(55) (11) 3077-0550