Italia camp- american's cup


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Presentazione del progetto a Peter Ansell, on-shore operations Director di Acea (America's Cup Event Authority), presso i palchi allestiti per l'evento American's Cup di Napoli il 7 aprile 2012

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Italia camp- american's cup

  1. 1. Who am I Fabio Cecaro CEO VMengine s.r.l. BoD Member EuroCloud Italia CloudCamp organizer 23 years WWF member : fabioce : fabioce : fabiocecaro
  2. 2. EuroCloud EU - Italy
  3. 3. Unfavorable rumors: GreenPeace2010-Make IT Green 2011-How Dirty is your data?
  4. 4. Voices in favor  The Carbon Disclosure Report based on 300 of the largest IT companies in England and France has revealed that the adoption of cloud computing could lead to a 50% reduction in carbon emission by 2020. This will also generating important saving to the hardware and energy supplies.
  5. 5. Google
  6. 6. June 7 2010 - Make The Cloud Green – Città della Scienza
  7. 7. Event Press: PMI  EcoNote Geek Agenda  Wired FreeOnline  Eurocloud Italia Comunicati-Stampa  Giornale Informatico Ninja Marketing  Repubblica GreenCity  GreenReport TechnologyBiz  MasterMeeting – interview about this project
  8. 8. Cloud e GreenIT
  9. 9. Cloud – Green It Oriented? Utilizzatore finale: - Public Cloud – Green for the end user - Private Cloud – Partially Green, it take the benefit of vitualization layer and server consolidation - Hybrid Cloud – Partially Green, fro the combination of Public and Private Cloud provider - IaaS – Green for the virtualization layer adoption, but….. Is it using power management ? Is it performing cooling efficiency ? Is Fault Tolerance mirror applied? - PaaS – Linked to the architecture (ie. PaaS clustered on physical servers, not in virtualization layer) - SaaS – Strictly tied up to the architecture
  10. 10. Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of CloudComputing (SAJACC) - Lee Badger,Tim Grance - May. 20,2010 – Computer Security Division NIST
  11. 11. DataCenter & Green
  12. 12. Generating Sets : Fuel Cell The First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO - Nebraska, USA) has builded up a new “undergroud” data center. The assembly is powered with hydrogen fuel cells, operating completely "off the grid", not connected to the national grid. "If the entire city of Omaha loses electrical power, we do not lose." Says the CIO and SVP Ken Kucera. The servers and equipment for the cooling of the data center FNBO are supported by four of phosphoric acid fuel cells which generate up to 225 kW of power. FNBO is among the few data centers in the United States that are in whole or in part fed from fuel cells to hydrogen. First National Bank of Omaha has paid $ 2.6 million for its four generators, fuel cells, the equivalent of 15 cents per kWh, as opposed to the local cost of 3.5 cents. But the company has a different logic to support his investment. Ken Kucera FNBO says that "the ROI target is achieved any how because a new backup center in excess of $ 75 million is not needed anymore."
  13. 13. ICT Equipment : Iaas IaaS - Infrastructure as a Services is the natural point of transition from traditional enterprise data center. Through server virtualization, networking and storage, consolidated and managed with a single programming interface (ie. vCloud API or AWS webServices) we realize the IaaS. Server virtualization Reduces energy costs up to from 65% to 80% Increase the use of existing hardware from 10-15% to 80% Reduces the hardware required at a ratio of 10:1 or higher (Server Consolidation) Reduces the physical space occupied by the rack and drastically reduces the cables and wire
  14. 14. ICT Equipment : Power ManagementMicrosoft : System Center Configuration ManagerR3 Power ManagementPower management with System Center ConfigurationManager 2007 R3 takes a conservative approach toenabling power savings. Power policies can becreated that do not completely shut systems off, butinstead, lower power consumption on componentsduring idle periods and put systems into sleep modeinstead of turning them completely off. Sleep modesaves as much power as shutting systems fully down,but does not carry the same risk of data corruption thatcan be associated with forced shutdowns. VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM) Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Wake on LAN (WOL)
  15. 15. ICT Equipment : DC Power distribution for DataCenterP=VI=I2R Power distribution for a typical server card (dual processor) consuming approx. 450 W.
  16. 16. Cooling : Accurate Cooling
  17. 17. Conclusions and Objectives
  18. 18.  Continuos study on computing power efficiency Consulting efficiency of cost improvement – super partes «Green Sticker» related the cloud solution Energy Manager Masters Influencing the Cloud Computing details in NIST definition Influencing rules about CPU and DataCentre Room cooling temperature Mediation to resolve “short-circuits of responsability” in the lease agreements used as a data centre.
  19. 19. Supporter:
  20. 20. Jacques-Yves Cousteau The real planet Earth don’t knows boundaries. Don’t know what are the U.S.A., Russia, China or Taiwan. The rivers run free across the continents. The persistent tides, the pulse of the sea, do not discriminate; run to all the beaches of the Earth