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FI-PPP Phase 3 - CreatiFI Accelerator presentation


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CreatiFI is an acceleration project inside the FI-PPP EU program that offers, through competitive open calls, opportunities (funding, support services, cloud infrastructure and middleware) to SMEs, web entrepreneurs and individuals working in the Creative Industry sector to shift innovative ideas into new application and services with business potential. This presentation offers a short overview of the project and the related open calls.

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FI-PPP Phase 3 - CreatiFI Accelerator presentation

  1. 1. FI-­‐PPP@Trentino     Rovereto,  June  4th,  2014     Fabio  Antonelli  -­‐  CREATE-­‐NET   Luca  Capra  –  Trentino  Sviluppo  
  2. 2. FI  Technologies     for  the  Creative  Industries   Prototyping   Produc8on   Commercializa8on   Design   Adver8sing   Film,  video,  music   Gaming   Performing  arts   Prin8ng   Publishing,  broadcas8ng   •  Mobile  apps  &  gaming   •  Interac3ve  adver3sing   •  Innova3ve  techs  for  urban   experience  and  tourism   •  Industrial  design   Examples:   ICT  readyness   Sustainability   sustainable     alliance  
  3. 3. The  Creative  Hubs   Regional creative and cultural industries specialisation is not limited to the largest urban areas but capital city regions and certain of the largest cities exhibit strong CCI Focuses. The table and map below show the share of a region’s labour force employed by creative and cultural industries. us: Creative and cultural industries share of regional labour force 2009 Of the 15 regions with the highest CCI Focus most are capital city regions. In all but four countries capital city q Creative  Industries  in   Europe  are  strongly   concentrated  in  cities   and  regional  clusters     q CreatiFI  captures   European  creative   regions  via  4  leading   regional  hubs:   •    The  Nordics   •    Lowlands-­‐UK   •    Northern  Italy   •    Catalonia  
  4. 4. FI-­‐PPP  Infrastructure  and  enablers   Infrastructure   Generic  Enablers   Specific  Enablers   3rd  Par8es     Crea8ve  Apps  and  Services  
  5. 5. Overview  of  Open  Calls   Open  Call  1:   Prototype  Design     and  Development     Open  Call  2:   Commercial  Development     and  Accelera8on       Timing:       •  1st  Call:  end  Sept  2014   •  2nd  Call:  end  Sept  2015   Total  Budget:    4.8  M€  
  6. 6. ! Open  Calls  Details   Matchmaking   events     (in  4  hubs)   Proposal    Submissions   (15  teams  per  hubs  selected)   Half  Way  Check-­‐Up   End  of  Open  Call   (rewards  if  check-­‐up  ok)   Proposal    Submissions   (18+  teams,     from  OC1  and  outside)   Half  Way  Check-­‐Up   End  of  Open  Call   (rewards  if  check-­‐up  ok)   Through  OC1  +  OC2     a  parOcipant  can  grant  up  to  150K    
  7. 7. Matchmaking   Events   Design   Competitions   FI-­‐PPP  Knowledge   Transfer  and   Technical  Support   Solution  Design   Advice   Real  life  Living  Lab   validation   Incubation  and   Venturing  Support   Business  Clinics   Networking     Stakeholder   engagement   CreatiFI  Team  Support  Actions  
  8. 8. Stay  in  touch!   Thank  you!