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40 ideas & tips for facebook product pages


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Some ideas for effective and engaging Facebook product pages. I found forty, but I am sure there are many more.

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  • A good way to recruit fans is using the ’fan booster’ available on the fancyfanpages application ( ). Very recommended.
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  • Some really great ideas here! Well done, I particularly like the larger banner from one of your first pointers.
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40 ideas & tips for facebook product pages

  1. 40 ideas & tips for facebook product pages fabio annovazzi ( 1
  2. design a nice page (with 600x200 pixel photo)2
  3. post interesting & original comments 3
  4. tell your story 4
  5. use the page as a “viral” corporate blog 5
  6. link the page to your “suggest ideas” blog 6
  7. connect the page to your corporate newsroom7
  8. pull your news-feed into facebook 8
  9. offer your fans something special 9
  10. use a nice call-to-action to recruit fans 10
  11. ask fans to invite their friends to become fans 11
  12. your info: short (or at least interesting) 12
  13. link to your twitter and youtube channels 13
  14. push your twitter & youtube channels into facebook 14
  15. use an events page15
  16. promote charity events 16
  17. promote your events also using wall posts 17
  18. re-post to remind18
  19. use applications & tie them into your e-shop 19
  20. let customers buy from inside facebook 20
  21. offer contests, coupons and sweepstakes 21
  22. engage your fans with a poll page… 22
  23. …or with a poll application 23
  24. create fun applications on facebook 24
  25. send fans to play on your website, and publish the output back into facebook 25
  26. ask fans to create your next product 26
  27. ask fans to take a picture “with” your product27
  28. produce a “personalised trailer” using data and pictures pulled from facebook 28
  29. show the buzz in the press… 29
  30. …by date of publication and by media… 30
  31. …and let fans click & buy “that” product 31
  32. create events on ebay 32
  33. show your videos 33
  34. let fans upload their own (short) videos 34
  35. show your pictures 35
  36. let fans publish their pictures 36
  37. feed your facebook page with your flickr photostream 37
  38. show links to web articles about your brand 38
  39. ask customers what they would like… 39
  40. …and what they don’t like 40
  41. allow fans to update their status while watching your event live 41