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News Italia. The State of Italian News Media in 2012


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A first glimpse to results from the second edition of News Italia Project ( Presentation delivered during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (29/04/2012).

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News Italia. The State of Italian News Media in 2012

  1. 1. PERUGIA 29 APRILE 2012NEWS ITALIATHE STATE OF ITALIAN NEWS MEDIA IN 2012 Research team: Lella Mazzoli, Director Fabio Giglietto*, Senior researcher & project coordination Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Senior researcher Luca Rossi, Senior researcher Alessandro Bellafiore, Junior researcher Mario Orefice, Junior researcher Giulia Raimondi, Junior researcher *presenting speaker
  2. 2. Summary• About News Italia;• The News Media Ecology in Italy;• Consuming News in the Digital Era; – Internet news consumers; – Mobile news consumers; – Participatory news consumer.• Conclusions. Read more:
  3. 3. About News ItaliaThe project, started in 2011, aims to analyze therevolution occurring in how Italians get newsand informationThe annual News Italia report by theDepartment of Communication of the Universityof Urbino “Carlo Bo” is a comprehensive analysisof the news media ecosystem in Italy Read more:
  4. 4. The News Media Ecology in Italy2011 (n=1006) 2012 (n=1031)0.0 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 0.0 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 90.8 news on national TV stations 89.4 63.1 allnews 59.8 62.8 national newspapers 59.6 59.0 Internet 58.5 56.6 news on local TV stations 58.4 53.2 radio 55.2 51.1 local newspapers 54.1 Read more:
  5. 5. FUL SAMPLE n=1031 Internet News Consumers 58% 77% 70% 40% 95% 93% 57% 45%YOUNG ADULTS Get news from Likes coming Follows the news Get the Internet across news everyday or news from a n=123 about topics and almost everyday portal like issues that I have MSN, Libero not thought Notizie or Virgilio about very Notizie much before. Read more:
  6. 6. Mobile News Consumers INTERNET NEWS CONSUMERS 58% 67% 44% 31% n=603FUL SAMPLE n=1031 MOBILE NEWS CONSUMERS 31% 61% 59% 42% n=318 Thinks that the Get News from e- Finds the time to amount of mail, alerts or read all or most information SNSs of the news available are forwarded by e- overwelming mail, alerts or Read more: SNSs
  7. 7. Participatory News Consumer GET NEWS FROM INTERNET NEWS CONSUMERS 58% 53% 52% 17% n=603FUL SAMPLE n=1031 21% 65% 62% 26% n=214 SNS Get news, in Get news, in a Goes online Downloaded an a normal normal day, from specifically to get «app» that day, from a website of a news everyday allows access Facebook or national or local or almost news via Twitter newspaper everyday smartphone or tablet Read more:
  8. 8. Conclusions• Printed newspaper are incrisingly becoming a risky business (and it can only get worse);• News on TV is NOT dead;• Young adults approach to online news in more opportunistic and less systematic manner;• Mobile news consumers are less affected then average by information overload;• People are incrisingly getting news via SNSs but have not given up other methods of getting news. Read more:
  9. 9. More analysis, presentations, full report, dataset and more… Read more: