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Convergence Culture


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Presentazione utilizzata il 20/03/2009 per la lezione al Social Media Lab dello IULM

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Convergence Culture

  1. 1. Convergence Culture Fabio [.] Giglietto [] Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM | 20/03/2009
  2. 2. Covergence Culture identità Consumatore Produttore Professionista Amatore network scale community Comunicazione Mass media Personale Source: Mimi Ito
  3. 3. “I could give my songs legs, so that they could walk around the world and find their way into places I would never dream of sending them”
  4. 4. Networked mediated public
  5. 5. A new kind of space geographic networked
  6. 6. Permanence NETWORKED PUBLICS invisible audiences collapsed contexts Serchability Replicabilty blurring of public and private Scalability Source: danah boyd
  7. 7. Modernity 2.0 persistence scalability replicability searchability Digital media World Wide few Writings Printing press, newspapers (pc, video- Web + Google cameras) (Google Book Search) Digital media Personal online publishing / World Wide many Writings (pc, video- Web 2.0 (Blogs, Flickr, Web + Google cameras) (Google Blog YouTube) Search)