20110601 Retail TV V5.0


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20110601 Retail TV V5.0

  1. 1. RetailTV – overviewV5.0
  2. 2. RTV missioncommunicate with customers, on a new media channel, increasing brand equity and value, reducing costsof advertising and promotionPage  2
  3. 3. RTVfeatures & benefits video and info shown on monitors installed inside shops, or in media selected outdoor broadcast locationsPage  3
  4. 4. RTVfeatures & benefitstarget media contentto different audiencesand shops (each targetmonitor can follows its mediapersonalized schedule) contentPage  4
  5. 5. RTVfeatures & benefits distribute media contents via internet (no more DVDs to cost produce and ship) reductionPage  5
  6. 6. RTVfeatures & benefitscontrol and executemedia contentsbroadcast to allmonitors reinforce controlPage  6
  7. 7. RTVfeatures & benefits collect client’s interactions and interact analyze their feedbacks with clientsPage  7
  8. 8. RTVfeatures & benefitsshopping windowsbecome innovativeand interactivetraffic building tools branding 24x7Page  8
  9. 9. RTVfeatures & benefits no need for shop staff to deal with monitors or DVD players focus on sellingPage  9
  10. 10. RTVbenefits Software as a no hw & sw cost & time costs Service investment reductions to reduction (SaaS) architecture needed to use RTV distribute contents customer marketing live events interacton value added innovation broadcasting (touchscreen monitors) services customized dynamic customization programming creation of and control of targeting schedules for multiple soundtrack each monitor monitor sets inside shops remote smart control & centralized control of monitors management diagnostic contents diagnostic tool of remote monitorsPage  10
  11. 11. RTVtools monitor (touchscreen or not) up to 60 inches and more, video wall, loudspeakers, external kiosks, etc. programming schedules, defined and customized by the brand working with SW installed in our server farm existing monitors can become touchscreen simply sticking on their surface a special removable film. touchscreen film (or an interactive bar) can be stuck to shop windows that stayed active even after the store closes. no software or hardware investments needed to use RTV low impact on the existent retail infrastructure.Page  11
  12. 12. RTVactionsdistributes audio-video contents on line via web,using monitors installed inside and outsideshops; monitors can be grouped as sets, e.g.women, men, housecraft …shows the list of local cool local events, allowsdownloading brand’s soundtracks and contentsvia bluetooth or wifiallows customers, while in the shop, to enlist tobrand events as a guest, to get discounted ticketsand subscriptions, etc…Page  12
  13. 13. RTVlive events the standard schedule (for some or for all schedules monitors), can be resume interrupted to allow when live broadcasting of a live event ends event openings catwalksPage  13 concerts
  14. 14. RTVproximity marketing multimedia contents can be downloaded using bluetooth or wifi technologies on iPhones iPads, or other smartphones or tablets customers can interact with monitors using proximity sensors interaction data can be utlized to select contents, and for statistical data collection and reportingPage  14
  15. 15. RTVolfactory marketing mixing essences and audio contents is a new marketing instrument that improves customer’s propensity to buy diffusers can spread essences and perfumes in different zones of the shop according to a scheduled programme using the same audio- video control functionalities shop fragrances could be sold, offsetting RTV costs with additional salesPage  15
  16. 16. RTVCRM integrationRTV can be integrated with corporate CRM to: grant access to exclusive devoted services to special customer segments (clubs, concerts, events, theaters, sport clubs, etc.)allow customers to sign up on CRM on a touchscreen monitor and receive a grant more privileges RFID badge; according to the sales this badge allow their amount spent by customer login when in the close in the shop or brand proximity of monitors increase and maintain customer loyaltyPage  16
  17. 17. RTVe-commerce integrationRTV  can be integrated with corporate e-commerce site to: allow customers identify slow while not in a shop, moving to order products products in a available in a shop, marking increase selectable shop, them down, revenue using an RTV and promote and monitor. Products only to optimize can be delivered at customers warehousecustomer’s premises, carring the or collected in the brand loyalty selected shop badgePage  17
  18. 18. RTVtechnical architecture control room service environment shops content management Shop 1 Shop 2 content scheduling server farm Shop 3Page  18
  19. 19. RTVcontrol room main features: • video conversion to HD/H264 format, • server upload of multimedia contents, • create, update, delete of monitors as retail network changes over time, • monitor clusters management according to client metadata and business needs (es. by dept, by size, by geographical area, by pos type, by pos language, etc…), • programming schedule management (multimedia and multisensorial sequencing, frequency of visualization, etc…), • programming schedule distribution to monitor clusters, • programming schedule activation, • remote monitor diagnostic tools. all control room features are managed via webPage  19
  20. 20. RTVpoint of sale controller the RTV controller in every POS will: • receives any change to programming schedules relevant to the local monitors, • checks that all required media contents are present on its hard disk, • in case of a missing media content RTV controller downloads it from the central server farm. • distributes programming schedules to local monitors, • distributes to local monitors all media contents needed to fulfill programming schedules, • manages customer interaction in case of touchscreen monitors.Page  20
  21. 21. RTVadditional services •marketing, advertising, and brand image consultancy •trade marketing •olfactory marketing •CRM, erp & e-commerce integration •video multimedia and •music multisensorial •photoscontents production •marketing materials •perfumes and essences custom projectsPage  21
  22. 22. Ing. Fabio O. Bernardini Managing Partner mobile +39 338 3497750 fabio.bernardini@e-xperience.it tel. +39 06 833 98 345Page  22 il dominio www.e-xperience.it è sulle Google Apps 5.0 201106
  23. 23. RTVtechnical details Back-up slidesPage  23
  24. 24. RTVfeatures broadcast • trends, art, culture, music, entertainment and infor linked to brand on LCD monitors installed inside brand’s retail outlets facilitate • targeting contents to different audiences (each LCD monitor can have its own programming schedule) reduce costs • of audio-video contents distribution (no need to produce and ship DVDs to retail outlets) increase • speed and quality of contents distribution (using Internet for delivery) ensure • correct and synchronized broadcast of contents on the entire retail network focus • shop personnel on selling (no need to deal with LCD monitors) transform • shopping windows into 24H interactive communication tools collect • consumer’s interactions and its feedbacksPage  24 enable • co-marketing (having the possibility to mix contents from various sources)