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Formulare vNext - Was ist die richtige Formularlösung für mich?


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Formulare vNext - Was ist die richtige Formularlösung für mich?

  1. 1. „There will not be another version of the InfoPath desktop client or InfoPath Forms Services.” - Office Team, 31. Januar 2014
  2. 2. Formulare vNext
  3. 3. Die Strategie von Microsoft
  4. 4. Streamlined technical product roadmap
  5. 5. Demo Excel Umfragen
  6. 6. Forms on SharePoint Lists (FoSL)
  7. 7. Streamlined technical product roadmap
  8. 8. Access is back! Neues App-Modell SharePoint Deployment Azure SQL Backend
  9. 9. Demo Access Web Apps im Schelldurchgang
  10. 10. Das neue App-Modell
  11. 11. SharePoint Deployment
  12. 12. Access Web Apps Architektur Azure SQL
  13. 13. Demo Access Web Apps modellieren
  14. 14. Die Vorteile der relationalen Datenbank nutzen Azure SQL
  15. 15. SQL Backend
  16. 16. Transformation Access >SQL Access App = SQL Datenbank Access Tabelle = SQL Tabelle Access Feld = SQL Feld Access Datentyp = SQL Datentyp Access View = SQL View Access Macro = SQL Stored Procedure/Trigger
  17. 17. Demo Access Web Apps Backend
  18. 18. Formulare vNext
  19. 19. Demo Formulare mit Nintex Forms anpassen
  20. 20. Formulare vNext
  21. 21. Markus Alt Senior Technical Specialist
  22. 22. SharePoint | Office 365 Workflows and Forms for SharePoint list and document items Workflows and Forms that integrate with SharePoint as an LOB system Workflow in SharePoint Forms, Workflow, Data in SharePoint Business apps using SharePoint data I want to build workflows that use SharePoint documents and lists. I want to build forms and workflows in SharePoint that use line-of-business data for SharePoint documents and lists. I want to build business apps or automate processes that originate outside of SharePoint with forms, workflow, line-of-business data, and SharePoint documents and lists. COMMON SHAREPOINT USE CASES
  23. 23. Demo K2 Smartforms
  24. 24. Formulare vNext
  25. 25. Formulare vNext
  26. 26. Fabian Moritz ITaCS GmbH MVP SharePoint Server @FabianMoritz