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Study Ardian & Fabernovel - The Augmented Infrastructure: Digital for climate?


2020 is tomorrow. Once a synonym for “future”,
this key date is a symbol for new dawn where
the issue of long term value can not be but linked
to digital sobriety and technological responsibility.
At Fabernovel, that is why when working on transformation projects, services design or engineering, we follow a triple approach: entrepreneurial, digital but first and foremost responsible.

I am convinced that this approach can be applied
to infrastructures. Regarding carbon impact issue, beyond mitigation measures and energy recycling,
we need to act upstream by rethinking the way we design services and technology.

Innovation more than ever, has to be thought in a global ecosystem perspective to prevent drifts and limit impact.
Let’s build this inclusive future together.

Stéphane Distinguin, CEO & Co-founder at Fabernovel

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