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  1. 1. Yeslendy Medina Soto William Castillo Fabiola Labrador
  2. 2. Christmas •Unit 1 About Christmas •Unit 2 Food on Christmas •Unit 3 Unsolved mysteries on Christmas •Unit 4 Trends on Christmas •Unit 5 Errands to do on Christmas •Unit 6 Student life on Christmas
  3. 3. December This month is the celebration of the birth to child Jesus. It’s a holiday.  Those are the days that your family and your friends  get together to share.
  4. 4.  Let’s eat! Holydays meals are: Holydays drinks are: 1. Hallacas - Coke 2. Smoke ham - Cocktail 3. Chicken salad - Wine 4. Cake Appetites are: Desserts are: 1. Nuts - Sweet papaya 2. Ham loft - Sweet dish 3. Cookies (very crunchy) - Sweet cheese - Rice pudding
  5. 5. Unit 3 Unsolved mysteries The born of Jesus is considered a mystery. Because there are many theories about it. There is nothing about when Christmas came. This was keep for a long time without requiring and there is not tradition sanctionated by the church to confirm this. They have a believe that lighting the fire with firewood, magically helped the sun to regain strength.
  6. 6.  Today’s trend People usually go to the mall to buy new clothes for Christmas. They like to dress expensive clothes and celebrate Christmas with their family Christmas is a very popular month to dress up your best outfits and make a few presents to your friends.
  7. 7.  Errands -Make a grocery list to prepare the Christmas dinner. -Upload the groceries. -Leave the car at the garage. -Get a haircut to the occasion. -Get a new dress or a new par of pants :D
  8. 8.  Student life Mostly around Christmas time, the classes take a break for a month and are taken up on completion of a december days, around January 7th . At Urbe, students study to present latest research or the last partial competitive and appropriate delivery of grades in late November and early December, where they finish their period. Leading the free month of December.
  9. 9.  People in my life Family and friends  william and edit at december time, they get crazy because is their favorite days. Rober and julia are there always with me on those days, they are from another country, and only comes in Christmas.  Favorite food Pasticho  and chicken salad.  Unsolved mystery's In my house there are always a lot of birds I don’t know why there are there :o  My trends At december, I like to go to the mall with my friends, I usually hang out with they. I like to go to the feria and share with my family everyday.  I paint my house and prepare the Christmas dinner.  As a student, I’m a hundred- ten percent dedicated to my career, I like the college and study with my classmate.
  10. 10.  My family Parents are smarts and enjoy to work, uncles Like to travel. Cousins are fun.  Favorite food Patacones Pasta Pizza  Unsolved mystery's Mystery in my life would be that in my house it hears people crying at night.  My trends I have two trends I like to travel and go shopping.  I go to the supermarket everyday, and I cut my hair once in a month  My life as a student is active I’m competitive, dedicated and perfectionist.
  11. 11.  People in my life I got my mom she is the best person I live with <3 and a best friend she is always making me smile and saying it’s a good day to have fun.  Food I love food  my favorite is spaghetti.  Unsolved mysteries I have a lot of sisters and brothers but I don’t know all, I hope some day that won’t be a mystery and I finally know they.  Trends I love to go shopping, on Christmas there are a lot of sweets things to buy.  Errands , in the neighborhood I go to buy bread and food for the week, I usually do the laundry and cook eventually. In my neighborhood, is so noisy there a lot of cars near.  College I really like the meaning of college; learning productive things, apply to life and enjoy. It’s likely that I remember the teacher she is such a great person and very intelligent too 
  12. 12. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all the classmates and the lovely teacher   