You Can’t Spell GALA without L.A.


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Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, GALA has become an important resource for the translation industry, serving member companies with valuable programming, community engagement and effective organization. GALA supports its members and the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge and advancing technology. The GALA members in Argentina now represent the third largest contingency of GALA’s membership worldwide, which has led to increased local programming. This brief overview will look at GALA’s current programming, including how GALA is working with local member companies in Latin America to educate the local business community about how the right multilingual content strategy drives international commerce, opens new revenue streams and increases market share.

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  • The GALA membership is geographically wide spread. We currently have 320 member companies in more than 50 countries. Over half of our members are located in Europe. Member distribution by region: Europe: 56% North America: 23% Asia & Oceania: 12% South America: 7% Middle East & Africa: 4% Highest concentrations by country: USA: 67 companies Germany: 23 companies Argentina: 19 companies Spain: 15 companies After that, many small clusters across the globe. Types of Companies Service providers: 86% Tools providers: 7% Affiliate members: 5% Other (publications, consulting firms, etc): 2%
  • GALA ’s annual Language of Business conferences are advanced educational and networking events about the language of business. These events are about sharing ideas in all areas of language technology and multilingual business operations.   The conferences offer a welcoming and inclusive community atmosphere for professionals to learn, share and network with others dealing with translation, localization, and global content delivery. Our next conference will take place in Miami in March. You may want to consider sending one of your staff to this conference to learn about project management, technology, and trends in managing multilingual content. We also host a number of smaller events around the world…
  • Getting involved with GALA is a great way to find and network with colleagues in your local area, too. Our local networking events have become a popular way for GALA members to get together with other members and potential members in their local areas. In the past couple of years, our members have organized and more than 20 events in cities around the world including: Amsterdam, Boston, Rosario, San Francisco, Sophia Antipolis, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.
  • Making Standards Work for the Localization Industry The GALA Standards Initiative promotes the effective use of standards for international and multilingual content, builds awareness of best practices for their implementation, and helps the localization community make open standards work. GSI is an open effort to promote the use and development of standards in the localization industry by providing the community with resources to make better use of current standards, improving standards development, and developing new resources needed to enable standards to meet evolving business needs. The GALA Standards Initiative has an ambitious strategy to deliver many benefits to the industry and is currently focusing on the following projects: Coordination of standards-development activity: The GALA Standards Initiative has established liaison relationships with such key industry-standards bodies as ISO TC 37, ETSI, Unicode, and OASIS to help bridge the gap between standards development and industry requirements. The Language Interoperability Portfolio (Linport Project) to develop a vendor-neutral, standards-based "package" format for sending and receiving translation and localization data to increase tool independence and data security. QT Launchpad, a preparatory project for a larger endeavor to improve machine translation, based on a plan and roadmap embracing both industry and research on the European level. Development of the GALA Tools Corner Directory of translation technology and other language resources, including standards compliance information. Free quarterly webinars on industry standards-related developments.
  • Profile in GALA ’s Language Technology & Services Directory Discounts and special member offers on GALA Marketplace A web service that provides members with the opportunity to receive discounts and special offers on a variety of business-related products, services, and events Discounts are available to all member-company employees. GALA Connect A new networking platform for members. A place where members can form discussion groups, take part in special interest groups, share models and samples, and access member-only content. Access to aggregated data from GALA ’s quarterly member surveys CEO Forum An opportunity for leaders of GALA member companies to come together to collaborate, share, debate, and resolve pressing issues Will host our third CEO Forum during GALA 2013 in Miami
  • If you ’re an LSP, GALA membership provides a great way to extend your marketing, PR and sales efforts through its extensive activities, conferences and networking events, and it provides access to tools and resources . . GALA also offers you a place to share ideas with your peers and network with your potential partners clients. If you ’re a localization technology or tools provider, GALA offers great access to end-users of your technologies and tools through webinars, conferences and networking events. And if your company uses localization or translation services, GALA connects you with localization professionals from around the world in a non-biased, non-sales environment for sharing and gaining knowledge to help you do your job better. GALA membership is open to all companies providing or using translation, internationalization, globalization, and/or localization products or services, or any combination of these services, including tools developers, training suppliers, and consultancies. Membership is for 12 months Annual dues: US$1000 ($250 discount on first year of membership ) All employees receive member benefits
  • You Can’t Spell GALA without L.A.

    1. 1. You Can’t Spell GALA without L.A. Hans Fenstermacher, CEOBuenos Aires, 9 de noviembre 2012
    2. 2. GALA Is…the largest global non-profit association forcompanies working with translation services,language technology and content localization.Our mission is to support the language industryby creating communities, championingstandards, sharing knowledge, and advancingtechnology.
    3. 3. GALA’s Vision Is…
    4. 4. GALA’s Members Are…
    5. 5. GALA Members on 5 Continents 23 67 20
    6. 6. Latin America Is Critical to GALA• 3rd highest single country represented in GALA is Argentina (20 companies)
    7. 7. Latin America Is Critical to GALA• 3rd highest single country represented in GALA is Argentina (20 companies)• 35 member companies are in L.A.
    8. 8. Over 35 GALA Members in L.A.
    9. 9. Latin America Is Critical to GALA• 3rd highest single country represented in GALA is Argentina (20 companies)• 35 member companies are in L.A.• Since 2008, every GALA Board of Directors has included a rep from Latin America
    10. 10. Latin America Is Critical to GALA• 3rd highest single country represented in GALA is Argentina (20 companies)• 35 member companies are in L.A.• Since 2008, every GALA Board of Directors has included a rep from Latin America• GALA’s regional event series launches with this event here in Buenos Aires• And…
    11. 11. Latin America Is Critical to GALA• The co-hosts of GALA’s acclaimed annual Film Fest are from Latin America! Cecilia Iros Fabiano Cid IMTT CCAPS, Board Member
    12. 12. ¡D is e rt a nt e se ne sp añ o l! Miami BeachMarch 17-20, 2013
    13. 13. Local Networking Events• Over 25 GALA networking events held so far around the world, including: – Boston – Sophia Antipolis – Tokyo – Washington, D.C. Tokyo – Barcelona – London – Seoul Amsterdam Rosario – Chicago – Prague – Shanghai – …
    14. 14. GALA Standards Initiative• Promote effective use of standards for international and multilingual content• Build awareness of best practices for implementing standards• Help our members stay abreast of global standards activities• Contribute to dissemination of open T oo ls C in p ort orne rL OASIS QTLaunchPad ISO ASTM
    15. 15. GALA Resources• Learn about translation trends, strategies, and technologies right from your desktop - Free publications and articles - Industry blog - Weekly webinars - Archives of past presentations
    16. 16. Other Programs and Benefits Special Discounts Networking Member Directory Member Pulse CEO Forum
    17. 17. The GALA Community!
    18. 18. Why get involved with GALA?
    19. 19. ¡Muchas gracias! Hans