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R Stock Lda Aut Eng

  1. 1. RStock - Lda Focusing on our partnership!
  2. 2. RStock - Lda History – About us: In a changing economic environment, we have decided to create RStock – Lda company in 2009. RStock-Lda is a newly created company willing to explore and offer you the full service concept that is going under development in the North of Portugal
  3. 3. RStock - Lda Our mission: n To offer our customers the efficiency, and quality of a professional team based upon the most competitive rates in Europe n Our team focuses a continuous improvement and aim for excellence of our services
  4. 4. RStock - Lda Vision: n To be identified as a first in class company regarding our activities. n To focus on continuous improvement of our services supported by a highly motivated team.
  5. 5. RStock - Lda Skills : n Improvement of the operational performance n Industrial and technical strategy n Program management n Product cost reduction n Optimizing the development cycles n Industrial cooperation n A highly skilled team, coming from important European companies and able to express themselves in different tongues (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) n Flexible human resources, highly efficient
  6. 6. RStock - Lda We are able to offer: n Projects n Processes ¤ Manufacturing optimization ¤ Team organization (MTM1 application and Bedaux sistem) ¤ Technical sheets ¤ Production standards ¤ Production scheduling ¤ Process engineering ¤ SOP Follow-up ¤ Sub-suppliers follow-up ¤ Customer development stage follow-up n Logistics ¤ Operations scheduling ¤ Transport container/pallet management n Quality ¤ Warehouse management ¤ Supplier development and qualification ¤ Lean Production ¤ Production trials ¤ Series logistics ¤ Management of monitoring and ¤ CKD processes Measuring devices ¤ Logistics Partner agreement ¤ Quality assurance (0 Defects)
  7. 7. RStock - Lda Localization: n North of Portugal, close to Spain and many accesses, such us highway, airport, maritime harbour and High Speed Train n Close to logistics platform PLISAN n Close to an important network of specialized enterprises (tool makers, injection and stamping companies) n Close to our manufacturers (see map enclosed)
  8. 8. RStock - Lda Localization: 1550Kms 1550Kms RStock - Lda 1100Kms
  9. 9. RStock - Lda Example of our facilities: Manual assembly jig set-up Warehouse Semi-automatic assembly jig
  10. 10. RStock - Lda Portugal scores: n Main activities n Since 2007 and for the first time in history Portugal exported more technology than it imported. This is due to our higher technology implementation in several industrial activities such as automotive components, pharmaceutical products and new technologies)
  11. 11. RStock - Lda Portugal scores : Main exportations:
  12. 12. RStock - Lda Lead Management Back-up: • 1993 -> 2000 : PSA Peugeot Citroën Group o Project development o PSA quality system training. o Industrialization project on one of the PSA plants. • 2000 -> 2004 : Simoldes Plasticos Group o Integration of Simoldes as Level supplier A by PSA purchasing dpt. o Development of the R&D and quotation Dpt. o Estimation of technical and economic offers for PSA. o Industrialisation and plastic injection tool follow-up o Peugeot 207 project manager (more than 40 injection tools in order to produce parts in Portugal, France and Poland) having in charge 9 team members. • 2004 -> 2009 : MGI Coutier Group o Development of the advanced operations and quotation Dpt. o Estimation of technical and economic offers for PSA (New Berlingo /Partner projects). o Industrialisation dpt. Lead manager: § Management of 22 team members. § Project management of assembly jigs control jigs stamping and injection tool § Industrial plan building § New sub-suppliers research § Development of new technologies § LEAN Development and train implementation
  13. 13. RStock - Lda Thank you for your kind attention. We remain at your full disposal for further information Contact: Fabien Macaire rstock.lda@gmail.com +351 916 81 43 90 (Portugal) +34 659 45 75 09 (Espagne)