Marcos cobi t -e-itil-v040811

Aug. 19, 2011

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Marcos cobi t -e-itil-v040811

  1. What is not controlled cannot be measured
  2. Based on over 40 International standards and is supported by a network of 150 IT Governance Chapters operating in over 100 countries
  3. CoBiT describes standards, controls, and maturity guidelines for four domains, and 34 control objectives.
  4. Control Objective: A statement of desired result or purpose to be achieved by implementing best practices and control procedures in a particular IT activity or process.
  5. Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  6. Education / Certification
  7. Critical Success Factors
  8. Key Performance Indicators
  9. Detail Control Objectives/Deliverables
  10. Process Flows
  11. Formal Implementation process
  12. Defined process roles and responsibilities
  13. Templates
  14. Project Plans / Resources