VIPRION 2400 and vCMP


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The VIPRION® 2400 is a midrange chassis-based hardware platform. Adding to the successful F5® VIPRION product line, the new Application Delivery Controller (ADC) provides significant price/performance advantages for enterprises. In addition, F5's Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (vCMP™) technology combines virtualization and multi-tenancy capabilities to help customers consolidate and efficiently manage application delivery services. Building on F5’s previously announced Clustered Multiprocessing (CMP™) technology, vCMP enables multiple instances of BIG-IP® software to run on one device.

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VIPRION 2400 and vCMP

  1. 1. F5 Delivers New Platforms, Architecture Technology<br />
  2. 2. New F5 Offerings<br /><ul><li>Available in June
  3. 3. VIPRION 2400
  4. 4. BIG-IP 8950S
  5. 5. Expanded Hypervisor Support for VE
  6. 6. Available in CY Q3
  7. 7. Virtual Cluster Multiprocessing (vCMP)</li></ul>(Offerings will be formally announced at Interop Las Vegas)<br />
  8. 8. VIPRION 2400<br />New Midrange, High Performance Application Delivery Controller <br />
  9. 9. VIPRION 2400Designed for excellence<br />ePVA Layer 4 offload + High Speed Bridge <br />Increases throughput by offloading L4 processing to this specially designed chip.<br />Hardware Compression<br />Front to back cooling<br />10G ports (SFP+)<br />80 Plus-certified<br />Lowers TCO <br />Mid-size (4U) 4 slot blade chassis<br />Multi-Level Redundancy<br />Blade failure will not cause chassis failure<br />Redundant and hot swappable components<br />Always Available<br />
  10. 10. Introducing vCMP <br /> F5 Delivers innovative new virtual clustering architecture that delivers on-demand scale, higher fault tolerance and increased security for consolidation of Application Delivery Services. <br />
  11. 11. Introducing vCMPThe Best of Both Worlds - BIG-IP Tomorrow (v11.x)<br />RD 1 Partition 1<br />RD 2 Partition 2<br />RD 1 Partition 1<br />RD 1 Partition 1<br /><ul><li>All multi-tenancy benefits
  12. 12. Resource management
  13. 13. VLANs / Route Domains
  14. 14. Admin Partitions
  15. 15. Rate Shaping
  16. 16. All virtualization benefits
  17. 17. Isolated BIG-IP guests
  18. 18. Performance guarantees
  19. 19. Independent versioning
  20. 20. Increased utilization
  21. 21. Simplified Licensing
  22. 22. Streamlined Deployment</li></ul>No other virtual infrastructure required!<br />RD 1 Partition 2<br />RD 1 Partition 1<br />ASM<br />ASM<br />GTM<br />LTM<br />LTM<br />LTM<br />LTM<br />TMOS<br />TMOS<br />TMOS<br />TMOS<br />Hardware<br />
  23. 23. Problem: Can’t Please All Groups<br />I don’t want to upgrade now<br />No maintenance during fiscal results<br />No maintenance during end of quarter<br />I want to run the latest version of BIG-IP<br />Finance<br />Web<br />HR<br />Sales<br />
  24. 24. Finance<br />Web<br />Sales<br />Finance<br />HR<br />Running different departments, customers, subsidiaries as separate instances <br />HR<br />Sales<br />Web<br />Solution: vCMP<br />
  25. 25. Finance<br />Manage Maintenance Windows<br />Run different versions of BIG-IP<br />Web<br />Sales<br />Finance<br />HR<br />BIG-IP v11<br />Sat<br />7pm<br />BIG-IP v11.1<br />Sat<br />7pm<br />BIG-IP v11<br />BIG-IP v11.1<br />Friday<br />3am<br />Friday<br />3am<br />BIG-IP v11<br />BIG-IP v11.1<br />BIG-IP v11<br />Sat<br />7pm<br />Friday<br />3am<br />BIG-IP v11.1<br />Sat<br />7pm<br />Friday<br />3am<br />Running different departments, customers, subsidiaries as separate instances <br />HR<br />Sales<br />Web<br />Solution: vCMP<br />
  26. 26. vCMP + VIPRION<br />What makes the VIPRION and vCMP unique is the ability to support capacity on demand by simply adding an additional blade to the chassis. <br />=<br />+<br />
  27. 27. On-Demand Scale<br />Resources—CPU, SSL Offload, Compression automatically added to instance<br />Additional Resources available for use<br />Exchange<br />eCommerce<br />SharePoint<br />HR App<br />Oracle<br />
  28. 28. Announcement Summary<br />F5 extends VIPRION product line with new VIPRION 2400 platform<br /><ul><li>F5’s chassis-based architecture now available to a broader range of enterprises</li></ul>High Performance, Energy Efficient Footprint for Lower TCO  <br />The VIPRION 2400 offers leading Layer 4 performance of 160 Gbps at a highly competitive price. <br />First ADC to achieve 80 PLUS Gold Certification for energy efficiency. <br />Ability to Run Multiple ADC Instances on a Single Device <br /> <br />F5 enhances hardware and ‘virtual edition’ solutions<br />New BIG-IP 8950S provides enhanced capabilities for organizations that require extensive SSL processing.<br />Expanding hypervisor support available in F5’s virtual appliances<br />Introducing support for Citrix XenServer 5.6 (production & lab versions); Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V (lab version)<br />F5 introduces new virtual clustering architecture (vCMP)<br />vCMPcombines true virtualization and multi-tenancy capabilities on a single ADC platform<br />Affords exceptional scale, control, and reliability<br />VIPRION platforms will leverage F5’s forthcoming vCMP technology<br />
  29. 29. For More Information: <br />Alane Moran, F5 (press inquires) <br /><br />Holly Hagerman, Connect PR<br />Melissa Ruby, F5 (analyst inquires)<br /><br />Visit F5 @ Interop booth# 2027<br />