F5 DevCentral to the Cloud


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F5 Networks' DevCentral gains cloud agility and scale with enterprise grade control in the Bluelock cloud. Collaboration with industry leader Bluelock demonstrates how F5’s application delivery virtual appliances enable cloud advantages with an enterprise frame of mind

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F5 DevCentral to the Cloud

  1. 1. June 13th News: F5’s DevCentralMoves to the Cloud
  2. 2. 2Summary of F5 DevCentral Announcement • DevCentral runs F5’s cloud-enabled ADN solution in multiple Bluelock Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud • Allows DevCentral to adhere to IT best practices for scale, control, and security. • DevOps Agility Becomes a Reality • Enterprise grade security brings peace of mind • TMOS in the Cloud Affords Great Control, Scale, and Ops © F5 Networks, Inc.
  3. 3. 3With F5, Bluelock is able to provide a moreadvanced set of solutions to our customerswithout the need for costly infrastructure orlong term commitments. Pat O’Day Chief Technology Officer © F5 Networks, Inc.
  4. 4. 4F5 DevCentralF5’s Global Technical Community• Over 100,000 members worldwide• 55% of visits originate outside U.S.• Over 60,000 Forum Posts All Time “F5 Networks has set the gold standard for• iRules, iControl, Advanced all scripting environments combined with a community site with its TCL based iRules Design/Config, ISV solutions, and more! and DevCentral community.” - Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research, 2012 “F5 has developed a large community of committed• Critical platform for our customers and users [DevCentral] that fuels the use of iRules to partners to build skills and connect with solve unique data center application challenges, creating an increasingly loyal and peers engaged user base.” - Gartner – Magic Quadrant for “…DevCentral creates2010 ADCs, a modest network effect for • Members express high product satisfaction F5 and it would be difficult for a competitor to • Member NPS scores world class; over 2x replicate the large and growing library of custom configuration and scripting templates available..." - higher than non-member customers By Grady Burkett, CFA – SeekingAlpha.com © F5 Networks, Inc.
  5. 5. 5 Challenges Driving ChangesDevCentral Challenges What’s Required?• More applications, modules, open • Faster, more frequent code pushes source, and more • Improved understanding of app and• More new internal customers infrastructure dependencies & • iRules• More globally distributed users • Application Flows• More security risks (Hacktivist reality) • Real vs. Expected Vulns • Social application complexity, vectors • Better performance • Open source framework • Public + Security Vendor bulls-eye • Manageable security plan © F5 Networks, Inc.
  6. 6. 6The Public Cloud Conundrum• The “Big” Public Clouds • Too much “trust and push” • SLA and security doubts• Traditional hosting vendors on path to cloud • Patchwork approach not really cloud • Cost basis too high to consider• Enterprise-focused cloud providers • Built to be cloud • Understand enterprise reservations and needs © F5 Networks, Inc.
  7. 7. 7BluelockLeadership | Established pure Cloud leaderPartner & Customer | BIG-IP experienceReseller | F5 Cloud Licensing Program pioneerCredible Tech | Technical credibility with F5 teamsPartner Reach | VMware leading partnerSecure | Security / standards compliant (SSAE-16, SAS-70 Type 2, PCI-DSS)Compatible | VMware platform / F5 IT standardCost | Lower OpEx than existing environment © F5 Networks, Inc.
  8. 8. 8DevCentral Journey to the Cloud• Performed a 14-day Bluelock Test Drive• Vigorously mapped out operational plans and processes• Determined application changes required• Initiated 30-day build out • Design and infrastructure build out • Functional and scale/failure testing • Operational and process testing • Coordinate IT to cloud migration © F5 Networks, Inc.
  9. 9. 9DevCentral Cloud Architecture We look like an enterprise architect’s mind thinks. © F5 Networks, Inc.
  10. 10. 10DevCentral @ Bluelock: Ideal Enterprise Cloud• DevOps Agility Becomes a Reality • Faster, more frequent pushes • Reduced complexity + affordable environment consistency • Closer integration across key workgroups for instant responsiveness• Enterprise Grade Security Brings Peace of Mind • Great firewall protection, less management hassles with F5 • ASM Web app firewall protects app, strengthens dev process • Help from Whitehat Sentinel – prepare to be humbled• TMOS in the Cloud Affords Great Control, Scale, and Ops • vDatacenter looks like an enterprise architect thinks • Access to iRules, iControl, iApp – the entire Swiss army knife • Rapid TMOS updates – faster, better, more satisfying; opportunity to test new things © F5 Networks, Inc.
  11. 11. 11Project Benefits• For Community • Faster, more rapidly improving community experience • Insight into how we run in the cloud to help them understand the options• For Partners • Opportunity to collaborate on enterprise cloud efforts • Showcase their capabilities for F5 customers• For DevCentral • Improved DevOps to grow our business • Enterprise grade security for peace of mind • TMOS in the cloud = control and scale • Learning how we can help customers embrace the cloud © F5 Networks, Inc.