F5 Application Delivery Optimization


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F5 helps organizations improve user experience and simplify management with first integrated SPDY Gateway. F5’s Application Delivery Optimization (ADO) solutions accelerate applications across public and private clouds to better support remote and mobile users.

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F5 Application Delivery Optimization

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIALApplication Delivery OptimizationF5 Networks, May 2012
  2. 2. 2 F5 Announces First Integrated SPDY Gateway Application Delivery Optimization lowers costs and delivers faster applications App and Mobile and Application Infrastructure Offload Remote Acceleration Performance Monitoring• SPDY Gateway • Image Optimization • Application Analytics• CSS Object Versioning • Content reordering • Centralized Visibility F5 delivers first integrated F5 provides advanced F5 streamlined SPDY Gateway for optimization capabilities application performance emerging web protocol, for BIG-IP, the world’s monitoring across multiple enabling faster apps and leading ADC, reducing the datacenters without agents, offloading costly size of web images up to code or servers infrastructure 50%
  3. 3. 3Application Delivery / The Evolution End User Network / App Owner Many apps via various browsers delivered to countless devices each running a different O/S FRONT END DELIVERY GENERATION Server /User Experience Network Demands
  4. 4. 4Application Delivery / Today End User Network / App Owner Company’s are spending upwards of $100,000 per application just to “tune” delivery FRONT END DELIVERY GENERATIONBusiness Risks: Tuning costs will continue to Losing customers increase with expansion of apps, Losing revenue devices and browsers Employee Productivity User Experience Server / Network Demands
  5. 5. 5Application Delivery Optimization / Rethinking Fast End User Network / App Owner With F5 you can optimize your end user experience without driving up IT infrastructure costs. FRONT END DELIVERY GENERATION Server /User Experience Network Demands
  6. 6. 6F5 Optimization Solution
  7. 7. 7 Next Generation Protocol: SPDY•••• For more information about SPDY, visit www.chromium.org/spdy/spdy-whitepaper. Amazon Silk Android 3.0+ Chrome Firefox v11+
  8. 8. 8App Infrastructure Problems : • Web apps on apache infrastructure would need to be updated to take advantage of SPDY • Non apache based apps can’t be accelerated (Oracle, MS, IBM…) USERS INTERNET … SDPY HTTP
  9. 9. 9Future-proof Your Web Applications Solution: Legacy web apps get benefits of SPDY  Reduce complexity and cost of upgrading  Support new devices without re-architecture  Scale existing legacy app infrastructure USERS DATACENTER INTERNET … BIG-IP SDPY SPDY GATEWAY HTTP
  10. 10. 10Mobile and Remote AccelerationImage Optimization Before All Headers—135 KB QUALITY: 90 SIZE: 102 Location Label Camera Date Exposure Program Copyright Firmware Digitized Date Thumbnail ISO Flash Compensation Modified Date JPEG Quality Shutter Speed Image Number File Date Tags Exposure Bias Lens Flash Unique ID Max Aperture Lens ID Focal Length X Resolution Focal Plane X Resolution Serial Number Focal Length in 35mm film Y Resolution SOURCE: HTTP Archive (http://www.httparchive.org) Focal Plane Y Resolution Software CCD Width Flash Function Not Present Focal Plane Resolution Unit Files size Aperture Flash Mode Custom Rendered Dimensions F Number Supports Red-Eye Reduction Exposure Mode Camera make White balance Flash Return Scene Capture Type Camera model Metering Mode• Reduce file size of image by 20-40%• Reduce quality, remove extraneous metadata, convert After All Headers—102 KB format (GIF-> PNG)• Maintain privacy QUALITY: 70 SIZE: 50 Location File Date File Size JPEG Quality Dimensions Unique ID
  11. 11. 11 Real-Time End-User Performance SLAs From Enterprise to Cloud ClientsNew Centralized App Analytics • Server Latency • Page Load Time • Response CodesInstrumentation of App Performance • URLswithout adding agents, code or servers • Client IPs • Client Geographic • User Agent … and much more Applications Custom Private Public DATACENTER CLOUD
  12. 12. 12 F5: Application Management, Scale, Optimization App Delivery Optimization lowers costs and delivers faster applications App and Mobile and Application Infrastructure Offload Remote Acceleration Performance MonitoringF5 delivers first F5 provides advanced F5 streamlinesintegrated SPDY optimization capabilities application performanceGateway for emerging for BIG-IP, the worlds monitoring acrossweb protocol, enabling leading ADC, reducing the multiple datacentersfaster apps and size of web images by up without agents, code oroffloading costly to 50% serversinfrastructure Server / User Experience Network Demands