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BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager


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BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager

  2. 2. F5’s INTELLIGENT SERVICES FRAMEWORK F5 makes the connected world run betterF5 Solutions Available Today: • Policy Enforcement User Community Intelligent Ecosystem DevCentral • Mobile Optimization Solution Programmable/Extensible • Diameter Signaling & Interworking iRules iControl iApps Customizable • DNS Delivery Services Ecosystem • Advanced Firewall Service Provider Optimize Intelligent • Carrier-Grade NAT Integrated Secure • Application Delivery Controller Context aware Monetize • Local and Global Load Balancer Foundation TMOS • Mobile User and Application Scale Access Management Hardware Software
  3. 3. MOBILE INTERNET 3.0 SMS Other Voice SMS Other Voice 1 Business Model • Games • Location-Based • Music Services Transformation • Advertising • Banking, • Gambling Commerce, • Broadcast TV • Healthcare • Payments
  4. 4. TODAY’S MOBILE NETWORKS ARE STATIC Video optimization WAP Gateway Transparent caching DNS PCRF AAA OCS CSCF Radius, Diameter, DNS, SIP Control Plane Services Value-Added Services (VAS) RTR DPI FW CGN RTR GGSN PGW Internet Challenges • Complex architecture…hard to scale • Results in high CapEx and OpExSubscriber • Difficult to add new services (requires changes to multiple elements, VLAN management…)
  5. 5. SERVICES CONSOLIDATION AND OPTIMIZATION Network Optimization Video WAP Transparent DNS PCRF AAA OCS CSCF optimization Gateway caching Radius, Diameter, DNS, SIPControl Plane Services Value Added Services (VAS) One Platform Policy Gi Firewall CGNAT WAP 2.0 URL Filtering DDoS DNS Enforcement Offload Mitigation Services Internet • Built for new application • Application fluency andSubscriber centric network extensibility • Full Proxy – visibility and control
  6. 6. F5’s NEW BIG-IP POLICY ENFORCEMENT MANAGERIntelligent Services Framework Optimize Service providers need a scalable, reliable control plane, data plane, and application plane to satisfy customers who demand applications and mobile devices that strain the signaling network. Intelligent Traffic Management Secure FW PEM CGNAT Security threats are rising, but F5 helps protect entire infrastructure and scales to perform under demanding conditions. Optimize Secure Monetize Monetize Operators struggling with an explosion of data traffic and Service Provider OTT, F5 solutions enable service providers to intelligently HW / SW manage data traffic, conserve network resources, and quickly deliver more profitable services. High Availability Highly Scalable
  7. 7. BIG-IP POLICY ENFORCEMENT MANAGER Dynamically manages traffic and subscribers in real time to optimize QoE and minimize congestion in the network Value Added Services (VAS) Centralized Policy Control Video WAP Transparent optimization Gateway caching PCRF AAA OCS CSCFRadius, Diameter, SIP, Gx • Analytics • Charging • Provisioning • Quota Management BIG-IP PEM GGSN PGW Internet Subscriber Awareness Application VisibilitySubscriber Traffic Policing Reporting
  8. 8. POLICY / SERVICE ENFORCEMENT Enhanced Service Enablement OTT Web OTT HD Video Standard OTT SD Video GGSN PGWGold Standard • Granular subscriber • Increased revenue • New business control / context opportunity models awareness
  9. 9. F5’s INTELLIGENT SERVICES FRAMEWORK Context-Aware Policy Enforcement DNS Centralized Policy Control IMS CSCF PCRF AAA OCS HSS P-CSCF S-CSCF SIP AS Radius, Diameter, SIP, Gx, Gy BIG-IP GTM F5 Traffix SDC Subscriber Aware Traffic Steering VAS VAS …… VAS Video Optimization, WAP, URL filtering, … BIG-IP PEM / CGNAT / FW GGSN Internet • Software Controllable Platform • Network / Subscriber / Application L4-L7 AwarenessSubscriber • Advanced Firewall / Security • High Performance DNS Solution • Highly Scalable / High Performance and Extensible Platform
  10. 10. F5’S BIG-IP PLATFORMS 2,000,000 BIG-IP 10200v 2M L7 RPS VIPRION 4800 1M L4 CPS 20M L7 RPS 1,800,000 Up to 80G TPUT 10M L4 CPS Up to 640G TPUT 1,600,000L7 Requests Per Second (Inf-Inf) 1,400,000 BIG-IP 4200v 1,200,000 850k L7 RPS 300K L4 CPS 1,000,000 10G L7/L4 TPUT BIG-IP 2200s 800,000 425K L7 RPS 150K L4 CPS BIG-IP 2000s 5G L7/L4 TPUT 600,000 212K L7 RPS 75K L4 CPS 400,000 5G L7/L4 TPUT 200,000 Up to 3Gbps TPUT 0 BIG-IP Virtual Edition BIG-IP 2000s BIG-IP 2200s BIG-IP 4200v BIG-IP 10200v VIPRION 4800
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